For Domestic Consumption: Divide and Control Is Working Brilliantly Once Again


Cognitive Dissonance


Like so many others who have followed a slow and rocky path towards a greater awakening and understanding, certain key events tend to be remembered more vividly than others. However, this doesn’t mean a particular event or awareness was our first or initial exposure. On the contrary, similar to Chinese water torture, it’s not the first drop that drives your awakening, but often the hundredth, the thousandth or ten thousandth.

It was 17 years ago that this particular noggin’ knock shook me to the core, mostly because it showed me how blind I was to the world around me. When deeply and seamlessly immersed within the altered realty we believe is normal everyday life, so much is readily apparent only to those who are actively looking or genuinely receptive.

I had just moved to the DC area with my son and was recently hired at a small bank as their newest investment advisor. The region was completely new to me so I was especially alert the first few months of my commute south of Washington DC. I’ve always wondered if this had something to do with it.

I was listening to a news broadcast on the car radio as I headed out on a sales appointment. The news reader was informing me that a leader of an ‘ally’ of ‘ours’ had just made a speech in which he had disparaged both the United States and the President. To be frank I don’t remember exactly who this was, though I am certain the country was in the Middle East. Ultimately it doesn’t matter who, what, where or when…just why.

After a brief overview of what was said, the news reader introduced a spokesperson from the State Department who was there to explain what it all meant. After some back and forth between guest ‘expert’ (that was how he was framed) and news reader, the State Department ‘expert’ dismissed the foreign leader’s inflammatory statement with a flick of his forked tongue. He said in the most disarming manner “It was just for domestic consumption.”

I was stunned and nearly ran off the narrow country road I was traveling.

Now……I am absolutely certain I had heard that expression many times before. But for some reason this time it clobbered me. With six little words the ‘expert’ had declared the speech by this foreign leader, ‘our ally’, while disparaging and insulting of the US, was meaningless and to be paid no mind. Essentially this foreign ‘authority’ was simply telling his people what they wanted to hear or what he wanted them to believe.

Of course……if ‘they’ do that over there, wouldn’t ‘we’ be doing the same over here? But that really wasn’t the important question to be asked or even answered. A better question would be…why would they be doing that?

In my opinion the primary purpose is to divide and conquer, to manipulate and control by way of fomented internal strife and division.

For decades I believed the implanted propaganda that the electoral process was designed to reach some semblance of public consensus of who should lead and the policies they should promote and engage. And maybe it once was precisely that. But if what we are told by our ‘leaders’ is strictly for public consumption, meaning either what we want to hear or what they want us to believe, than the election process is about driving the herd towards whatever gate or chute is desired by those who ‘lead’ aka control. And this doesn’t necessarily mean the politicians.

What better way to do so than with a two party political system where any declared differences are skin deep and purely for show. As Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying, one must have a public position and a private position as well. The inference is clearly we are told ‘something’ in order to deceive us into supporting an agenda that may not, and often is not, in ‘our’ best interest.

What is often missed if the psychology isn’t understood is the narrative or meme must have a counter point, an opposite, in order to be validated as ‘real’, at least in the minds of those whose contrived worldview meshes with the dominant meme. Vice versa, the present minority is also validated in righteous indignation they are being wrongly ignored or repressed. And both are dancing to a tune they have not created, but believe is their own. An artificial division is created and inflamed by those who wish to control the herd for their own benefit.

Non-sovereign beings, meaning those who refuse to employ independent and critical thinking while being entirely responsible for what they do and think, must have their own personal vacuum filled with something (anything) in order for life to (appear to) have meaning. Either you create your own reality or you live in someone else’s. To create your own implies ownership and responsibility, while adopting an existing reality encourages non responsibility and victimhood.

And therein helps explain the seemingly wide divergence between Clinton and Trump. As the Ponzi/Matrix disintegration accelerates and the intensity ramps up, a greater disparity between candidates must be encouraged and accommodated by the controllers to help corral the growing socioeconomic anger and resentment. Another two atypical major party politicians seeking your vote simply will not validate the growing ranks of the disillusioned and disaffected.

And so this is why Trump has been allowed not only to exist, but to grow in popularity. The blatantly biased and one sided mainstream media validates both sides of the spectrum, affirming those who wish to back Clinton in the belief Trump is unstable and unsuited for the office while at the same time confirming for Trump supporters that he truly is the hated opposition candidate in direct conflict with the status quo establishment. Both Clinton and Trump are saviors to their supporters, thereby justifying the mudslinging and widening chasm between them.

This is simply a brilliant strategy from a divide and control perspective. Regardless of who wins or loses, both sides will be affirmed in their rejection or confirmation.

