Seeking Calm in the Middle of Chaos

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – The version of the Serenity Prayer adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Do. Or do not do. There is no try.” – Yoda

Updated on 11-8-2016

A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, both for those who wish it to be the truth because it fits their (programmed) mindset, and those who practice what I describe as ‘garbage in, garbage out’ non critical thinking. Setting aside the desire to expand upon the definition of ‘truth’, if the purpose of the lie (and the intent of the liar) is to shape reality via propaganda dissemination (basically to gain advantage) might not the lie also be directed towards those who know it to be a lie?

As silly as that statement may appear on the surface, it is reasonable to inquire exactly how a known or suspected lie may significantly shape the reality of those who at a minimum may not know the truth, but can smell a lie a mile away. The answer comes by way of how we react to the lie and not the lie itself.

If we are consumed by the lie, either by accepting it as ‘truth’ or by obsessively and forcibly exposing it, particularly to those who could care less or to those who are of like mind who need external affirmation of their alternative reality, we are effectively disempowered by the very lie we reject.

Most assume a lie is used primarily to hide the truth. And for this purpose it is most effective, particularly when it fits neatly within the overall controlling narrative. But the lie is also purposefully directed towards those who know a lie when they hear one. For among many of the disaffected and disillusioned, once the lie is materialized, great energy and time is expended towards discerning and understanding the lie as well as the hidden ‘truth’.

Thus, as is often the case within those who consider themselves awake and aware, space in our minds (and therefore our inner spirit and essence) is rented free of charge to those who promote the lie if we do not seek calm amongst the chaos and banish the obsessive need to denounce the lie and know the truth. There are two types of slaves in the world; those who are forced to succumb and those who willingly do so.

The unspoken and ignored ‘truth’ within the alternative community is simply that far too many so-called aware individuals are switching one addiction for another rather than addressing our core dependency, the need to control what is ultimately uncontrollable. The obsessive need to expose, then reject, the controlling external reality smothers all other more healthy and productive endeavors, rapidly becoming a debilitating time, mind and spirit sink.

inner peace

This phenomenon often expresses as emotional fatigue or a sense of impending doom. When experiencing first light, that moment when we first begin to truly see beyond the facade, most become frightened and genuinely fear for their personal safety. The ‘solution’ many attempt to employ is either to pull back by swallowing the blue pill, or to dive straight down the rabbit hole in an obsessive search for truth and meaning.

Inevitably many reach a point where they begin to fully embody one overriding ‘truth’; the illusion is deeper and darker than even they feared and most of those whom they interact with on a daily basis have no wish to abandon their own naval gazing. This then often leads to depression and fatigue, with many declaring either ‘screw it, let it burn’ or ‘what’s the use’. Soon after, the mind enters a self affirming closed loop of negative thought and belief, thereby crushing our inner source of energy and creativity.

The Empire is not a ‘thing’ per se, but rather a widely shared belief in an explicit ‘reality’. This belief in turn shapes specific human behavior which reinforces, and builds upon, the belief. America is an Empire because people believe America is an Empire, thereby empowering America to be an ‘Empire’. Lately people have begun to question certain aspects of America as an Empire, thereby slowly disempowering America as an Empire. Just as ‘money’ is a widely shared concept, so is Empire.

This illusory Empire ‘defeats’ us by convincing us to lay down, and then turn over, the only effective weapon we posses, our immaculate and all powerful inner spiritual essence which is the food and energy source for those who wish to control our mind and body. The present day socioeconomic control system is powered by our relinquished personal sovereignty. We willingly concede our power to those who then use it against us. We concede our sanity to the insane and become insane ourselves.

There is a path back from the dark reaches, but one which can only be trespassed via conscious decision and deliberate action. One must reach for conscious calm within our self imposed chaos. We have not been defeated; rather we have defeated ourselves. By acknowledging and accepting this terrible truth we unlock the chains we have bound ourselves with and energize the way forward. In defeat we achieve victory, but only if we desire to embody the personal responsibility of walking into the pain rather than away. No one can fix me other than my ‘self’.

The first step is to seek inner calm in the midst of the chaos.

Calm is not the absence of chaos, but rather a deliberate conscious state of mind, body and spirit which exists wherever, and whenever, we wish it to exist. If we were to define calm as solely the absence of chaos, we would be conceding our power to create reality to those who wish to control our own. All they need do is to create chaos and our calm quickly vanishes, a wonderfully effective mind control tactic.

Healing, nourishing calm must first be recognized as desirable, and then deliberately and consciously created through directed effort and energy. It is most certainly not created via the absence of one thing or another. Calm is sought after, beloved, respected and revered, a tool used to further the inner exploration instead of an unquantifiable and nebulous absence within the growing storm.

Recognizing this fundamental self ‘truth’ empowers our spiritual and physical being in ways far beyond our present knowledge and understanding, for it energizes our inner knowledge and power. We do not know what we do not know unless we become willing to discard our ignorance and explore the one thing that frightens us the most……ourselves.

Go ahead and take a chance to live life to the fullest. Seek out calm with complete abandon and unbridled passion. Clear out a space within the chaos for the inner healing calm.



Edited and expanded upon on 02-13-2016

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5 thoughts on “Seeking Calm in the Middle of Chaos”

      1. Purplefrog,

        In a world conditioned to believe others can ‘make’ them mad, sad, glad, personal responsibility for our own emotional reactions is not high up the list of things to do.

        Cognitive Dissonance

  1. I find I am increasingly aware of the need for quiet and the need to actively seek those moments of calm. Learning to let go of unhelpful beliefs, to not give away power, and to abandon myself to that which is good have all been necessary actions in this world. There is so much truth in this article.

    Thank you CD for your writings.


    1. BLazyB,

      The art of contemplation and self examination is entirely contrary to the Matrix, which demands of you, if not subservience, then engulfing submission to the constant roar of ten thousand things of no substance at all. Quiet time is the enemy of the hive mind, for one naturally turns both inward and outward when the mind isn’t constantly oppressed by the deafening din of modern civilization.

      Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment.

      Cognitive Dissonance

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