An Introduction to Awakening

The Awakening

by Zen Gardner -

The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back.

It may appear to be a lonely path, but we are by no means alone in this awakening. It is happening in all walks of life. Whether a banker or corporate employee wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of the matrix, or a normal taxpaying worker realizes they’re contributing to a military industrial machine hell bent on control and world domination, we’re all the same.

And those are just surface issues compared to the deliberate suppression of man’s innate spiritual nature, whether we call it social liberty or the freedom to create and manifest as we truly are.

Triggers for Awakening

There are many such triggers that wake people up. Once someone realizes how the world was scammed on 9/11 and that the powers that be are willing to perpetrate such atrocities to promote their agenda, the digging begins. When we realize we’re at the complete mercy of parasitic central bankers more than willing to not only implode the world’s economy, but finance both sides of any conflict for personal gain and control and that our governments are complicit in this scheme, we start to grasp the enormity of what befalls us.

That we have rapidly evolved into an advanced militarized surveillance police state is driving many to ask some hard questions – and the answers can be startling and difficult to swallow, especially when you realize they have cut off all avenues of recourse.

Another major issue is that it’s more evident by the day that our very health is under attack, again by complicit government and multinational corporations pushing GMOs, adulterated food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, atmospheric aerosols and the like, all of which have been proven to be extremely hazardous to humanity. Yet they push harder by the day, mandating program after destructive program. Meanwhile, natural and organic farming and foods, as well as supplements, are under intense attack by these very same perpetrators.

The truth about these issues and many, many more including massive planet harming programs such as fracking, electrosmog, and the geoengineering assault on humanity are driving a major perceptual paradigm shift amongst all walks of life as we delve more deeply into who is doing all this and why.


There Is No “They” – Oh Really?

This is often the final breakthrough point for many people. As the true picture starts to crystallize, the horrific realization that the “powers that be” are fundamentally a clandestine cabal with front men comes into focus. These are powerful minions, more interested in weakening and subjugating humanity via health degradation, dumbed down education, mindless “bread and circus” government controlled media, depraved violence and sex oriented entertainment, and a draconian militarized police crackdown. The ugly truth then comes to the fore.

It can be staggering. If you take just 9/11 and other false flag events and realize they were staged to bring about this Orwellian police state where the citizens are now terrorist suspects, it can be very difficult to swallow.

A quick perusal of history soon follows, where people realize these same false flag/false enemy tactics were used to justify almost every war, leading to such totalitarian states as Stalinist Russia, Communist China and Nazi Germany, each of which descended into horrific pogroms, decimating their own populations of anyone potentially daring to question the new regime.

It’s not all black and white. There are of course good people working for bad people, powers and programs, wittingly and unwittingly. Many are trying to change and improve our existing structure. Many good people are performing wonderful services within this overarching societal program thinking it can be changed constructively. What we’re addressing are the overarching deceitful and destructive powers and mechanisms at play that are attempting to bring humanity into a weakened subservient role to some sort of worldwide fascist control state, eliminating personal and national sovereignty to support and obey a very few powerful self-appointed elites.

And it’s coming on fast.

This becomes evident as anyone pursues almost any avenue we’re discussing here. To realize this massive program is being orchestrated by some form of “they” soon becomes obvious. The reality of the conspiracy that JFK so eloquently pointed out before he was surgically removed from office via assassination hits squarely home. Please listen to his entire speech.

We Have to Find Out for Ourselves

An essential element to a true awakening is investigating and learning for ourselves. One of the main control mechanisms has been teaching humanity to only trust what they’ve been told by these same agendized so-called authorities. How many times have you heard, “If 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, surely it would have been on CNN. If something was really wrong surely someone would have said something.”

Well, a lot of people have and continue to speak out. And what’s the response? Anything contrary to the official narrative is “outlandish conspiracy theories”, and result in the subsequent demonization and marginalization of any form of questioning or healthy criticism.

Waking up from that media and education entrancement is another shocker. Could they do such a thing? Could we really be facing such a totalitarian crackdown? And why?

