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Shaking the August Stick

Shaking the August Stick


Cognitive Dissonance



Sometime towards the end of the third or fourth week of August, usually after one or two cooler nights brings them out in droves, Mrs. Cog and I go in search of a few sturdy August Sticks. While in a pinch anything can be used, a broom handle minus the broom, an actual stick fallen from a tree or a length of small diameter metal or plastic pipe, experience has taught us the best August Stick is a thin four to five-foot-long piece of bamboo repurposed after a summer propping up some top-heavy pepper plants.

It’s happened to each and every one of us at some point in our lives. We’re walking down a sidewalk or path in the woods, under some trees or overhanging deck, or turning the corner of our house when we plow face first into a large sticky spider web. Because we don’t actually see it until we’re fully entangled, we don’t know if a spider is now stuck to our face and body and is getting ready to counter attack.

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A Change of Seasons

I have noticed how much more emotionally impacted I am by the change of season now then when I was a younger man. As the leaves begin to turn and the first crisp wisps of cool autumn descend from the north, all kinds of memories flood the mind and overload the emotions. In fact the other day while walking to the neighbor’s house I found myself tearing up a bit as I drank in the fall spectacular and thoughts of my younger years flooded in.

Much of our perception of ‘now’ is so heavily influenced by what ‘was’ that I am no longer certain if we ever truly know what ‘reality’ is. It is one of the reasons we are so effectively controlled and manipulated by advertising, education, government and politics as well as our ever evolving culture. As I like to say “Where we stand depends upon where we sit”.

We launched Two Ice Floes in February of this year, on Valentine’s Day to be exact, and have watched our baby grow and evolve over the last eight months. The life blood of Two Ice Floes is our membership and its heart can be found in the forums. While the ongoing conversation slowed a bit during the summer months as everyone enjoyed the warmth and activities that come with the season, now that fall has arrived and the kids are back in school with household routines re-established, as expected, we have noticed a distinct uptick in activity.

Essentially five or ten years from now these next few years will be looked upon as Two Ice Floes’s youth, when we were all trying to find our place within the growing community. How we perceive Two Ice Floes then will be heavily influence by what we are doing now. I for one am very excited to be a part of this little experiment. How about you? Please consider joining the crew today and become a founding member.

Cognitive Dissonance

Image is of the Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.