The Destination

Two Ice Floes is all about the process of navigating through life while keeping at least one foot on each ice floe. In this section of the website those floes could be described as 'The Journey' and 'The Destination'.

Most of the time I think of 'The Journey' as the philosophical and metaphysical, that space between the ears and among the stars of the cosmos. And oftentimes 'The Destination' can be construed as Matrix thinking and living....or at least trying to live on the outskirts of The Matrix without being totally consumed and constrained.

However, like the Star Ship Enterprise using Warp speed to 'jump' from space to another, at times using 'The Destination' is a means to its own end. Meaning that it is our intent that matters so much more than our actions.

Please visit often not only to read what I have to say, but to share what everyone says about their experiences.

Cognitive Dissonance

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