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Free books, papers and other resources (most in .pdf format) to download and read.

Additions from December 2016:

Additions from 2015:

Consciousness and Spirituality

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  1. I have three suggestions for additions to this list, unfortunately I don’t have online links for them. Not sure into which category they’d fit, but probably the first two.

    Want to assault your personal doors of perception into what is reality? The first book I have read bits and pieces of online over the years, but my old bookmarks are now dead links. The other two I have the hard copy, old school, actual books.

    1. The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby
    2. Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind by Graham Hancock
    3. The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality by Michael Talbot

    1. I was able to find the first two. They are listed above in the first section. Thank you for the suggestions. :-)

      Whenever a book presents a profound concept that resonates with me, I try to get it in hard copy too.

  2. Thank you for that link to The Cosmic Serpent. Ever since I first heard of it, it’s fascinated me…but I’ve yet to read it in full.
    Now it’s right here in front of me.

  3. Hesitantly I suggest one of the finest Judeo-Christian books I have every read, and, having attended Dallas Theological Seminary , I have read a lot, before and after DTS.

    Types in Genesis by Andrew Jukes.

    As far as I know it is not in PDF format. Written in the late 19th century, I am truly amazed that it is not more widely read. It could be because Jukes held that the Bible teaches universal salvation which he describes in The Restitution of All Things, also available on the ALampThatBurns website.

  4. Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by a Richard Bach is a fascinating and humorous look at our often warped perception of reality.

      1. It loads fine for me… I find that when I can’t get something to load properly that you can either take your device (phone, iPad, laptop, monitor) and shake it really hard… or just create a new user. Hahaha both solutions used to get Cog to jump out of his chair, but he’s used to my silliness now. :-)

        What a creepy cool link. I will add it above. Thanks!

    1. re: The Iron Heel…Note 1 from Chapter 22:

      “Chicago was the industrial inferno of the nineteenth century A.D. A curious anecdote has come down to us of John Burns, a great English labor leader and one time member of the British Cabinet. In Chicago, while on a visit to the United States, he was asked by a newspaper reporter for his opinion of that city. `Chicago,’ he answered, `is a pocket edition of hell.’ Some time later, as he was going aboard his steamer to sail to England, he was approached by another reporter, who wanted to know if he had changed his opinion of Chicago. `Yes, I have,’ was his reply. `My present opinion is that hell is a pocket edition of Chicago.'”

      I’ll drink to that…

        1. You’re welcome Mrs. Cog. Here’s another dystopian novel that preceded Brave New World and 1984. My son-in-law recently loaned me this book and it seemed to me to be an earlier model for Brave New World.

          We by Yevgeny Zamyatin
 (no copyright page or T.O.C.)

 has it as well, but with author’s name spelled differently…English version I guess.

          The Mises .pdf link is another that won’t load properly for me. Ever since the last major update my .pdf viewer has given me fits. It may have something to do with my PC being a relic of the 20th century(It began it’s life as a Windows 98 machine).

          Oh well when you’re trying to follow a new path of non-consumerism, you make do with what you have. Right?

  5. One of the great works of fiction I have read in my lifetime is “Horse Heaven” by Jane Smiley. The author really understands horses, their place in the natural world and man’s unique relationship with them. If you want to touch the intuitive realm, get to know a horse personally. Goats are good, too!

  6. Excellent reading list! I need to take a year off to get through the wealth of information on Two Ice Flows… and now it looks like I just need to retire early!

  7. The “Uncle Eric Series”, by Richard J Maybury is not free to download, But I Consider them a must have in the old home library! Should be required reading before anyone is let out of high school, but then we would not have the same world that we have now. They have won awards for home schooling and I bought the teacher’s guides recently to prepare for my grand children’s proper education. They can be useful as a step in “waking up” an adult as far as economics/politics go.
    He also writes a very interesting newsletter from a different prospective.
    Please check it out, it could be interesting for you to donate a set to the nearest Public Library to you and then you can let Mr. Cog discover what a “Library Card” is! ;-)

  8. Hello Mrs. Cog, what a compilation of spiritual/consciousness reading!! I feel like I’ve stepped back down memory lane. I have been talking about reading the Art of War for months now. And I don’t even have to dust off my Library Card and leave the house. Curiously, I didn’t see the Bible. Or maybe I missed it. It seems like a relevant spiritual book to include, although controversial. What do you think?

  9. Love the list and thank you all around.

    Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland, – brought my rubber to meet the road. But then, it’s been a bumpy ride so there’s been lotsa significant tire marks left behind for me, several of which are already listed. This suggestion was my latest and seemed to bring most of the others into historical focus in presenting the steps forward any of us can take to control our ongoing journey. This man came off, to me, as speaking very authentically from spirit.

    A tiger hug to you Mrs Cog for this “hermit’s dream collection” endeavor.


    1. I’m glad you are enjoying this list. I think this is a synopsis of what you were referencing: Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. I like the Summary of it at the end. It says:

      A pendulum is created by the energy of people, thinking in one direction.
      A pendulum is an energy-informational structure.
      A pendulum fixes mental energy of an adherent onto its own frequency.
      A bitter battle takes place between pendulums for adherents.
      A destructive pendulum forces aims on its adherents that are foreign to them.
      A pendulum plays on the feelings of people, attracting them to its own families.
      If you actively don’t want something, it will be in your life.
      To free oneself from a pendulum means to cast it out of one’s life.

      To cast off from one’s life means not to avoid something, but to ignore it.
      To stop a pendulum, it’s necessary to violate the script of its game.
      Charitable visualization quietly stops a man-pendulum.
      The energy of a stopped pendulum is transferred to you.
      Problems are solved by the failure or stopping of the pendulums which created them.
      To solve problems, rent yourself out.
      To avoid a suspended state, you must find your pendulums.
      You must work out the habit to remember all this.

  10. WOW, Mrs Cog, I know those were like chapters or emphasized parts in book 1, but looking just at those chopped up pieces I don’t think I would have even read it -it sounds so esoteric. …..I suppose it was, but I lived and worked with Russians for awhile, and they do tend to be esoteric so I had no trouble once I started into it.

    This man uses the metaphor of pendulums to represent the energetic structure of the forces we associate with all types of negatives in life, from self importance to the evils of war, power and greed, and then lays out the ways to recognize, reduce, and / or rid ones self of those negative relationships. Not too unlike Carolyn Myss’s approach to any loss of one’s energy in her chakra approach to a personal energy healing system. Carolyn’s approach is for dealing with things from an inner perspective and Zeland’s approach deals with stopping it from ever getting into you and thereby empowering your control of what forces effect your life. The rent yourself out is about not taking things personally, like unpleasant aspects of ones job sorta’ things.

    It is very quantum theory oriented as to adjusting your probabilities to be/receive what you desire in a step by step model.

    If you know of any way for me to get my booklet copies into internet friendly form, please tell me.


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