Where’s Waldo?

Both of the images below were taken late in the day about ten minutes apart. Other than slightly different framing and the sun a little lower in the horizon, can you tell the difference between the two photos?

Look closely because the change was minor.

Where is Waldo 1 - Clean


Where is Waldo 2 - Clean

Did you find it? It was a small change really. Where did 'Waldo' go?


Cognitive Dissonance


7 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?”

    1. Mrs. Cog gave up her Sunday night HBO porn and I gave up my Sunday NFL New England Patriots porn. The good news is we are using the old DirecTV dish as a flower planter.

      If the aliens want to contact us directly they can use the cell phone just like everyone else. Or they can beam us up. :)

      Cognitive Dissonance

  1. I can’t stop laughing! Good Saturday morning start :)

    “Small sacrifices bring great rewards”-I’m sure the DirectTV dish looks much better as a planter any way.
    As for Mrs. Cog, tell her to hang in there, I hear the detox process gets easier with time.

    1. On a side note I was working on unbolting the damn dish when suddenly I was being dive bombed by hornets. I went into my Zen mode and tried to be at peace with the little suckers, a process that almost always works for me, but they would not leave me alone.

      I decided to look up at the actual dish to see what was going on and not a foot away from my face was a hornet’s nest tucked away behind the dish and several very angry hornets forming up for a second attack at the invader. At that precise moment several stung my hand.

      Exit stage right.

      I returned 10 minutes later with the proper weapons in hand to dispatch both the nest and the dish.

      Cognitive Dissonance

  2. Synchronistically I cancelled my Sirius/XM Satellite radio subscription last Monday.

    They used to be a lot different at first, but now…
    Hell I can listen to garbage for free on regular AM/FM radio if I so choose. Granted it will be with much poorer reception.

    Now if I could only talk the wife into dumping the cable(Comcast). Thing is our land line phone and internet access come in on that same cable. Our only other option here is AT&T DSL…No thanks! The other half doesn’t have or want a cell phone, and she’s hooked on her TV shows. Oh bother…

  3. Cog, we too ditched Dish back in 2012. It was similar to giving up white sugar. We missed it for two days and then just got on with life.

    btw, do you still love pickled zucchini? I do.

    1. That’s DirecTV to you buster. And it’s Mrs. Cog who’s missing her HBO. I’m fine……..Really, I am…….OK!!!!!!!!!!

      And Mrs. Cog is all done with pickled zucchini. She has moved on to zucchini relish. Happy campers we are. ;-)

      Cognitive Dissonance

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