Perception, Inception and the Trojan Horse Money Meme (Part Three)


All of the Chapter One and Two discussions of a manipulated and distorted perception of reality have led us to the concept of Inception. For those who may not have seen the recently released movie “Inception” let me give you a brief primer. When you strip away the special effects, action sequences and great soundtrack, what you have left is a basic movie plot that presents us with the perfect analogy for how basic manipulative programming is implanted.

In order to compel an intelligent, wealthy, business savvy and motivated individual to make a business decision that is contrary to his own best interest, in this case to break up a hugely profitable multinational business recently inherited after his father’s death, a team penetrates this person’s subconscious mind while he’s dreaming (and thus more susceptible to ‘Inception’) in order to deeply implant the seed of the belief that his father would have wanted him to break up the business in order to be his own man. Once embraced, this germinating false belief leads the implanted person to take action that he sincerely believes is his own decision and beneficial when clearly it was not.

Remember this sequence of actions and reactions; a deeply implanted emotional belief or meme which when adopted and embodied by the host, primarily because he believes it is his own intent and desire, leads the individual to make choices that shape his ‘real’ world. This includes actions that are contrary to his best interest and something he would not have done if he had not been manipulated.

While the process of ‘meme’ implanting, or of artificially inducing the inception of a belief or an ideology, appears to be straight forward there is one basic problem. We always know when we are lying to our self even when we don’t wish to admit or acknowledge it. By the same token we always know when a thought or idea is not ‘ours’………at least initially. If someone whispers something in our ear, regardless of our impression of the information, for a while at least we will ‘know’ it is not our own.

In a pure environment uncorrupted by outside influences we always ‘know’ the genesis of our own thoughts, beliefs, comforting lies and half truths. So even in the corrupted and distorted sociopolitical order of today some effort must be made to conceal the intruder from the host. In order to be effectively utilized, the foreign or artificial belief must be buried several layers deep and of the simplest creation. This is why commercial, political and religious thought memes, for example the commercial print advertising seen below, use basic impulses such as sex, greed, ego, hunger, fear etc to deliver the meme package deep into our subconscious mind.

Bread is Life


Meme Transplant

By going deep into the dark reaches of our mind and by obscuring the original foreign meme under layers of ego, denial and self deception, it is more likely to be embraced and embodied as our own, as a part of us. We make it our own and adopt it as our ‘truth’, thereby leaving us with no reason to reject it as foreign or unwanted.

The concept of deep meme implantation is similar to finding an organ transplant donor who is a decent match to the recipient so that the body will be more likely to accept the foreign organ as its own and not reject it as an invader or imposter. Once accepted, the body then treats it as its own and begins to feed, repair and defend the organ just like any other. It is now my vital organ and essentially always was my organ. That’s the theory at least, while in practice organ transplant is much more complicated.

But contrary to what you might think, controlling human emotion and perception is much easier when those who manipulate have thousands of years of experience doing so and we are already part of a massive and complex thought meme control system. It’s not like base meme’s are being created from scratch on a daily basis. Our beliefs and ideology have been created, maintained, changed and morphed over thousands of years and the process is ongoing.

Slap a wig on yourself and you’ll notice a difference. But the slow growing nature of your hair means the ongoing change is accepted as natural and as your own, therefore no need to refute its basis in reality. In fact as part of our conditioning we are trained to call it progress, growth, nature or natural, thus the basis for accepting manipulated change is already built into the control system. Once you begin looking down the rabbit hole there is no end to the manipulated perceptions of reality we experience to say nothing of the layers upon layers with intertwined cross connections.  

In the movie “Inception” the main character used a small metal top to help him determine whether he was back in the ‘real’ world or still dreaming. When he needed to verify his whereabouts he would pull the top from his pocket and set it spinning. If it kept right on spinning and spinning he knew he was in an alternative reality dream. But if the top slowed and then tipped over he was assured he was back in the ‘real’ world where ‘normal’ physical rules applied.

Unfortunately it’s not so easy for you and me to distinguish between illusions since we have no base reference from which we may compare. All we know is where we are now; a place we are assured by our masters is the one and only reality. Under these circumstances nothing can be trusted as ‘real’ until we undergo an honest and thorough vetting by looking deeply within. There is simply no other way to determine what is true and real when distortions are piled this high.

