Transcending The Control System: You Are Not A Number


Neil Kramer

If you are not shaping your own reality, then someone else is doing it for you.

The Control System serves up the default reality configuration for those who do not determine their own. There is no neutrality. Each individual has a prescribed belief system downloaded into their head via repeated containment encoding* that emanates from parenting, schooling, sociological trends, organized religion and the mainstream media. The ultra-saturation of this mass hypnosis is so pervasive and well established that most people no longer wish to think for themselves, preferring instead to slip into the anesthetizing pre-packaged reality they have grown to venerate.

For those who have chosen a path of awakening, the study of esoteric knowledge and the transcendent journey itself automatically formulates a deprogramming procedure to remove Control System sludge from one’s personal world view. An enema for the mind. As the transparent absurdity of the old hierarchical systems is perceived, a dynamic gnosis of the sacred and sovereign nature of one’s own being starts to resonate new harmonic insights and deeper universal connections. All part of the natural progress of the soul. In stark contrast, for the other 7 billion sleepers on the planet, ever deeper and more elaborate unreality indoctrination is conjured upon them to constrain any sense of selfhood.

The manufactured scarcity of resources like clean drinking water, nutritious food and proper shelter makes survival a fulltime occupation for many. In these conditions, considerations of personal growth or self-actualization are remote, low-priority concepts at best. Even for those residing in rich nations, a coordinated barrage of industrialization, religion, government and sensual distraction continues to successfully lay down the blue print of how one should live a synthetic life. Either way, with disempowered spirits and blunted minds, the psychic, emotional and kinetic energies of the masses are rerouted into the Control System machine, making the natural process of personal awakening not only highly improbable, but distinctly unappealing. The psychology of ‘previous investment’ firmly anchors people into the consumer plantation paradigm, having been addicted to it all their lives, pouring emotional and financial resources into its very heart. To pull the plug on such a profound relationship is unthinkable. Thus, many will fiercely defend their right to dwell within the Matrix.

Imitation Of Life

Over 40 years ago, Patrick McGoohan explored many of the Control System philosophies and techniques in his inspired TV production ‘The Prisoner’. I highly recommend getting hold of the box set and watching all 17 episodes. They are crammed with valuable information.

Ten years after The Prisoner first aired, McGoohan remarked, “We’re run by the Pentagon, we’re run by Madison Avenue, we’re run by television, and as long as we accept those things and don’t revolt we’ll have to go along with the stream to the eventual avalanche. As long as we go out and buy stuff, we’re at their mercy. We’re at the mercy of the advertiser and of course there are certain things that we need, but a lot of the stuff that is bought is not needed. We all live in a little Village… Your village may be different from other people’s villages but we are all prisoners.”

For those habituated to reflexive acceptance of Control System memes, it’s often simply a matter of marketing as to what gets believed and when. Professional presentation, heavy repetition and the gravity of popular acceptance are enough to transform any specious proposition into received reality. Watching half an hour of prime time news will sufficiently demonstrate this point beyond reasonable doubt.

As has been resonated throughout my work, the imagination plays a crucial role in this whole game. The imagination is a holographic generator. Focussed mainly in the pineal gland (aka the third eye, the acorn, the pinecone, the stargate) and with a permanent uplink to the akashic field (vacuum field, universal consciousness) – it is perhaps the most powerful and amazing piece of hardware we have. Do some research for yourself and discover its mystical significance to the human experience. When the pineal is out of service and dormant (which it usually is), imaginal input derives largely from the lower density perceptions of the audio visual senses. If these are drenched in digital media hogwash, there’s just no bandwidth left to create your own reality. So you create what you watch. Your life becomes an imitation of what your eyes and ears absorb through the TV. Your entire Earth experience injected into you like z-grade backstreet heroin, right into the mainline. No sacred self, no individuality, no power. Understanding this is the key to exposing the Control System agenda.

Deities And Motherships

Arthur C Clarke said that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In this context, Project Blue Beam is going to test individual reality models to the limit. If you haven’t got your mojo working by then, you’ll will be swept up in a fabricated reality tunnel so compelling that all that will be left of you is your smoking shoes.

In short, Project Blue Beam is a highly classified black-budget project that takes the application of holographic technology to another level. An integrated array of satellite mounted lasers and ground installations will be used to simulate large-scale religious manifestations and a hostile alien presence. Gods, messiahs, extra terrestrials, motherships – the whole shooting match. Truly a show to capture the imagination. A double whammy for both religious fundamentalist and atheist alike. Following the ensuing disorientation and fear, a one-world government will be presented as the solution to the problem, which indeed it will appear to be. The ultimate and final problem-reaction-solution routine and the conclusion of the Control System’s lock down strategy. For readers who imagine that this is mere sci-fi psychosis, it is worth noting that advanced holograms have been covertly tested in military and civilian situations since the Gulf War (1990-1991). Even in commercial and business environments, holograms have become highly sophisticated and frequently astonish audiences who were previously unaware of the existence of this technology** (see footnotes and references below for video examples). Blue Beam is just a larger, more ambitious project.

