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You may find this shocking (sorry, could not resist) but as explained in the movie the Matrix, the human body generates electricity. This is accomplished by reactions from chemicals that create the electrical relationships between atoms and molecules in our bodies. The brief video below explains this process in detail.

Beyond the act of interacting with the brain via electrical signals in the nervous system, this power works in sync to power and regulate our physiological systems including our heartbeat.

Humans at one time lived in a manner which allowed them to stay electrically grounded. We ate wholesome fresh food which vibrated with natural frequencies, spent time outside connecting with nature, and our shoes didn't have rubber or plastic soles to prevent grounding. Not so long ago, we didn't live in structures elevated from the earth amidst a constant bombardment of EMF energy to wreak havoc on our natural electrical states. These disruptive energies effect our sleep, levels of stress and ability to rejuvenate. Like so many other ways our bodies are challenged to achieve natural balances, when our electrical currents or frequencies are off, we are in a state of dis-ease.

As with other age old truths, the knowledge of how we can regain these natural electrical states of health is frowned upon by the "edjmacated" academic Western world largely as antiquated nonsense. (I am not pointing fingers, I have been one of these my entire life.) Just try asking your doctor if walking outside with bare feet can help combat heart disease or if grounding yourself to the earth releases mad antioxidants into your system to squash free radicals thus helping to prevent cancer. The links to some of the clinical studies that show this is so are below.

The bottom line is that since our modern lifestyles have us bathing in electro-magnetic energies, it appears to be more important than ever to connect to a power source that will bring our frequencies back into their natural state so we can become well and stay that way. Although there are a number of products on the market such as earthing sheets to sleep on and grounding pads to put your bare feet on while at your desk during the day, the most powerful source is free and right outside the door.

This topic of our electric bodies is but a tiny beginning into the conversation of our electric universe. As above, so below. Slowly as we start to connect the dots and rediscover literally what our natural power is, we can see a pattern emerging. Science shows that our thoughts can direct energy. When we add that higher frequencies can help us better access our consciousness, it is self evident that our mental, emotional and spiritual health are directly related to our physical health. This is something that we can now verify in part through electrifying scientific studies.

If the information on this page seems incomplete to you, you are correct. Discussions regarding Schumann Resonance, energies that are connected with the pineal gland and even how electric energy from coronal hole streams and far away gamma ray bursts connect to our individual and group health are absent.

Any and all input is welcome. I will leave the comment section open below. Please provide links when available. Look for upcoming related sub-pages published here under this topic.

Clinical studies related to the direct health benefits of grounding (also known as earthing):

Read More:

Essentially, you can recharge your body by connecting with the Earth:  Your body is finely tuned to “work” with the Earth in the sense that there’s a constant flow of energy between your body and the Earth. When you put your feet on the ground, you absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet. The effect is sufficient to maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth. This simple process is called “grounding” or “earthing,” and its effect is one of the most potent antioxidants we know of. Grounding has been shown to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, enhance wellbeing, and much, much more. When you wear rubber- or plastic-soled shoes, however, you are effectively shielding yourself from this beneficial influx of electrons from the Earth.

How Does Your Body Make and Use Electricity: Without electricity, you wouldn't be reading this article right now. And it's not because your computer wouldn't work. It's because your brain wouldn't work.

The answer to how plants and trees affect us physiologically turns out to be very simple. It is all to do with the fact that everything vibrates, and different vibrations affect biological behaviours. It has been proven that if you drink a glass of water that has been treated with a 10Hz vibration your blood coagulation rates will change immediately on ingesting the treated water. It is the same with trees, when touching a tree its different vibrational pattern will affect various biological behaviours within your body.

We surround ourselves with machines and technology that constantly bombard us with electromagnetic radiation, i.e. telephones, computers, televisions, etc. We are sold pieces of insulating plastic or rubber to put onto our feet when we are out in nature, hindering the flow of energy from the Earth up into our physical vessel. Pollution and invasive procedures within the Earth distort the electromagnetic field. Thankfully, we can cultivate our connection to the Earth and facilitate a more coherent, healthy state of being through the practice of grounding. Below are detailed many different methods that one can utilize to bring the human organism back into harmony with the Earth’s energetic field:

Grounded: The Movie Trailer (DVD can be purchased here)

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  1. Great topic. I have been exploring this along with electromagnetism lately and have found them fascinating topics with so much more to learn and that they are connected to many of the other lies we have been told.

    Here is a video that helps introduce how some of the dots may be connected.
    “I Am HAARP” – Power of the Human Mind:

  2. Makes sense…electric bodies for an electric universe.
    Morpheus can correct me here if I’m wrong, but I think the Thunderbolts site has more info on The Electric Universe.

    1. There is a gaggle of us here who are proponents of the Electric Universe. Morpheus posted what I would call the break-out Thunderbolts movie as an embedded You Tube here:

      In addition, Suspicious 0bservers, who reports space and earth weather daily and scientific discussions and studies on various electric universe related topics is an invaluable resource. He attracts a diversity of great minds to collaborate with as well. His website can be found here:

  3. I read a book recently by Robert Schoch called Forgotten Civilizations ( I really enjoyed it). I don’t have a link to a article, but I’ll provide a little citation.
    “In deep meditation, slowing down the dominant brain wave frequency to synchronize and resonate with the dominant Shumann frequency of about 7.8 Hz allows the individual to tap into what might be referred to as the planetary frequency, or natural Earth frequency. Thus we can harmonize with the inherent rhythm of both our physical world (breathing with the Earth”, as expressed in Becker and Selden 1985, 243) and the global biosphere, including other conscious beings (human and nonhuman). In such a state, synchronized with the natural 7.8 Hz Shumann resonance of Earth, all the phenomena associated with Theta waves (brain waves around 4 to 8 Hz that occur during deep meditation), such as expanded consciousness and insight, are manifested-plus, types of extrasensory experiences (for instance, telepathy) are enhanced. Synchronizing thus with the planetary resonances, through such techniques as meditation, drumming, chanting, and trance dancing, has been practiced for thousands and probably tens of thousands of years or longer (see Miller and Miller 1983). We can literally tune into the Earth.”

    After reading this book I started looking into binaural beats. I think it’s pretty interesting stuff. Children’s brainwaves operate more in tune with the Earths frequency than adults. Children also seem to be barefoot a lot (mine are anyways).

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