When I was young there were over 60 media companies vying for audiences. Real investigative reporting, although it’s always been tampered with or suppressed, was still available. Today 6 mega corporations own all of the media. The very same corporations that own much of the corporate military industrial infrastructure. Conspiracy is not a stretch – of course these power brokers would twist information to suit their intentions. The word conspiracy has been stigmatized for a reason – don’t ask questions or there will be consequences.

All of this will take some serious researching, most likely in places people have never dared to look before. And this is good. Don’t let anyone tell you what the truth is, find out for yourself and be convinced in your own mind and heart. That’s a new phenomenon for most, as odd as that may seem, but stepping outside the propaganda mainstream is a must. And is oh so refreshing.

The Shock Does Wear Off – And Don’t Worry, We’re in this Together

There are so many interconnected “rabbit holes” of similarly repressed, twisted or hidden areas of information that it can be staggering. Once we realize we’ve been lied to about any one of these serious issues, we begin to question everything. And that is extremely healthy. You may not find support for your new found perspective from those around you, but there are millions who are sharing your experience. Thanks to the internet you can find others undergoing the same transformation quite readily and derive a lot of encouragement and support.

Battling through the naysaying of close friends and loved ones seems to act like a chrysalis, much like the cocoon a metamorphosing butterfly has to struggle to escape. And as we know, that is exactly what drives the blood into the wings of the birthing creation that will soon bear the beautiful new awakened soul to glorious new heights and vistas.

One thing that won’t wear off is your absolute disdain for what is being perpetrated on our fellow humans. As the expression goes, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.” If you knew your home was under attack and malevolent forces were coming for you and your children, you would do anything in your power to protect your family. That soon becomes an innate awareness regarding the current toxic social and physical world we’re experiencing and the need for a conscious response.

Awakening Your Spirituality

This goes hand in hand to anyone experiencing this consciousness shift. If things here are so massively manipulated, what lies beyond all of this? What are we being kept from? Why do I sense I am so much more? Where does God or Love or human kindness come in? And for so many with some form of religious or spiritual background, the question always arises, “Is this some form of spiritual warfare?”

These are very important questions to pursue. There must be meaning in all of this. “Certainly all of humanity is not as wicked as these psychopathic control freaks.” Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately, the aggressor often rules the day in this hierarchy of control our world has adopted for millennia. History bears this out.

The beauty of gaining a new spiritual perspective is that it puts these influences in their place. We discover new ways to perceive our true indomitable nature which gives tremendous peace and confidence in spite of what we’re currently faced with. This sense of profound conscious awareness and spirituality only grows as our pursuit for truth, in love, gains momentum.


Awake, But Never Alone

A sense of isolation following the initial awakening is natural. It’s foreign to everything we’ve been taught, with implications that can be mind-boggling as well as heart breaking. However, we are very much connected and sharing a profound common experience. Knowing we are not alone is very important to keep in mind.

Building community also becomes a priority, where we can contribute to the healing of the planet at every level possible. Whether it’s activist or spiritual associations this is very important. It may only be on-line at first, that’s fine. Find kindred spirits and empowering and informative websites and blogs and even attend meet up events in your area on some of these subjects of concern.

This awakening of consciousness is transpiring at an accelerating pace, and it’s something to be very encouraged about. Once you get past the shock of what you’ve “found out”, it becomes easier, but it will drastically alter your life.

Enjoy it, be empowered and take action accordingly. Trust your heart.

The darkness cannot put out the Light no matter how hard they try.

Please share this freely with those embarking on this magnificent journey.

Much love,


14 thoughts on “An Introduction to Awakening”

  1. Two Thoughts

    Thought One
    9/11 as a false flag. I find this proposition to be impossible to swallow. Not because my eyes aren’t open, but because I believe that the government, while oppressive, power and control hungry, it’s not that smart. 9/11 as a false flag; Need anyone say more.