Reality Detector

My Reality Right or Wrong 

Think about how deeply and unconsciously we identify with entities we dislike or even hate. Even though we may reject the government and its actions, how many times have we said ‘my government’ or ‘our troops in Iraq’ or ‘my bank’ or ‘our congressional representatives’ or ‘our President’? While the reader may brush this off as simply a casual usage of the collective and cultural ‘we’, it does illustrate how deeply embedded these memes are in our daily lives. Love the sinner (country/nation), hate the sin (corruption, manipulation etc) keeps us running on the tread mill.

We live in an insane world with its ongoing Ponzi operations, various wars of distraction and resource taking and the endless cycle of ‘we the people’ consistently allowing actions to be taken in our name that are not in our best interest. At times the present day insanity feels like we’ve been invaded by brain sucking body snatchers. How many times over the last few years have you resisted the impulse to pinch yourself to see if you were dreaming?

Push past the obvious reasons for this insanity, for example the deliberate structuring of a social order that creates internal and external conflicts of interest that to the average person is essentially a trap. Instead see that the process of ‘meme’ implanting begins at birth and continues until we die. Our ‘reality’ is in part an artificial creation that only feels ‘real’ because we know of no other. One cannot see outside the box unless one recognizes we are in a box and that we are capable of recognizing what ‘outside’ would look, feel and sound like if it were ever presented to us.

This is similar in concept to the missing keys spoken of in Chapter One which were always where we eventually found them to be from the very moment we began our search. But we initially failed to find them ‘there’ because in our mind they weren’t supposed to be ‘there’. In our known reality the keys were supposed to be where we constantly went back to look for them, which is why we repeatedly looked on the corner table or the nightstand or in the loose change bowl.

We were perceptually blind to other reality possibilities, other potential key locations, even though light that reflected from the keys was actually hitting our retinas as we looked directly at them and then passed by. We sincerely believed we really were searching everywhere when in fact we kept mentally and physically returning to where they ‘should’ have been.

While we insisted to anyone who asked that we were trying to find our keys and that we were looking everywhere, this really wasn’t the case. We continued to believe that we would eventually find our keys right where we believed they should be. Thus in our mind, a mind captured by a thought meme, we could not ‘see’ the keys until we capitulated and began to expand our physical search and opened our minds eye to other potential locations. Once we opened our mind to the possibility that the keys really were lost, thus they could be found anywhere and not just where we believed they should be, suddenly we ‘found’ the keys. The confining and blinding thought meme was broken.

The keys were not hiding from us. Rather we were hiding from them in the sense that our closed mind, our narrow worldview, couldn’t see any other possible or potential reality other than what was already recognized as ‘real’ in our minds. This is how our eyes could pass over the keys lying on the counter several times, but not register them in our present reality as physical matter in the shape and form of keys. We simply don’t recognize or acknowledge as ‘real’ that which is impossible or even highly unlikely, our single biggest flaw since it is our beliefs that determine what is or is not possible. At least in our mind, perception is reality.

This is why I constantly say that we ‘make’ our own reality and that perception is reality. This also means that the potential for limitless alternatives to, or expansions of, our present reality may already be ‘here’. Only we cannot see, feel or sense them because either we ‘know’ they aren’t here or we believe they shouldn’t be here because we have been conditioned to believe the one and only ‘realty’ is already present and all around us. Since the observer determines what is real or not, thus ‘real’ is relative to the observer’s state of belief, this is how several realities can co-exist at the same time. The Ponzi is ‘real’ in millions of minds even though it is not ‘real’ in mine.

Lost Keys

Seeing, Thinking, Living Inside the Box

This is a terribly difficult concept to grasp when one views it with a closed or narrow mind. But I don’t use these words to insult the reader because by definition since we all live inside an artificially created box, a shared alternative reality thought meme, we all posses a narrow or closed mind to one degree or another. Closed is the definition of a mind that has been conditioned to see or believe only that which we have been repeatedly told and reassured by science and authority is real and true.

