An Audio Interview with Cognitive Dissonance

Posted Friday, March 21, 2014 at 8pm EDT


Thank you Gemini and Time Monk Radio!


Four years and thirty weeks ago I created an alter ego avatar on by the name of Cognitive Dissonance. My thinking at the time was to craft a safe place to go when commenting on Zero Hedge (ZH) in order to help weather the slings and arrows that were, and still are, the hallmark of Fight Club aka Zero Hedge. In addition Cognitive Dissonance was my mentor of sorts, someone I could speak through, and to, while writing about subjects that were at times as unsettling to me as they were to my readers.

A few months after the birth of Cognitive Dissonance, ZH’s Tyler Durden contacted me and asked if I would like to become a contributing editor. While this was a wonderful opportunity to speak to a wider audience, it also opened me up to the full force of the ZH comment section. I learned a lot about myself during that first year as a ZH contributor, most importantly that I did not need to value myself by what others said about or to me.

Four years and much personal growth later Mrs. Cog and I decided the next step in the evolution of Cognitive Dissonance was to create our own play place, a unique web destination in its own right, and was born on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

Creating ‘Two Ice Floes’ allowed me to expand the range of Cognitive Dissonance’s ‘voice’ while also creating a safe place where others may gather to share their thoughts and experiences. My intention all along was to expose some of ‘my’ background and perspective in order for my readers to better understand Cognitive Dissonance.

The opportunity to do so came quickly when within a week of opening shop an offer was received from Gemini of Time Monk Radio to interview Cognitive Dissonance and the mind behind the avatar. After a week to mull it over and a few deep discussions with Mrs. Cog the offer was accepted and last weekend (Sunday, March 16, 2014) the two hour interview was recorded.

So……are you interested in hearing the ‘voice’ of Cognitive Dissonance, to sneak a peek into the thinking and mindset behind the anonymous man who is Cognitive Dissonance? If so please return to on Friday, March 21st @ 8 PM EDT to access the recorded interview.


Cognitive Dissonance

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12 thoughts on “An Audio Interview with Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. For some reason, I cannot get to any audio interview. I look for some place to “click” and the interview button only brings me back to that same page, no audio interview.
    Any suggestions?

  2. @Glynn

    Sorry for the confusion. I should have put in bold the following, which is at the top of the article and in the last sentence.

    “Friday, March 21, 2014 at 8pm EDT”

    The interview will be posted at that time on that day. Thanks for wanting to hear it earlier though. I can’t wait myself. :)

    Cognitive Dissonance

  3. Will it be archived? I’m going to be out of pocket the evening it’s live.
    Sure would like to listen to it when I get back online next week.

    1. @Disenchanted

      The interview will be posted at 8 pm, this Friday, as an embedded YouTube ‘video’ here on Two Ice Floes. It is audio only which will be as permanent (hopefully) as YouTube. I will also have the actual .mp3 audio which I hope to figure out how to place on this site soon.

      Cognitive Dissonance

  4. Greetings CD. Quite enjoyed the first hour of your interview. I’ll save the second for this evening with a glass of wine. We seem to share the ability to see and accept the insanity we live in and yet remain balanced and happy. Whenever my conversations wander into reality people bow out and wonder why I am so negative. They assume that I must live a dark and miserable life, with an amazing ability to somehow hide it because I certainly appear to be happy. With complete objectivity, I am the happiest person I know. It is the understanding of our place in the evolution of humanity, as insane as it is, that gives me comfort. Denial doesn’t work for me.

    I believe as a species it is remarkable that 7 billion of us have managed to co exist as well as we have. Do I believe we will self destruct, of course we will but does that necessarily suggest failure?

    Here’s what you are to me CD. You and you alone have the unique ability to poke a finger in the membrane encompassing my sphere of knowledge. Scary stuff but at least now I’m not alone out there. Thanks

    1. @Andeee

      Here’s what you are to me CD. You and you alone have the unique ability to poke a finger in the membrane encompassing my sphere of knowledge. Scary stuff but at least now I’m not alone out there. Thanks

      “It’s all fun and games until someone pokes his or her eye out.” – Mom

      Cognitive Dissonance

  5. @Andee

    They say negative, I say realistic.

    I too enjoyed the interview, and listened to it over the past two days. Am I the only one who absorbs things better by reading something, than by listening or watching? It’s too bad there isn’t a readable transcript of Cog’s interview by Gemini.

    Hint, hint. ;p

    1. @Disenchanted

      Sounds like you are the perfect person to transcribe the audio. :)

      Considering how most verbal speech, when transcribed, sounds like the speaker is incoherent……well, I would rather you not do so. The voice inflections and undertones go a long way to explaining the pauses, back tracking and u-turns when the unscripted spoken word is heard. It doesn’t translate well to text.

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. A good transcriptionist would filter out the hems and haws. I doubt I’m the “perfect person” for that task.

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