Institutionalized Tyranny and Serfdom

The slow process of erosion on hard surfaces makes it difficult to detect significant change unless viewed through the magic of time lapse photography or various still photographs taken years, even decades, apart. Even then, unless viewed through the eyes of several generations the damage is often perceived as minor.

Similarly the corrosive effects of aging, combined with our own vanity,  ego and denial, is often difficult to directly observe without visual and emotional aids. So it is as well when recognizing change that has occurred (and is presently underway) with regard to our public and private institutions, particularly the government.

Seen from this perspective it is easier to understand how an institution created to serve and protect can morph over time into a monster that consumes.....assuming denial doesn't stand in the way of this developing understanding.

A month ago I posted some excerpts from Joe Withrow's new book "The Individual is Rising". I recently invited Joe back to expand a bit on his thoughts.

Please click here to read his article.

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