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Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Welcome to the new portal into the mind of Cognitive Dissonance. This website has been a long time coming, well over forty years now that I think about it, so please be patient since this is a work in progress. Come on in and look around. We think you will be pleased.

Below is our thinking behind and purpose for this website, a mission statement if you will. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take ten minutes and read it through. Mrs. Cog and I believe that Two Ice Floes is a very unique web destination and we would like to share the genesis of our passion with you. Continue reading Welcome to Two Ice Floes – Please Read First

Two Ice Floes

Regardless of who we are or where we live one truth seems unmistakably clear; we live, work, play, think and just plain exist in two very different worlds simultaneously, while moving seamlessly between and within them in real time. The more obvious of these two realms is the physical ‘real’ world that lay all around us, the place where our physical bodies reside and the space in which we live and eventually die. And then there is the dominion of our (non local) consciousness, some might call it the ‘mind’, ‘soul’ or ‘self’, the place only ‘I’ may find me, myself and mine. Continue reading Two Ice Floes

The Two Ice Floes Phenomena

Observing events as they have unfolded over the past few years has been fascinating, in a sick ‘can't look away from the train wreck’ sort of way. This is especially true if one has kept their eye on the news as reported by Zero Hedge. How strange and yet apropos that we would find Cognitive Dissonance there of all places. If you think it has been interesting for you to watch, take a few minutes to step into my world and peer at things through my lens.  Continue reading The Two Ice Floes Phenomena