I assume the reader can see the self fulfilling closed loop circular logic of this concept. We believe something is real because we are told by an overwhelming majority that it is real, a majority who learned what was real from the prior majority. This reality is then confirmed by a scientific process that will only prove something is real if it can be measured by instruments we are told will only measure what is real. Thus if something is not measured by the instruments it can’t be real since our instruments can only measure reality. Finally, all that we believe is real is confirmed to be real or not by the thought meme authorities who are the high priest of reality, who in turn manipulate the social order that is the control system that tells us what is real.

How many times have you heard disturbing news or information that is outside your perceived present reality and you found it difficult to fully believe until it was confirmed by an authority, be it a spouse, friend, parent, government official etc? For example, in 2003 I was told by a stranger on the street that the Space Shuttle burned up on reentry. So does this mean that if there were no confirming authority available we would continue to disbelieve this very real (albeit disturbing) reality? Or would we seek out some other authority for confirmation that our reality had changed?

Personally I didn’t fully believe what I had been told until I turned on the radio and confirmed it from an ‘authoritative’ source. Consider how dependent we are upon external authorities to tell us what is real and what is not. Why do we need any external authority to affirm our reality when the ultimate authority lay within us? Maybe this is because our reality isn’t ‘real’ and the only mechanism sustaining the illusion is our dependence upon outside authorities to ‘make’ it real. We already outsource our emotional state or condition, saying “you make me happy” or “don’t make me mad” or “he made her angry”. We surrender our emotional sovereignty so why not our reality sovereignty?

We have been thoroughly conditioned to percieve our shared reality in a certain manner that is in direct contradiction to what our inner self knows to be true. This inner tension, this cognitive dissonance, is painful and to relieve this pain we seek constant external assurance that what we perceive as real is in fact ‘real’. There is a constant conflict between our shared reality and our inner knowing. Since we are conditioned to believe only in our shared reality, we seek confirmation from that shared reality that it is real. Said differently we are asking the liar to prove he is not lying or to confirm he is telling the truth. This is insanity and why our world feels so insane at times.

We create the proof we need in order to believe our reality is real. We live in a dream world that is self sustaining, self proving and always self correcting. In order to cope and adapt to this growing insanity, as outside the box unexpected or surprise events continue to intrude, temporarily destabilizing our own artificially created reality, we quickly attempt to incorporate them into our shared and individual reality as we would the ringing telephone into our dream.

Ring ring

As Real as Real Gets

It’s becoming clear to me that the majority is the sole arbiter of what is and is not real since the majority determines which (cognitive) tools are used to authenticate our own reality. And the mind of the majority is captured by a relatively small group of official and unofficial thought meme authorities who I have labeled in the past as the (official) keepers of the public myth.

As a defense mechanism, when nonconforming components of an alternative reality are recognized by individuals or very small groups, these people are perceived to be a threat to the majority and their controllers. When this occurs, the controlling thought meme authorities quickly call it blasphemy and the heretics are labeled crazy or insane. This is often expressed by calling those who are denouncing the present shared reality as ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘terrorists’ and ‘radicals’.

Our current inherently unstable and rapidly destabilizing reality, one that is not based upon true and honest creation that springs from deep within the majority, is very susceptible to disturbances from more ‘pure’ components. Think of these disturbances as applying reverse leverage to the insanity. To compensate, as the Ponzi destabilizes from the population’s growing doubt and the Ponzi’s self destructive flailing, more and more Ponzi leverage must be applied just to maintain the status quo, thus the need for the exponential escalation of the Ponzi as it nears its end.

The Ponzi is nothing more than an aberrant alternative reality meme that is spiraling out of control while sucking up all available energy within reach. One doesn’t need to fight it head on in order to destroy it. In fact to do so just strengthens it by validating it as ‘real’. We just need to unplug, to default on our buy in and to seriously question or reject the false reality. This has the effect of reverse leveraging the insanity and starving it into rapid self destruction.

Decoupling one compliant mind has the same reverse leverage effect as the Ponzi gets from adding several new compliant minds because the additional minds are needed just to maintain the same head of steam. A decoupled mind, meaning a mind that is proactively suspicious of and questions all aspects of its present reality, is essentially a rebel mind and acts as a counter virus to the Ponzi worm.

