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Posted on Riverbank of Truth March 27, 2014

The other day I came across this quote:

” As a former mental health professional, I learned that I cannot care more about clients than they care about themselves. There is a lesson to be learned from that experience regarding the multitude of sheep that inhabit our country.”
- Dave Hodges

I find this to be good advice. You cannot heal someone who doesn’t want to heal. You cannot awaken someone who doesn’t want to wake up. I see that all I can do is throw small pearls of wisdom in the street. Those who are interested may pick them up. and some of those may throw them back into the street for others to pick up. But I cannot force, trick, manipulate or coerce someone to pick them up. From one perspective, it is natural law to allow others to live their lives the way they choose, as long as they do not cause harm to others. Everyone has the absolute right to believe whatever they want, even if I know that their beliefs have been coerced into them by programming.


And this is where the dilemma is. From a higher perspective, I can see that each person chooses the life path that gives him the experiences that the soul needs for his present development. That path may even be rather unsavory, or full of tragedies. But each person has chosen his path. It is not a just action that either forces, tricks or coerces a person to do or believe something else. Yet it is a just action to reveal truths to those who want to know.

But I think that it is quite obvious that there are not many people who are really interested in truth. Yes, there are many people interested in pseudo-spiritualism. The religions and new age philosophies have huge followings. So sometimes I feel like I’m swimming upstream. I am observing how the entire world has been programmed, and I observe how the world is spiraling towards major upheavals. There is war mongering gone mad, the economies are all poor, the fascist state is closing in, and the environment is being poisoned. Yet the majority of people pretend that everything is normal.


This is rather perplexing, but it is the way things are. I can see the situation from the higher perspective, that this is the plan, for the old energies to crumble away, to make room for the new energies. I see that everyone has chosen to be here at present to witness the experience of this, and it is therefor all perfect. But this creates a dilemma. I can see from another perspective, the perspective of my humanity. From this perspective, it is very different, as I am in the middle of it. I see everyone in their innocence, having been programmed to believe lies and deceptions. I see humanity as victims to evil predators, who have tricked us into slavery. I see friends, family, acquaintances, all of them fellow human beings, with feelings, sentiments, family, and the right to happiness.


From that perspective, from my humanity, I have a desire to awaken everyone I meet. Obviously, I don’t act on those feelings. I have in the past. It doesn’t work well. Sometimes I want to grab a microphone and announce to the entire world what is happening, to wake everyone up before we fall off of the cliff. But that’s not the plan. The plan is going on as planned. Everyone has the right to remain asleep. If someone really wants to know the truth, he can find it. But not many people are interested. For some reason, My life path brought me to this time and place, took me through so many dead end roads, only to finally awaken to a world gone mad. And about all I can do is watch it all happen, while throwing little pieces of wisdom in the street. It’s a very odd feeling.

- Greg Calise

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  1. Very well said!

    The “Higher Perspective” vs “Human Perspective” the ultimate paradox!
    I think that when you “Wake Up”, this is what you see and it does generate a “Very Odd Feeling”!

    It is my understanding that “Enlightenment” occurs when the two perspectives become one or you coexist with both at the same time.
    The “Very Odd Feeling” then becomes a “Very Incredible Feeling”

    I have had the good fortune to experience(what I believe was) the “Very Incredible beyond-description Feeling” briefly twice in my life.

    I am grateful for the “Taste”. I now identify my “Very Odd Feeling” as a type of “Hunger” for a different “Way-to-Be”.
    With the current “Madness”, I am getting REALLY HUNGRY!

    1. So……let me understand something here. You liked the article and if you went no further you would have been happy with what you read. Correct?

      But then you looked at what else this person wrote and suddenly you don’t like the article…or it changed what the article meant to you or how in retrospect it is now received?

      Without being insulting to you or anyone else, consider for a second how mainstream that thought process is. One must like, or at least not be repelled by, something or someone in its entirety in order for one thought thread to be acceptable.

      That is exactly how the control system controls the herd. How does anything this person may have said in the past or anything he may say in the future invalidate what he just said now?

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. @cog wtf ?

