Is Capitalism a Rationalization for Rape, Robbery and Pillage?

While scanning foreign newspaper headlines the other day (to get up to speed with the non-USA propaganda view of the world) I read a blurb about the 2010 elections in England. All three candidates agreed that England should remain engaged in Afghanistan. Venturing further, the Guardian presented a two paragraph synopsis of the differences between the candidates. As far as I could tell, the differences were for the most part superficial. That in turn got me thinking about choices, or more accurately, the illusion of choice.

One of the tricks of the control system is to promote the illusion of choice, be it between careers or between candidates. Two months before the 2008 USA presidential election, I visited the Republican and Democrat party web sites to view their so-called “platform” issues and laid them side by side. Talk about the discomfort of watching the sausage making process. I suspect no one actually reads these things because contradictions and absurdities abounded. But then again, sausage making is all about combining many different components into one moldable product, isn’t it?

After repressing the gag reflex long enough to read further, aside from some minor “hot button issue” window dressing, there were very few differences between political sausages. Still, both parties assured me that their particular brand was extremely tasty and healthy to boot. Just ignore the stray hairs, the crunchy bits and mystery meat, cook to 180 degrees to kill the E-Coli and then swallow…….hard. Looking at a list of political donations for the 2008 elections I would say American special interests felt the same way. Make mine with sauerkraut and some spicy brown mustard.

While I’m continuously assured by the keepers of the myth that Capitalism (with a capital “C” since Capitalism has been turned into a religious icon) is the next best thing to come our way since Thumbscrews and the Inquisition (also capitalized) shouldn’t one gaze into the sausage making machine for a closer examination? Or would that be blasphemy? If an unexamined life isn’t worth living (as Socrates proffered) is an unexamined economic system also not worth living?

While the comment section below is where the rubber will meet the road on this subject, I’d like to add my two cents worth. If history is to be my guide, there appears to be one constant throughout the ages. Be it the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, the Roman Emperors, the Kings and the Catholic Crusades of the Middle Ages and now Capitalism and its Corporations, one thing seems abundantly clear to me. Society doesn’t self organize for the benefit of the many but rather society is organized for the benefit of the few as the most effective way to rape, rob and pillage the many. Who needs war when the process of abuse can be institutionalized and glorified?

Now excuse me while I induce some projectile vomiting and indulge in a healthy purge. Maybe it’s time for a change of diet; how about some Green Eggs and Ham? It can’t be any worse than what I’ve been eating lately.

Cognitive Dissonance    4-26-2010


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