Chores at Sunrise

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In what I thought was a compromise, made by moving to literally the middle of nowhere, I accepted that until our child unit graduates, she would need to be driven to the bus stop several miles away just to catch a ride to the nearest elementary school. From there she would then travel on another bus to the high school on the other side of the county. The process is then reversed in the afternoon, making for a long day for both of us.

As the autumn progressed and snaps of frigid weather arrived, I braced myself for the obligation of getting up extra early, bundling up to warm the car and then transporting a semi-conscious, less than peppy teen (as they tend to be at the crack of dawn) to her appointed destination.

Then, something unexpected and wonderful happened. As if to reward me for my daily efforts, the sun and sky conspired. While we approached and then passed the Winter Solstice, the timing of my morning errand gifted me with spectacular colors which often left me in awe. Below are just a few of those pictures.

Dec 16 2013 082

Dec 20 2013 012


October 31 2013 036

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  1. HI Mrs. C,
    I too am always impressed by the artwork in the sky. God creates these masterpieces which last only for a little while. I tell Him that it’s a shame that they have to go, but He says He has a whole bunch more.

    What is the ride like with your daughter? You get to talk with her about the day to come or, on the way back, what happened today. Sounds like another unexpected benefit – quality time.

    I am quite sure that as I go through the day there is much beauty if I were to pay closer attention. And then, just like a beautiful sunrise/sunset I am arrested by the sight and brought back. It often happens when I see a stranger whose life must be difficult. My heart goes out to them and I am reminded to be thankful for what I have.

    Life is good.

    Thanks for sharing.

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