        At what point did I say his point of view was no longer valid? Your putting words in my mouth, which is insulting. It was a great post. The other was ridiculous, and I’d argue dangerous. As I stated at the beginning of my post ‘ I liked this a lot’, that means exactly what you’d think it should. Why can I not hold two views about the author? Your response is quite hypocritical, in that you do what you accuse me of.

        Apologies if I hit a nerve, but the other post was fantasy (and which my over the top rant was aimed at). No problem with magical thinking/drug induced madness, quite the opposite. However, the post in question was akin to scientology and I’d argue equally damaging as it provides a distraction from the very real and tangible problems we face.

        If you like to discuss further why I dislike the other post lets, but please probe further before you assume I think a certain way. :)

    2. If you didn’t like that Tenma13, you probably won’t care much for Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash that I recommended to you in the forum.

      Just giving you fair warning. ;p

      @ Cog Dis

      The book(The Shining Ones) I at first offered in trade for my membership payment here, also treads along those lines. It was probably my first exposure to the terms archon and demiurge.

      1. I learned a valuable lesson 25 years ago that I try to remind myself of whenever I don’t like something someone else is saying, writing or thinking.

        Take what you need and leave the rest.

        It is not about being validated by someone else nor about validating myself by or with something someone else is saying, doing or speaking. It is all about my healing and growth, and the fact that anything I can use that is produced by someone else is exactly what I need for me to continue my journey.

        I actually enjoy John Lamb Lash, though his latest exercise leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, Lash is very controversial and I can’t blame him for wanting to limit the discussion to those who really do wish to participate rather than destroy.

        I actually have no problem with the concept of archons and demiurge. It helps explain a lot. I neither believe or disbelieve the concept. It is just another piece of information that I file away that cannot harm me unless I want or let it do so.

        Cognitive Dissonance

        1. re: “though his latest exercise leaves a lot to be desired”

          I guess I’m not up to speed on that…

          There’s a lot of things in the last decade and a half that i’ve read, mulled over and thought through the possibilities that 25 years ago I would have outright rejected as looney tunes. I’m not a big fan of the word believe in the present.

          One thing on ‘aliens’ is it possible that instead of “extra-terrestrial” the term extra-dimensional might be more accurate? The word “alien” is almost an automatic kill switch on a majority of people’s thought processes…someone writes of that and presto they’re a “kook.” Granted some do go overboard on the topic IMHO.

          One last thing on John Lash, what surprised me was some of the parallels I read from him with what I was hearing from the videos of the perspective of Native American John Trudell. As far as I know unconnected individuals…unconnected as in having any sort of relationship or familiarity with one another in the conscious realm.

    3. the way the article was worded really “worked” for me, and I also went hunting for some more “Pearls of Wisdom”.
      I was also disappointed in not finding-what-I-was-looking-for. But on the other hand, I did decide that I was going for the “Light” when my time comes, just to see what happens!

  2. Wonderful essay as posted on TIF. Unfortunately I am challenged by my very poor internet connections here and it has taken me awhile to connect to the link Tenma13 provides or the author’s site.

    I am sympathetic to Tenma13’s reaction, but since I can not know exactly what her reservations are I can only state mine in regards to the Final Trick web page.

    Please understand that these are my very general comments. I have no interest in discussing specifics and you will soon see why.

    Anything, anything at all, that takes an individual away from them finding themselves at each instant of their physical life should be avoided until they can manage to incorporate that sort of knowledge into their day to day activities.

    The problem with the issues raised in the Final Trick article is that they “might” be true, but many other activities might also be true. The universe is infinite, in all the meaning of that word. Be concerned about right here and right now, doing all you can to find the truth inside yourself right here. It is enough since it is the only thing you can control right now and that you are responsible for right now.

    Let the future take care of itself when you get to it. If you better prepare yourself now then you will be better prepared if Mr. Clise’s vision of your personal future is true.