At least as important, if not more so, is the perfect execution of yet another systematic psyops upon the world generally and the American people specifically. Once again the system has succeeded in convincing the general population, and more importantly the rapidly growing disenfranchised middle class, to invest their time, energy and belief in the corrupt system’s ability to produce viable and significant change.

There’s not a snowballs chance in hell this will happen, at least not in the way Trump supporters think, or wish, will happen. There has been a great deal of discussion about how powerful the presidency has become. This is a widely believed fallacy promoted by the system itself. The presidency appears powerful only because over the last several decades its place holders have fed and enabled the corruption, thus there has been no significant pushback. Put someone in office who promises to cross swords with the status quo and the embedded ticks begin to bite back. And they will draw blood.

In Trump’s own words, this election is a “Moment of Reckoning. He said "There is nothing the political establishment will not do; no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense... and that's what's been happening. The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exist for only one reason... to protect and enrich itself."

He continues a bit later.

"For those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interests - they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind - our campaign represents a true existential threat... like they haven't seen before. This is not simply another four-year election; this is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government."

I have little doubt Trump’s statement is utterly correct. Therefore the very fact Trump has gotten to this point means he serves some purpose for the controllers. If this were not so…if Trump truly represented an ‘existential threat’ to the establishment, he simply would not have been allowed to get this close to the White House. Period!

What ‘they’ cannot control, co-opt, subvert or profit from they eliminate. It is as simple as that. As outlined above, Trump serves as a lightning rod for the outraged and the privileged. At this point he is both the great white hope promising to slay the dragons and the evil villain plotting to incarnate as the devil himself. Hillary exists simply to provide contrast, a polar opposite if you will to rally the status quo, those with much to lose if the apple cart is upset. The more intense the Ying, the stronger the Yang must become. They are symbiotic co-dependents and enablers of each other.

Punked once again by our own need to be saved from ourselves by one who claims to have the magic beans in his possession and the willingness and ability to use them. Or are we to be saved from ourselves by another who claims to share our desire to suppress the rebels and maintain the status quo along with the perpetual lie.

Clinton and Trump…diametrically opposed ends of the same beating stick. This isn’t an election to determine if evil or good prevails. This is an election to determine the flavor of the coming disintegration of civil society as we know it. Just as we must make room for new information and understanding by discarding old thought memes and mind controls, so too must the controllers demolish the existing socioeconomic matrix so they may birth a new slave order.

Hang on to your hats because we ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.



Cognitive Dissonance

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2 thoughts on “For Domestic Consumption: Divide and Control Is Working Brilliantly Once Again”

  1. Cog….I finally got a user name for ZH and left a comment. I’m going to paste it here and would love to hear what you think:

    My theory #2 to ponder. Neither ‘party’ put up their ‘best’. Thus, neither party really wants to win. (Oh the hangers on like Podesta and Rove, the media, hollywood etc do). There is a huuuuge hot potato/grenade thats being tossed around (real economy) and NEITHER party wants it explode on their watch. For example….in ’08, the DNC threw Hillary under the bus for a black, possibly muzzie, community organizer. The RNC put up an old white geezer who picked Palin as a running mate (and McCain and RNC threw her under the bus). NEITHER party wanted to win. But the magic one did….and the can was kicked down the road via Tarp, and QE to infinity.

    In ’12, the DNC figured that with all the failures of Barry, there was no way he could win agaion. The RNC said ‘oh yeah?’ We’ll put up a rich Mormon who put his dog on top of the car to go on vacation.

    NOW, we have a congenital liar who only went away in ’08 because her chances were pretty good against McCain….and in her mind, it’s HER TURN DAMMIT. So, the RNC says, I’ll see your ‘Hillary’ and raise you with Trump.

    1. Nunners,

      When has either party EVER put up their best? In fact, define best….because in my opinion the ‘best’ are not active in politics. Power via politics (and business) naturally attracts sociopaths and psychopaths. The ‘best’ want nothing to do with that slimy crew. It has always been that way and always will be under any political and socioeconomic system. It’s just a matter of degree, not of practice.

      In the present day political system those who rise to the top are not the cream, but rather the slim. And as the system continues it’s slow motion implosion, only the slimiest of the slime will do whatever it takes to grab power by the balls and use it.

      This includes Trump by the way. While Trump has positioned himself as an outsider and an agent of change, he’s just a different type of politician and many will not be happy with his flavor of change. Trump is driven by his huge ego and narcissistic point of view. Nothing he does is wrong in any significant way, shape or form. Exactly how responsive to the public would this type of person be?

      In my opinion, if elected, he will use the public as a blunt object against anyone and everyone he sees as in his way…..including the people themselves.

      Either candidate, if elected, will bring his or her own unique mix of insanity to the table. Nothing good will come from any agent of change that tries to reform the system from within. It cannot and will not be reformed. Like the Borg, everyone is assimilated, including the politicians.

      Cognitive Dissonance

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