10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomenon Captured On Camera

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It’s hard to imagine how many surprises are hidden on our planet. Every once in a while a new occurrence, a life form or a natural phenomenon crops up that simply leaves us astounded with its beauty, and in some cases wrath.

It’s not every day that such occurrences are caught on camera. Kudos to these photographers, who sometimes chase storms or stand on hot melting grounds or even spend whole night clicking, to gather such brilliant collection of photographs for us to savour.

Here are our 10 most fascinating natural phenomenon captured on camera.

1. Uncertainty

Uncertainty- Photo by Jamie PhamPhoto Credit: Jamie Pham

Lightning Striking from an afternoon thunderstorm in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The curvy road towards the storm highlights the foreboding atmosphere.

2. Aurora Borealis 

Aurora Borealis Over Tjeldundet Photo By Arild HeitmannPhoto Credit: Arild Heitmann

Aurora Borealis over Tjeldsundet in Troms County, Norway. Auroras are the result of the emissions of photons in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

3. Painting The Needles Under The Geminids Meteor Shower 

Painting The Needles Photo By Mike BerensonPhoto Credit: Mike Berenson

This composite image comes from over a thousand images taken on an overnight photo adventure under the Geminids Meteor Shower

4. Winter Trees In Fog At Sunrise 

Winter Trees In Fog At Sunrise Photo By Elena ElisseevaPhoto Credit: Elena Elisseeva

5. NYC All Charged Up 

NYC All Charged Up Photo By Susan CandelarioPhoto Credit: Susan Candelario

6. Supercell Highway 

Supercell HIghway- Arcadia Nebraska Photo By Douglas BerryPhoto Credit: Douglas Berry

This is a rare looking low precipitation thunderstorm near Arcadia, NE. This type of storm is commonly nicknamed “mothership” for its shape similar to a UFO.

7. Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow Sea Entry

Kilauea Volcano Lava Photo By Brian HarigPhoto Credit: Brian Harig

Molten lava, at around 2000 degree, flows into the sea to instantly turn the water to steam. This photo was taken while standing on an 80 foot cliff that looked directly into the ocean. The ground beneath the feet was so hot that it slightly melted the soles of photographers boots.

Kilaueva Volcano Lava-2 Photo By Brian HarigPhoto Credit: Brian Harig

8. Frozen

Frozen On Lake Michigan Photo By Dan SproulPhoto Credit: Dan Sproul

This picture was taken is On Lake Michigan, Saint Joseph

9. Wildfire 

Wildfire Photo By Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit: Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Ekyll Island is known for it’s Driftwood Beach where mighty oaks have fallen into the surf’s grasp through years of storms and tides. This image was captured at lower tide at a fiery sunrise, sand glossy from the waves’ caress.

10. Clearing Storm

Clearing Storm Photo By Mile DawsonPhoto Credit: Mike Dawson

A storm clears over the rocks and sea stacks near Face Rock along the Southern Oregon Coast.

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