    The New Age folks will start to cringe when I say this, pointing to the multidimensional nature of the soul and timelessness and creating your own reality, etc, etc. And I will agree with every word they say, but add one caveat. Right now, right here, you are none of those things. Unless you can demonstrate that you are those things while physical here now, my feeling is it is best for you to stay focused on the things you know and can control. Therefore, learn your lessons here, do the best you can and stop worrying about things you can not control. Stay focused here and now, doing the very best you can.

    It’s more than enough.

    Once you leave this place you can only do what you can do. That seems trite but it is not at all. Learn here while you have the chance.

    What I am saying is not to diminish Mr. Clise’s statements. There are a lot of truths in them.

    The programming here in this place is so complete now, limiting us and our capacity to experience ourselves in infinity that before we can really think or talk about other places we need to do a lot of work here. In our very diminished capacity, how could we really expect ourselves to find truth outside of our everyday physical reality? We can’t even find it here and now on a daily basis.

    There is so much sickness and insanity in the world now, most of it caused by our estrangement from our true nature.

    Since most people of modernity have no direct experience with Infinity we need to be gentle with them but they need to be a bit more adventurous and open to the power and possibilities of what infinity actually means. Infinity means just that, nothing less. And each person will have a different experience of infinity, unique and individual to them and not open to judgement by others. No person using a physical mind to explore the universe as their main instrument of perception can hope to experience more than a tiny sliver of infinity.

    Everyone needs to understand that the main reason for the restrictions of modernity is to cut mankind off from his true nature and his personal connection to Infinity.

    A personal connection to infinity is the antidote to modernity. It is not true that all is an illusion here now, there are ways to find strength inside oneself. There are ways to connect to true strength and the reality of infinity, All That Is.

    John Lamb Lash is one of my heros, but that is another discussion.

  3. Excellent piece Greg
    So many here have expressed a similar duality, whether it be 2 ice floes or 2 perspectives. My duality resides in my ability to have one part of my mind observe another part, setting aside that the majority of a minds capacity is silently at work keeping you alive, even against your will sometimes (nother topic for another day) One part delves into the depths of darkness while the other observes, never letting go of the tether. Each can be critical of the other and often are. Sometimes I laugh out loud when one part catches the other doing something ridiculous (again, nother topic) I can see the insanity from an objective observer perspective. We’re probably saying the same thing, different approaches for different people, very interesting and looking forward to more. Thank you for your contribution.

    One quick comment on the reference to an insult in previous comments. It jumped right out at me. To be insulted by anyone here, or even at our former “fight club” is to announce that you empower those to that degree. It is also a statement that while in conversation one must thread lightly for fear of offending. Meaningful interaction dies right there for me. I find criticism and opposing views the most interesting part of any exchange. One wonderful ability I have developed over time is to be in full control over who I allow to touch me in an emotional way. Sounds simple but very, very few can do this. I’m sure this is at the root of many conversations gone bad. My life partner is the only person at this time to whom I bestow that power.

    1. One quick comment on the reference to an insult in previous comments. It jumped right out at me. To be insulted by anyone here, or even at our former “fight club” is to announce that you empower those to that degree. It is also a statement that while in conversation one must thread lightly for fear of offending.

      I think this is in reference to me. If not apologies for the highjack.

      I doubt CD or I was greatly insulted TBH. More a misunderstanding due to the medium we’re conversing in. Had that happened in real time it wouldn’t have be an insult. In addition, probably due to my former ‘work’ environment (panamax broker) I tend to default to over the top aggression and wrongly assume others are fine with it. Works well there, less so here.

      I find the following fascinating:

      I find criticism and opposing views the most interesting part of any exchange. One wonderful ability I have developed over time is to be in full control over who I allow to touch me in an emotional way. Sounds simple but very, very few can do this. I’m sure this is at the root of many conversations gone bad. My life partner is the only person at this time to whom I bestow that power.

      The people I tend to have some of the most interesting conversations with (not exclusively, but frequently) are where both sides are extremely passionate about their points of view. Even if I think they are 100% wrong; if they have heart I still respect them, but your right about those that touch us in an emotional way.. Number of times I’ve replayed a conversation and wish I had said this or that, or pgrased something a certain way…….. Definetly going to think on that some more. Great point! :)

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