Think about the scene in “Fight Club” where Tyler Durden kisses the narrator’s hand, then pours lye on it to initiate the chemical reaction that burns the skin. To pour water on it would just make the chemical burn worse, the equivalent of fighting against the present consensus reality meme using tools provided by the Ponzi that are useless since they can only be used to lose in a rigged game. There is no ‘winning’ because we aren’t using effective tools. But using the Ponzi’s tools does legitimize the Ponzi. Essentially any force applied directly against the Ponzi is redirected back against us.

But pour a little vinegar on the lye and the chemical burn instantly stops, which also is what happens when a mind decouples. Because the chemical reaction ceases there is nothing there to fight. Instead of wrestling with an overwhelming ‘reality’, just remove its power by delegitimizing it. After all, it is you and I who legitimizes it on a daily basis with our participation.  Youtube link to Tyler using lye on the narrator's hand.

On a side note, for the most part we don’t recognize the power words and language have over us and how they are used to control, both in obvious ways such as using the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to disarm and mock someone who questions the present reality, or in very subtle ways, such as to twist the meaning and intent of words as was wonderfully described by George Orwell in his masterpiece ‘1984’.

While we can all describe in general terms what propaganda is and how it is used, very few of us understand how the basic component of propaganda, language itself, is a form of control. Language is an insidious controlling meme because it has been (and continues to be) constructed using deeply hidden subliminal messaging which reaches far deeper into our minds than we realize. Language is a captured tool of the magicians in the same way the financial system is a captured tool of the Ponzi.

Lye on hand

Money is a Trojan Horse Thought Meme

Have you ever given much thought to what ‘money’ really is? I’m not talking about those physical pieces of cotton and paper in your wallet or purse, but rather what money is psychologically and emotionally to you and me. Money is a thought meme or belief, a powerful symbol in a world of hidden symbols, a universally agreed upon representation of something else that supposedly contains the ‘real’ value, initially your expended labor.

However, while intellectually we understand that it’s just paper and therefore of little ‘real’ value, when we posses physical money or we see digits on a computer screen or paper statement, what we ‘see’ is what we can exchange it for, not what it is, the ultimate in psychological camouflage. Money is a genuine imitation real thing, an alternative reality representation of our ‘real’ expended labor. It is real and not real at the same time, thus the most powerful tool of the reality distorting wizards, warlocks and magicians.

Money is nothing more than a concept, an idea or belief. We believe in money so thoroughly and completely that it has become ‘real’ through force of conscious and subconscious will alone. How money should be seen, as a mental virus that has infected us all and as a shared illusion or hypnotic trance that distorts and influences our lives inside our box, would immediately change our perspective of everything if only we could maintain this clarity inside the raging storm of insanity.

Money is a Trojan Horse thought meme, an alternative reality virus or worm similar to invasive computer code that controls our minds from within. Money subverts and molds us into acting in ways that are often contrary to our own best interest. What we think of as money is actually an inception belief or meme buried so deeply into the collective consciousness, and then reinforced so completely by our experienced reality, that we have integrated it fully into our body/mind reality.

We have assimilated the money meme so thoroughly into our collective and individual consciousness that it is nearly impossible to imagine life without it. We believe this with complete and unquestioned faith in the same manner we believe it is impossible to live without our lungs or heart. Since we don’t consider ‘real’ those things we perceive to be impossible or just plain improbable, via reverse psychology, since we can’t imagine living without money, by extension money must be real.

Money is the primary controlling thought meme of the overall social control system, surpassing even that of religion. I have come to believe that the money meme is so corrosive to the human mind and spirit (at least in its present form) that it is slowly destroying us from within while at the same time providing some short term benefits. This destructive force is similar to how some drugs can have a short term beneficial effect while over the long term can and will kill us. For example, steroids can dramatically shorten our overall lifespan while improving it in the here and now.  

