A Letter To Two Ice Floes Members

April 15, 2014

Welcome to all Twofers, Icies, Floers, TIF's and all those other premium members who prefer not to be labeled.

Two months into manifesting this idea of sharing unique realities, we thought it might be a good time to take a few moments to share a few tidbits and count the straight-jackets in the hall closet.

What you can't see behind the scenes ....is pretty exciting. Two Ice Floes (TIF) continues to attract new members, though curiously a majority of members have still not commented. Assuming many are hesitant to do so because they found their way here via Fight Club at Zero Hedge or just plain busy with life, we greatly appreciate the support. We encourage everyone to feel comfortable enough to pop their heads in from time to time and say hi in their out loud voice.

TIF members hail from 5 continents, at least 5 different decades and strangely enough, it appears more than half have a background either in engineering or an enthusiasm for raising goats and/or horses. We aren't sure why that is, but we find it fascinating.

The TIF audience, both premium members and hundreds of regular non members who frequently return to check out what's new, hail from all over the world. Although we have noticed that links to TIF have been posted on several different websites, particularly when an article by Cognitive Dissonance is cross posted or it is mentioned in the comments, we often cannot clearly see the path many used to find their way here. But in its first two months TIF has received more than 90,000 views without the benefit of any advertising, other than the radio interview mentioned below and Cog linking the TIF website when posting an article on Zero Hedge.

The radio interview with Cognitive Dissonance hosted by Gemini of Time Monk Radio generated the most website hits TIF has experienced in one day. If you have not had a chance to listen to the soothing tones of Cog (lol), that interview is posted as a YouTube video on the home page of TIF part way down the right hand column.

What you may not have noticed........are the various changes that occur on the website on a regular basis. Rarely does a day go by where something different is not posted or modified, even on days when new articles or page content is not added to the top of the website.

When looking at the home page, to the left near the top of the black sidebar, there is a listing of "New Site Content" which will show the latest pages we have published. On the black footer in the right hand column near the bottom of every page, you can find all "Recent Comments" made by any member other than those in the forums. Along the right hand side of the front page there are a number of videos that are changed periodically. Links to free downloadable eBooks (pdf files) continue to be added to "Light Reading" as they are recommended.

Articles written by Cognitive Dissonance can be found at the top under Cog's Works, while those by Mrs. Cog are located under Mrs. Cog's Articles. Guest Authors are posted under Your Turn. From time to time we will cross post the work of authors from other websites and they can be found under Perspectives.

What you may want to try......are the Member Created Forums. Located there, if you wish, is your own personal spot to blog, post, share and host discussions. Think of it as a venue to hold your own neighborhood garden party, book club, game night or group meditation. Just drop us a note using Contact the Webmaster to request a new forum for yourself. Let us know what you want to call it and we will get you set right up.

Also, please note that there is a miscellaneous forum for any topic you may want to discuss that doesn't seem to fit into any specific place. Every few days we update a Topic found there called Sharing A Smile. If you are interested, but hesitant to launch your own forum at this time, we suggest you get your feet wet by simply creating a topic in this spot and begin chit-chatting with your virtual neighbors here at TIF.

You might have noticed......that each week Two Ice Floes puts out a newsletter called "Dispatches". As a premium member you are automatically placed on the list to receive it by email. The same newsletter, highlighting the recent goings on at TIF, is also sent to non-members by request, with some additional glowing <cough - marketing> prefacing the news at the beginning. Not only has this proved to be an effective tool to encourage sign ups, we hope the newsletter has given everyone, members included, the chance to review and catch up on anything of interest you may have missed.


We really do appreciate the kind words, the friendly atmosphere and the patience that everyone has demonstrated while sharing at TIF. Our community is developing into a very enjoyable place to spend our time. You are all the foundation of whatever TIF ends up growing into and one day we will look back to this period of time and say, "Remember in the beginning when it was just us?"

Thank you again for your support and willingness to help us create this slice of reality.

Mr. and Mrs. Cognitive Dissonance

hold on

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