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Cog tells me we can find inspiration wherever we look. Since we left the 'burbs and came to the mountain I feel as if I trip over inspiration wherever I turn.

On a visit together to the new homestead, while we were still preparing to move here, I asked Cog if he could plant some lilacs at the new place once we were settled in. The scent of lilacs reminds me of summers as a child and I have yet to find any flower I like more. On his next solo visit to the new property, when Spring was in full bloom, Cog discovered the above pictured lilacs all along the front split rail fence. It was a complete surprise to both of us to find them there since we had viewed and purchased the property in the dead of winter.

The seller, who hand built the cabin and developed this homestead with his late wife, told us the story of how they acquired the lilacs. Many years ago his grandmother had ordered a kit house from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Apparently in the old days you could do that.  Grandma had planted lilacs outside that house and they were very healthy and propagated baby lilacs for many in their family. Our lilac bush was from Grandma's original lilac and over the years grew so vigorously that many more have been weaned from the first. Knowing the history of our lilacs makes them that much more endearing to us. I am most excited for fresh blooms come the Spring.

We would be honored if anyone would care to share their personal stories of inspiration below as well.

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