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Above image: Our mountain cabin back towards the beginning of the Greater Depression (last week)

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Because I have so much free time on my hands (LOL) in-between the gardening, canning, web-mastering and regular household chores, I have embarked on several new learning experiences. I have read, and even recently written about the advantages of learning new skills and qualifying ourselves to do things we find valuable, perhaps rather than what others have told us is so.

Currently, I am taking free online courses in sustainability, specifically in permaculture. My goal is not only to become familiar with the principles and various techniques used to make us more self-sufficient here, but to adapt these abilities to changing weather and temperature challenges in these times of global storminess. Permaculture can be self- sustaining, low maintenance and can often thrive even under neglected circumstances.

On a separate note, I am fascinated with the quality images produced with digital cameras and the trick photography programs which create so many of the fascinating images that capture our attention. As such I am currently spending time learning how to operate Cog’s new digital camera and use the latest Adobe Photoshop and Elements programs on my computer. With a few external hard drives containing a terabyte each, there is no cost for film or worries about digital storage. I would love to reach a level of proficiency where I could produce all or most of the images on Two Ice Floes.

My reason for sharing this with you now is to post not just the free resources I am using to learn about these subjects, but to share many more. Perhaps in all your free time (lol) you will feel inspired to embark upon a new course of study either to better prepare you for a changing world or just to inspire and enrich your life.

Free books, educational courses, lectures and information:

Open Learning University

Online Permiculture Design Course

Video Lectures.NET

Free Science and Video Lectures Online

Free Education Online

Coursera - The World's Best Online Courses Free


Computer Coding Tutorials

Amser Applied Math and Science Ed

How Stuff Works

Bookboon - Free eBooks and Textbooks to download

Project Gutenberg - Free eBooks

Bookyards - Download free books

EBooks Directory - Download free books

Books Should Be Free - Free Audio and eBooks

Digital Photography School

And here is a link to an extensive list of further courses of study purported to be free. Please note that I have not been to many of the websites recommended in this article, I am only passing along this list in case anyone is interested and may find value there. 12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself For Free

Please feel free to add any comments about the above links or let me know you have a good resource to add to this list.

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