    Now did the government, or secret society see an opportunity to advance their agenda after 9/11? Most definitely. That is plain as the nose on our faces, or the drones in our skies. If history shows us anything, it shows us that freedom is not the default condition of man. We happen to have lived in a country that holds the longest record for freedom (1776 to 1913). Why 1913? That is the year the Federal Reserve was created and the banks began to run the country. From that point forward we have been in a nearly perpetual state of war. When countries are at war the bankers prosper. Study who prospered from the European wars among the Kings and Queens, some of which were literally family feuds.

    Thought Two
    Several things struck me listening to Kennedy. One, he followed Eisenhower who warned of the Military Industrial Complex, Kennedy alluded to it. Two, one could take Kennedy’s discussion of the secret society in different ways. Historically, he was in the midst of the Cold War and could have been referring to Communism and its infiltration of independent countries at all levels. Revelations from former Soviet archives would tend to support this view.

    Another way to take the secret society reference would be to impose our current situation and views on those words; i.e. the secret society of bankers and crony capitalists, the state security apparatus and industry. Reading today back into a historical event over 50 years old would seem to me to be rather unfair both to history and to our intellects.

    Did Eisenhower and Kennedy know things that those in their time did not have access to? Absolutely. Were they Prophets in the sense of being able to predict the future; as an Old Testament Prophet? Unlikely. If you read a lot of history you can find many examples of individuals, using their intellect, and following events to their logical conclusion. Does this mean they knew what was coming and disagreed with it and so were trying to warn us? Very unlikely. They were just men making their best educated guess. That’s all we really can do.

    1. I think I can say two things about 9/11 with a fairly high degree of certainty.

      1) I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that I honestly do not know exactly what happened on 9/11. This is because there has never been a real honest sincere criminal investigation into 9/11. What there has been is the typical government coverup that began the moment the first plane hit the World Trade Center when we were confidently informed that it was Osama Bin Laden who was the bad guy. The 9/11 commission was the official coverup agency of the 9/11 attacks.

      2) I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that the cock and bull story the US government has peddled from day one as to what exactly happened on 9/11 cannot withstand even a casual examination of its so-called facts and conflicts. We are being lied to and the coverup persists to this day.

      Sometimes the best way to figure out what you don’t know is to outline what you do know. These two things I know about 9/11.

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. I think the key to pulling off 9/11/2001 was compartmentalization:

        A concept where many parts of a whole unknowingly work in concert to fulfill a plan of which only a few at upper levels are aware of the plan’s totality.

        This concept is clearly at play when you look at all the drills, exercises and war games(I’ve read anywhere from 8-15 separate drill/exercise scenarios were being played out across multi-agencies/military branches) that were taking place up to and on that day that caused mass confusion amongst possible responders to the situation. The compartmentalization of those drills/exercises ensured that hardly anyone could figure out what was real and what was part of the drills and exercises. One hand did not know what the other was doing, which in my opinion was part of the plan.

        Some quotes and links for more on this subject:


        ” Wouldn’t the orchestration of the attack by insiders have necessitated the involvement of large numbers of people?

        Not in the execution of the attack. A conspiracy can involve different levels of complicity, with knowledge of the complete plan limited to a few individuals. There are plausible scenarios of the attack as an inside job in which the number of such individuals is smaller than the number of individuals accused by the official conspiracy theory of “sleeper cells” directed by Osama bin Laden.

        High-ranking officials in the government have at their disposal several tools that Osama bin Laden would have lacked, such as detailed knowledge and control of the military’s disposition and response to the attack, and access to the military’s and intelligence agencies’ hierarchical and compartmentalized command structure designed to execute complex operations with individuals working on a need-to-know basis. Compartmentalization is an organizational tool long employed by intelligence agencies. 1

        The speculative scenario outlined in Attack Scenario 404 explains how the attack might have been carried out by as few as twelve individuals.

        How could even a small number of people be persuaded to participate in such a horrific plan to kill “their own people”?

        There are many examples of mass homicide, economic gain often being a central motivating factor, and many of those involve conspiracies including high officials. There are several generally acknowledged examples of false-flag attacks being staged as pretexts for launching wars. According to the cold-blooded calculus of a false-flag attack one’s own countrymen are sacrificed to rally the people against an external enemy blamed for the attack.

