Cutting Kudzu

I am posting an article about the massive amount of Kudzu found on all the properties surrounding ours as well as on ours. So below you will find mostly images and some commentary on what I am finding.

Even when I do not present images of the Kudzu actually cut, rest assured that I did chop it all down, often not only the hanging vines but the feeders than ran along the woods floor. Take a look at some of these stunning images.

Up to this point I have never run into Kudzu during my life time and I am heartbroken by the damage it has done to the woods all around me. I suspect that the trees will be very happy come spring now that many have been released from their tangled burden. I know this fight has only just begun and that I will be back every winter to continue the battle.

Below is a shot of two trees wrapped up by Kudzu at the edge of the cliff that drops a quarter mile down from our back property line.

Cliff EdgeBelow are before and after shots from almost the same angle and distance showing numerous Kudzu vines attacking a small grouping of trees. Simply Amazing.

Kudzu 1 BeforeKudzu 1 AfterThe following three images show one huge vine attacking several trees. The first image is of the massive vine near the base of one tree. It actually is attacking several additional trees off to the right and out of the frame.

The second image shows the canopy of some, but not all, of those trees. The third image shows my five inch long iPhone 5 cover placed on top of the now severed vine. To date I have only found one other vine that was five inches in diameter, but the average is three inches and many are four.

Kudzu Five InchKudzu Five Inch CanopyKudzu Five Inch ReferenceBelow you can see half a dozen Kudzu vines hanging all over the central tree and also from surrounding trees.  The second image is of the canopy of those very same trees. It is stunning that these trees are still alive since it is clear the Kudzu has overwhelmed them and blocks out most of the sun during the summer.

Just let your eyes rest on the image of the canopy for a few seconds and take in the mass of tangled vines spread throughout the canopy of these trees. I cut every vine within 50 yards of this mess, including other smaller infestations nearby. At least for one summer these trees will be able to regroup and heal from the attack.

Kudzu Canopy Mess BaseKudzu Canopy MessThe next image is of a Kudzu vine that found itself between two trees that eventually merged into one. It sure didn't stop the Kudzu from nearly killing both. One must ask themselves whom was choking who here. I suspect the answer is the Kudzu.

Kudzu Thru TreeAfter finding that massive five inch Kudzu I decided to document it by taking some pictures of it and of other sizes found within 25 yards that it. Like I said earlier, I have found only one other example of the five inch vine so far, many examples of the four inch and the three inch is common and average around here.

Kudzu Different SizesFor the better part of two months this past fall I was investing 1-2 hours a day 4-6 days a week just cutting Kudzu around this place. I suspect I have cut two thirds of the Kudzu on the property I own and the surrounding property that I maintain. I will pick up the battle in a month or two after I have finished bringing in the firewood from The Locust Patch described in another section of this website. More to follow shortly.

Please, as always, leave your comments, suggestions and feedback below.

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    1. @COG
      Please refer to my reply under Ms COG’s Wild Strawberries…you really should be eating that stuff…wish I had some!
      I will have to admit that you really do have some impressive vines, I grew up around that stuff and can not remember seeing any vines that big! On the other hand, I do have some Poison Ivy vines that are pushing 4″, Fabulous color in the fall…Maybe we could work out a Trade! :-)
      PS: Unfortunately, the vines them selves are TOXIC! Don’t lick your fingers after cutting. LOL
      But leaves are yummy and people make jelly & even candy from the flowers!

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