And Its Gone

A week after the Blizzard of 2014 and the snow is nearly gone. When we were shoveling the stuff we thought it would still be here a month later. At least that was the way things were when I was a kid growing up in New England. I guess this is why our nearest neighbor doesn't even own a snow shovel. Why shovel when it will all be gone a few days later?

One of the advantages of living a few miles north of the North Carolina/Virginia border is that when the cold weather leaves, there is plenty of warm to take its place. A few days after the blizzard ended it started to warm up. Over the last few days the temps went up into the high 50's during the day and never dipped below freezing overnight. Add in some rain and the result was almost all snow cover meting away,...other than the piles we created while digging out the driveway or those made by drifting snow during the blizzard or snow falling off the roofs.

The image at the top of this page was taken from in front of the house on the circular driveway (the "D") looking north across our property and down the hill/road. Some piles of snow left by the front loader is all that are left. I was even able to retrieve some sod dug up by the bucket loader and place it back in its proper place all ready to re-root come spring.

The picture below was snapped out in the road looking north back down the dirt road towards civilization. The only snow left is what remains from the piles left by the local farmer who plows our road.

All these images were taken on Feb 21, 2014. Click on any picture to enlarge.

After Blizzard 1


Next you can see an image of the turn around cul-de-sac that abuts our property, the end of the line as I like to think of it. A week ago there were snow piles five feet high in several places. Now next to nothing remains.

After Blizzard 6


This one below was taken from the road looking back towards the house. What happened to the snow?

After Blizzard 2


This is always my favorite shot of the homestead, taken from in front of the Heatmaster 5000 water wood stove boiler towards to south side of the homestead. On clear days the sky up here at 3,000 feet is always such a pretty blue.

After Blizzard 3


And this shot is also one of my favorites, taken from just off the front walkway looking south southeast towards the two out buildings with the Heatmaster 5000 in between.

After Blizzard 4


At the top of the parent page of this page (On The Mountain > Weather > February 2014 Blizzard) is a picture taken at the height of the blizzard out our back door looking northeast across our long back deck. The snow was piled high and blowing. A week later all you see are blue skies and wet deck. Remarkable.

After Blizzard 7

I can safely say that I've had my fill of winter and, aside from a few more light snowfalls, I'm ready for spring. Lets just see if Mother Nature agrees with my assessment.

Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. COG;
    Do I understand that you have a wood burning water boiler in a shed removed from the house that is your main heat source for the house? If so, do you have radiant floor or wall panel radiators in the house and how do you like your system? Does your system provide the domestic hot water as well as the radiant heat water from the one boiler? What kind of wood is your fuel, and at what yearly cost? If you had the choice to design your heat from scratch, how would you design your system for that house?

    They utilize similar systems here. I am at that decision tree +/- with my construction. I am guessing that my climate is about like a banana-belt island in the San Juans of British Columbia, just above Washington state, with electricity that is only slightly erratic and only bottled propane gas. Cold to frost on the grass, but never ice or snow. However my Latitude is same as Mendecino, California (only Southern – Curiñanco beach, just North of Valdivia, Los Rios Region, Chile) I would be very interested in your thinking about your heating decisions &/or druthers.
    Thanx, Glynn

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