Head In the Sand, Ass In the Sky

The key to conditioning the human mind is repetition, repetition and more repetition. Unsurprisingly the key to reversing these embedded mind memes is precisely the same prescription.

Unfortunately (and fortunate for the programmers) when we are being conditioned through the process of repetition, because the message is usually delivered via so many different (trusted) sources, the process is relatively painless, especially when it comes skillfully mixed in with our beloved bread and circuses. The same cannot be said when removing the buggy software from our hardwired brains.

In my opinion the subject of denial, particularly our own custom concoction, must be repeatedly examined in order to begin to chip away at the surface. This particularly poisonous vein of self subterfuge runs deep in all of us and the only way to remove it is one layer at a time. So hammer away we must.

Thankfully one of the ways to soften the pain of removal is to partake of the same message from a variety of different messengers. Think of it as different flavors of ice cream.

Please join me in reading Greg Calise's custom flavor of the day.

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