Of all the so-called 'control systems' out there, be they politics, religion, language, education, television and other mass media etc, money and the money meme trumps them all. Or more accurately, money is the thread that ties them all together and is the root of our madness, our dysfunction incarnate.

A world without money is entirely inconceivable to us because all we know is a money world. Our culture depends upon and worships it in ways clearly obvious, such as our 'consumer society', and in ways so subtle as to be transparent and part of the fabric of our lives. To actually recognize the obvious subtlety is to think about the most common question to ask or be asked when meeting a stranger during a social event.

"So.........what do you do?"

We 'do' because we must 'earn' in order to be a 'consumer society'. This is a given, without question or examination, accepted as just the way it is. I mean, what kind of economy would there be if we didn't all 'do' something in order to 'earn' money?

What indeed.

Rarely is the problem knowing what to do, the problem is almost always in the actual doing. In the case of changing rejecting the money meme, there are so many entrenched interests in maintaining the status quo that the system will never be changed rejected on its own. It must first collapse in an all consuming and  sterilizing fire so that alternatives will be seriously considered as just as viable as  what was just there and is now gone.

Here on Two Ice Floes we are not boxed into just talking about what is wrong about the present day economic system, the effects if you will. Here we can talk about the system itself, the cause if you will.

Come join us as we navigate the Two Ice Floes.

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