        The economic interests riding on the success of the 9/11 attack (measurable in hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars), would have availed huge sums to the buying of people’s cooperation, and the procurement of state-of-the art covert operations capabilities.

        The small number of people with operational knowledge and control of the plan were likely willing participants whose stake in the plan’s success was sufficiently persuasive. The much larger number of people whose actions were necessary to execute the plan were likely, for the most part, entirely unwitting participants in the murderous plan. ”

        end quote


        ” The apparently flawless execution of the attack is consistent with a sophisticated military operation and not with a kamakazi attack by ragtag bands of Islamic terrorists. Contrary to common assumptions, such a military operation did not require a wide-ranging conspiracy within the US military, but only of a small number of top-level officials. This is the case because of the nature of military command structures and extent of computer automation in US military systems.

        First consider the structure of the military. Of all human institutions, military organizations are some of the most hierarchical and opaque ever devised. Military personnel are trained to follow orders without question, and to maintain strict secrecy about operations. Violations of codes of secrecy are strictly punished. More important, military personnel are typically directed on a need-to-know basis. Operatives are briefed only on facts necessary to the execution of their task. By dividing up a mission into sufficiently small tasks and delegating the tasks to different operatives, it is possible to execute the mission while preventing any individual operatives from seeing much of the larger picture. Such compartmentalization is an essential feature of the US military and intelligence agencies. In the execution of the 9/11/01 attack, even stricter compartmentalization and secrecy could have been practiced without that being apparent to operatives following orders.

        Then consider how automation could have reduced the manpower requirements of the attack. Each of the principal tasks required to execute the attack were likely facilitated through computer automation. ”

        For a partial(?) list of some of the drills and exercises leading up to and the day of the attacks, the Complete 911 Timeline which is now at History Commons has more details here:

        Another quote from the first link I listed above:

        “How could such a conspiracy have been successfully carried out by the notoriously incompetent officials of the Bush administration?

        “Cultivating chaos is a time-honored method of advancing anti-democratic agendas, as described by Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine. (2) The invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have been extremely lucrative for Bush administration cabinet officials, many of whom have strong ties to the oil and weapons industries. (3) Average profits for the Big Five oil companies doubled from 2000 to 2007, and awards to the top ten Pentagon contractors increased 75% between 2001 and 2003. (4 ) (5) In carrying out its Constitutional responsibilities to the people, the Bush administration was indeed utterly incompetent. In enriching its insiders and their cronies and evading criminal accountability for its acts it couldn’t have been more competent. “

    2. @Peoples Republic of Maryland
      I had a secret security clearance and worked on 2 government projects…one being phased in and one being phased out… the total incompetency was incredible beyond belief! There were days when I could not believe that we still spoke English in this country! It is quite easy to believe that our government is not capable of such an operation…BUT

      I have watched just about everything there is on building demolition over the years, in fact if I could go back in time…I would have made that my Career!

      I remember watching the TV that day in a complete Daze! Totally Numb! then the first Tower Dropped……My first thought was WTF! Who the hell just dropped that Building! Jesus F*****G CHRIST! What the Hell is going on Here!!!
      It Takes a Scientifically Designed Miracle without a Hitch to get a Building to Fall like that!

      I was not the only one to notice…

      a bunch of professionals in the business have a lot of questions…

      and Building 7?

      The Government authorities that rented there had a great deal of “Evidence” LOST that day!

      By the way…the world trade towers were designed from the get go to with stand a crash from a large plane or TWO!

  2. Speaking personally, I believe the triggers to awakening can be better realized when the mind finds some semblance of stillness. Twenty years ago when I was an active church participant, the suggestion for Lent was to give something up and take something on. Every year I found myself conveniently finding something easy to give up ( donating that old can of Lima beans to the Food Drive!) and taking on something equally as inconsequential. Realizing I was making a mockery of the entire process, I resolved to delve in one year with fervent intent. I decided to give up talk radio of which I was passionately addicted. I figured 40 days of no Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage was in the realm of achievement whereas my afternoon daily espresso was simply out of the question.

