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A Failure of Imagination

By Cognitive Dissonance

Simply stated we create our own reality……although it is a ‘reality’ strictly limited to the range and scope of our beliefs and imagination. Thus if we can conceive of a world no different than what we believe actually exists, which in turn is based solely upon our present day (deliberately) limited perception, then this is exactly what we shall (co)create, maintain and interact with.

This concept is staggering in its simplicity and self evident when we consider it from all sides and with an open mind. Of course, it follows then that those of limited imagination, either by way of training, conditioning, ignorance or denial, will see my statement as nonsensical and ridiculous, thus perpetuating their (and our) own narrow, stagnant and self destructive reality. Continue reading A Failure of Imagination

The Salt Mind


Cognitive Dissonance


The plan was always for me to return to ‘work’, aka gainful employment, after finishing several major sustainability improvement projects to our mountain top homestead. After nearly two years of continuous work on over a dozen undertakings large and small, several months ago the time finally arrived. Of course, the plan always assumed local and national financial conditions were such that a job was available for me to fill. If not…..well, that was precisely why we had improved our ability to self sustain in the face of national (or global) economic disaster.

So for those of you who have been wondering where the hell Cog is………now you know. Cog has been willingly laboring away at the local (assuming anything twenty four miles away can be termed ‘local’) big box retail salt mine. And no, I am not a Wal-Mart greeter……yet. Suffice to say I work in a physically demanding retail sales environment as an hourly wage slave working swing shifts any day or evening of the week including holidays and weekends. At least it comes with full benefits, though I don’t think I will be joining the 401(k) ‘retirement’ plan or the company discount stock purchase plan anytime soon. Continue reading The Salt Mind

We’re Back……and Better than Ever


Cognitive Dissonance


I continuously marvel how well the world works considering the staggering level of gross incompetence exhibited by all, myself included. This observation, one I find myself endlessly encountering in an ever changing light and perspective, was never more apparent than while Mrs. Cog and I struggled with web hosting issues over the last two weeks.

Initially we were but one of several thousand who were suffering a similar fate, an intermittent website at best and error messages at worst. Calling customer service at our web hosting company to ask for resolution or just for some basic information came down to calling three times within a few hours, then averaging the answers to try to determine what was going on and when it would all end. Continue reading We’re Back……and Better than Ever