What matters is that whatever actual or simulated events are thrown into the cauldron, we are ready to deal with them. In these times, being psychically and psychologically equipped is absolutely critical. It is going to be hard to distinguish between the real and the unreal. The very concept of what is actual and original and what is unreal and simulated will be challenged. Discernment is required. The escape route is transcendent in nature. It will not be served up as fast-food religious rescue. It doesn’t work like that. Think for yourself. Shape your own reality. As fellow blogger, researcher and all round superwoman Angie Riedel so brilliantly puts it: think or be eaten.

I am still optimistic that this unpleasant reality timeline can be averted, but it will require a high degree of awareness and psychic conductivity that as yet, is not quite there. However, I feel things are gaining momentum with a recent and definite acceleration in the surfacing of higher consciousness. A surge in the akashic field. I intuit this to be the ripples from more and more people thinking beyond the 3D and spontaneously encoding a higher dimensional model into their personal cosmology. Even without the appropriate language or symbolism to articulate this, it can be explored and experienced with a minor tuning adjustment, available to everyone each night in their dreams, or in waking life via deep meditation, sacred plants or psychic perception. Even so, the mind likes to have a few facts and figures at hand, something to chew on and assuage the ego from its persistent left-brain logical fixations. One has to track down the esoteric knowledge.

Gnosis For All

Is it not odd to conceive of a divine creative entity that would not wish humans to seek their own personal spiritual evolution? It is bizarre to think that such a supreme being may even prefer humans to remain ignorant of the fruits of knowledge and instead frolic blindly in a garden of sensuous ignorance. Only a fake God would want such a thing; the Demiurge or Archons that the Gnostics identified for example. I do not accept the false dichotomy that is presented, that of choosing between (a) ignorant and blessed, or (b) knowledgeable and damned. Neither condition is correct. Nevertheless, the don’t mess with weird stuff ethos still prevails among many minds. Under scrutiny, it turns out to be just an adult version of the ghost story told to kids to prevent them from venturing too far from home.

It is simultaneously amusing and disappointing to see otherwise diligent researchers become mired in the incorrect thinking that occultic, magickal and mystical type practices are all somehow wicked or immoral. The idea that mystery school knowledge is innately bad because the bad guys also use it for their sinister purposes is patently nonsensical. If my enemy plays terrible music on his violin, I do not pursue the destruction of all violins. I do not blame his fingers and I most certainly do not blame music itself. It is his mind that is at fault.

Illumination is not just for the Illuminati. Condemnation of the Illuminati’s inherent methodology of ‘Illuminism’ should not be misconstrued as a move against personal illumination and heightened awareness. Though this would be a crude and flagrant misapprehension, I nevertheless avoid using the term Illuminati due to such ambiguous connotations. Whatever fraternal, religious and military facades the Control System (my preferred terminology) employs is of diminishing interest to me. It is beyond doubt that ancient bloodlines and powerful esoteric knowledge have been robustly and meticulously preserved for millennia. These guys are into everything and have been from the beginning. I describe their MO as Illuminism, that is, the extreme stratification of knowledge and technology through hierarchical forms of distribution; a synthesis of solar symbolism, ancient mystery cults and numerology. Once this is understood, it’s easier to perceive and deconstruct how they deter people from self actualization and spiritual growth. I leave the historical analysis of Control System origins and affiliations to other more forbearing scholars.

Seek out your own gnosis. Discern, intuit and know what is yours to know. In these times of revealing, there’s no excuse for not having access to the data anymore. It’s all there to be discovered. Become your own alchemist, transform information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. And don’t attempt to do it all from the comfort of your armchair with a book or a laptop. You have to put your boots on and start walking. It is often the journey itself that teaches. The mysteries within require gentle and skilful unfolding. Working on yourself in this way is a lifelong exercise. Like the hunter who continually hones his skills, cares for his weapons and respects his prey. Like the craftsman who strives to improve his dexterity, deepen his knowledge and understand the wood with which he works. This is the path of transcendence.

References & Footnotes

* Containment encoding is a compound of disempowering and erroneous beliefs, specially combined to undermine the potential of the individual and promote hive mentality. Wide distribution and heavy repetition of associated memes is required to reinforce effectiveness. The primary containment encoding proposes false notions such as (i) death of the body means death of the conscious self, (ii) matter precedes consciousness, (iii) the universe is random, (iv) the divine is inaccessible, (v) religion is good, (vi) atheism is good, (vii) humans are bad.

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