    The first day was a disaster. I have an hour one way commute to my job and the idea of spending the hour in silence was disturbing. So I turned on music. But the nagging thought occured that was simply a cop out so I turned it off. Thoughts I wished not to enter my mind flooded in. I was at their mercy. By the time I got to my job I was very agitated and thankful to hear the humm of instrumentation and the chatter of voices.

    This went on for about 20 days. Then something began to shift. I started to notice things I hadn’t seen. The beautiful old oak on one corner. The daybreak casting a purplish hue on the rocks on the mountains. Soon I couldn’t wait for my hour of quiet time that,in essence, became a meditation. When the 40 days were up, I had no desire to return to my old habit which I have done to this day. The next think I noticed was a craving for alternative forms of thought and information. The talking heads on the MSM seemed just jabberings I listened to on talk radio. I turned it off too. When people put forth ideas that would seem contrarian, I would listen instead of branding them conspiracist wackos. My wanderings led me to encounter some fascinating people and eventually to ZH where I found a whole new dimension of understanding.

    I realize and acknowledge there may be entire areas I am lacking in understanding. I believe it is a rare individual who is fully enlightened to all. However, being still, turning off the noise and listening is the first step to enable one to walk into a new world.


    1. A very nice description of the awakening process Miffed. One cannot imagine, let alone perceive of, a different world until one begins to let go of the present one. I am always amazed how people allow themselves to be immersed within the constant background noise of radio and TV.

      I often ask why they do so to those who I discover are immersed and the answer often involves them receiving a sense of comfort from the constant drone in the background. Many times we run towards something in order to run away from something else. In this case, for many, it is running away from themselves.

      Cognitive Dissonance

  3. Great article Zen

    The hardest things for me during this awakening stage are my family and best friends apathy. My best friend (27 years) and I have grown so far apart in the last few years, it saddens me everyday. My brothers and I use to hang out all the time. now I’m lucky if I get a text message once in a while. I guess what I’m saying it ‘s like they’ve lost their trust in me and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

    Since turning off the TV 3 yrs ago, I started a garden as a hobby and now it’s a huge part of my life. You can learn so much about life through nature. I’ve also made some new friends and that includes the black snake that lives in the yard. I’ll take the birds and squirrels chirping over radio noise any day of the week.

    I want to thank Mr and Mrs Cog for starting this place so we can share, learn, grow and make new friends all over the world.

    Mr Pepper

    1. You bring up a good point that is rarely touched upon when speaking about the awakening process.

      Not only do we feel abandoned by all that we thought was a part of our life, this being our government and authority figure, but the process of awakening tends to isolate us from family and friends. It takes a strong constitution to be a contrarian and many of us did not go down this path ‘willingly’, but simply followed the evidence and our sense of right and wrong.

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. “Was it really only 2012?”

        That’s exactly what I was thinking as well. But VC’s review was also dated 2012 and he usually does those very soon after the object of his review comes out.

        Linear time is such a trickster…

  4. Posts like An Introduction to Awakening are the reason I came here. The money I paid was money well spent. I’m getting a great education, not for defending my position but for articulating what’s happening inside. I will continue to listen to the great voices of the past and present and continue to learn. Thanks Cog.

    1. You are welcome.

      Please remember though that what you see here is just our view of the awakening world. There are 7 billion other points of view that are just as valid.

      Question everything….including Cognitive Dissonance.

      Cognitive Dissonance

  5. A good article and the comments are heart warming and deeply appreciated.

    The reading of your personal involvements has helped me to see my many steps of separation and on into a retreat of isolation that I have chosen for myself as being necessary for my experiencing the upwelling of spirit that I currently feel so very blessed with. These readings have offered me a deep personal affirmation for my life’s actions.

    I want to thank all of you for your sharing of spirit and say that at the many times that we all perhaps are wondering, …..”but, what can I (we) do about it”, that from my experiences, the periodic but timely steps inward, as expressed so well above by Miffed, are the foundation that we each, and eventually all, must use to build safe space for ourselves and those near and dear to us.

    These are just my feelings and a well intentioned contribution of affirmation to a wonderful group of people.


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