Once the basic money meme inception was implanted and accepted many thousands of years ago (with hundreds of modifications added along the way) most thought memes that follow are implanted using the money meme as the Trojan Horse delivery package. This sets up an intertwined system of cross affirmations and confirmations validating the new thought meme. Since ‘real’ money is being used to both implant and validate, both the new meme and the old money meme reinforce each other. It’s brilliantly insidious in its conception and implementation and now that the meme is growing exponentially out of control, it is driving us ever more insane at the same escalating pace.

Consider how many stories we’ve heard that describe how sudden wealth from the lottery or other sources has destroyed lives. Or that the pursuit of money compels so many people to forsake nearly everything else in their life. When you dig into these stories you often find that it is said that the person and those around them went mad from the influence of the money (meme). Greed is a form of extreme emotional excess brought about by an obsession or trance like state revolving entirely around a concept of ‘money’ which itself is little more than a substitute for things we believe are ‘real’ in the first place.

Greed in particular and money in general is an obsessive compulsive personality disorder of the most insidious type. Because the concept of money is an integral part of our social order it is accepted as part of the overall illusion. Since we must have money in order to survive, we must work in order to obtain money. If we wish more money, we must be more highly ‘trained’ in very specific and narrowly drawn worldviews defined as professions and occupations. We self identify ourselves with money, thus proving the assimilation is complete. The most common question asked is “What do you do?” meaning what is your capacity to earn money.

The money meme is infectious and all consuming, occupying a greater portion of our waking thoughts than sex. Money is the central authority that confirms and reinforces everything else we are told is real, therefore whomever or whatever controls money in effect controls our reality. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, is quoted as saying “Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” Power of this magnitude does not come from guns, but from control of the mind at its inception level.

Trojan Horse Money Meme

Authorities are Authors of Belief, Lies and Thought Memes

Consider for a moment our insatiable desire and desperate need to be told by authorities what is real and what is not, what is true and what is false. Why are we so dependent upon external sources for affirmation of truth and reality when the ultimate authority lay within? I contend it is because more and more the reality we live within is twisting and distorting well beyond the ability of the control mechanism to explain or justify it. This leaves us in a state of constant confusion and uncertainly which in turn compels us to seek affirmation and confirmation that our present reality remains ‘real’.

Our minds are beginning to question the basic premises by which we conduct our lives and we are now questioning our world, ourselves and the artificially implanted memes. In fact we are beginning to question everything including the inception or genesis of our most basic beliefs. The collective has begun to suspect that we are (and have been) living a lie, that a part of ‘us’ is not natural, but in fact a foreign invader. Just as the body creates and then dispatches white blood cells to attack foreign entities in our body, so is the collective mind beginning to attack the artificially implanted meme’s we have been conditioned to believe are real.

And while on the surface it may not yet appear to be happening, more and more people are beginning to awaken and with ever increasing velocity. This is the root cause of the increasing external conflicts, economic depression, religious extremism, political infighting and corruption etc. The symptom list of the awakening is endless. Our world, our consensus reality, appears to be coming apart at the seams because our belief in the consensus reality is being withdrawn through the collective’s increasing doubt and disbelief.

However, while we are now increasingly questioning our present reality, we have very little understanding of what’s really going on at the conscious level. We are so disconnected from our inner being that the alarms and warnings we’re receiving are coming through as little more than unease and blind fear. This in turn is perceived as nearly the same message as the external insanity is broadcasting.

Our blindness and inability to discern the difference in messages is caused by our narrow worldview and a mind mostly closed to the possibility of alternative realities, starting with the one I call the inner being. We sense something is terribly wrong, but we don’t know what and probably wouldn’t recognize it if we saw it anyway, at least for now.

Destabilized by this reality earthquake we quite naturally revert to our base programming. And that basic impulse is to seek proof and affirmation of the present (crumbling) reality directly from our thought meme authorities and public myth generating leaders and guardians. This is why we see an increasing bifurcation between those who blindly follow and those who increasingly question. Sides supporting different realities are forming.

In effect we are trained to default back to our source code for error correction protocols. This is why so many seemingly intelligent and aware people are becoming increasingly passive and infantile when facing ‘truths’ that are frighteningly contrary to their belief system aka thought memes. Remember that the terms ‘belief system’ and ‘worldview’ are simply other phrases used to describe the artificial box we all live within. So while people are waking up, they are also extremely disorientated and thus particularly vulnerable to additional programming and manipulation. While the body may be that of an adult the mind is that of a frightened child looking for emotional comfort and reassurance.

