The Journey

We can choose to travel through life on autopilot, stopping occasionally to smell the flowers and see the sights. Or we can decide to find meaning in everything we do, see or say. It really is as simple as that.

Follow the first path and we exist because we are here and we are now. This doesn't necessarily mean that life sucks following this path. On the contrary life can and often is very good for those accidental travelers who choose to immerse themselves in the here and now. But for many there always lingers a nagging feeling that there is more to life than this, that they are missing something. And when life turns rough, as it tends to do, many are not prepared for the battle, let alone the war.

Or we can decide to find inspiration wherever we look, to see significance and meaning wherever we turn, whatever we gaze upon, whenever we want. Life is still here and now, but also in the past and future as we contemplate where we have been, where we are now and where we are going. Seeking perspective and understanding at all times, in all places and with every person equips us well for the rough spots in life.

So....which path do you wish to follow?


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