Hope and Gratitude: Spring Perennials

Since I am new to the whole-hearted efforts of gardening, it is beyond refreshing to have the perennials on the property come blasting into renewal on auto-pilot with their Spring buds. This self determination on the part of these hardy plants gives me much hope that I can grow food that needs deliberate planting and attention.

The apple trees are appling.

Early Fuji apples

The blueberries are bluebelling.

New blueberries

The kiwi trees are budding beginner kiwi fruit.

Baby Kiwi fruit

The blackberries are blooming everywhere.

blackberry blooms

And the chives just keep on...

ChivingI continue to be grateful for the gift that these perennials are. During changing times where systems are often unreliable, it is even more appreciable that nature renews and endures.

Mrs. Cog - May 23, 2014

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