Water torture

There is no doubt that in this state, while some minds will be re-assimilated back into the hive mentality of the present consensus reality, many more will not. For this reason alone consistent and relentless truth speaking, while apparently a failure because of little visible results, is actually slowly working to wear away centuries of mind control and conditioning in the same manner a slow steady drip of a faucet grinds away at the porcelain surface of the kitchen sink. This is the reason blogs such as Zero Hedge must be supported and its alternative realty thought meme spread wide and far. The decoupling builds its support one mind at a time until suddenly it goes exponential and the façade crumbles.

In Chapter Four we discuss a basic roadmap to expanding our capacity to perceive not only the truth regarding our current consensus reality, but alternatives that already exist.


Cognitive Dissonance


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  1. Hi Cog,
    Gosh, I love reading your stuff. This particular paper has mountains of thoughts. I need to read this a few more times, but I would like to give my reaction to one small part – the space shuttle incident.

    Someone comes to me and says the space shuttle burned up on reentry. My response “Oh? What does that have to do with me?” Most of what we are told is irrelevant to our lives. Turn off the boob tube. It only distracts.

    1. Hi Purplefrog,

      Mrs. Cog and I are happy to report that since turning off the boob tube several years ago we are much less insane than we were previously. How much we are not sure since popular culture tells us there is no sliding scale of sanity or insanity, but rather an on/off switch.

      If this is the case it appears we are more often in the off position than the on position. Or maybe we are more often on than off. if on is good and off is bad

      Wait… I’m confused……again. :-)

      “Honey, are we presently sane or insane?”

      Cognitive Dissonance

      1. What’s this “we” Keemosabee? lol

        I’m not sure how to answer that honey… but my butterfly net is color coordinated with my straight jacket and is clearly the prettiest one on this end of the looney ward. ;-)

  2. “And while on the surface it may not yet appear to be happening, more and more people are beginning to awaken and with ever increasing velocity. This is the root cause of the increasing external conflicts, economic depression, religious extremism, political infighting and corruption etc.”

    I think at the root of this may lie at of the cyclical nature of the ” good” and “bad” times throughout human history. The hedonistic view of happiness contains the seeds of misery that feeds the cycle where good times give birth to bad times. During good times, people progressively lose sight of the need for profound reflection, introspection, knowledge of others and an understanding of life. Is it worth pondering man’s flawed personality and the properties of human nature when the newest IPhone has hit the shelves? Can we understand the meaning of suffering when we have not experienced it ourselves and take the easy way out and blaming the victim? Any excess mental effort seems a pointless endeavor when life’s pleasures are dangling in arm’s length. A farsighted person in this environment predicting dire results is deemed a downer killjoy.

    I cannot claim myself my own mechanism for perceiving truth and reality is fully accurate and functional. I am a product of my upbringing, culture and to some extent genetics so I accept my possible shortfalls. Perhaps all that is needed is some healthy skepticism, inquisitiveness and some courage to question so called authorities as an example to other who are mindlessly following their lead. All else is reactivity to discomfort, unaware as to its cause.


    1. It is almost as if you are speaking of an addiction when you say “Any excess mental effort seems a pointless endeavor when life’s pleasures are dangling in arm’s length“. In fact I would say that is precisely what you are describing.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love my pleasures and it was only after decades of self abuse did I begin to recognize the non-sustainability of my pursuit of pleasure. But I was addicted and many out there will claim they are not because ‘they can stop at any time‘. Besides, what harm is there in the pursuit of happiness?

      Ultimately I was a coward and I demonstrated this by my unwillingness to suffer pain when pleasure was so near. I had my own personal can to kick and it was only when I was facing certain death did I decide I’d had enough. All addicts have either a moment of clarity when their insanity becomes all too real to themselves and they chose to turn towards healing…..or they die. I suspect our addicted society will follow either, or both, of those two paths.

      Cognitive Dissonance

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