‘Twas A Year At Two Ice Floes

‘Twas the first year at Two Ice Floes and across the website,
Cog told us his stories while shining his light.
The topics each broached with much thought and care,
In hopes that some insight and wisdom was shared.

The members and readers all finding us here,
Some finding their niche where they too shared their cheer.
With Mrs. Cog still at canning and Cog cutting more wood,
Telling tales of our lessons, the bad and the good.

The world all askew and the problems still growing,
We search deep inside to locate our knowing.
And while we are looking and learning and living,
We can turn to each other and bask in the giving.

Marvelous spirits, as told us by On the Beach,
Have beautiful lessons and ideas to teach.
Our morale and self-reliance bolstered without fault,
By the eloquent penning of new Dad, Joe Galt.

Casey Stengel shows us China through his Western eyes,
While Urban Pepper schools on growing hot chilis to dry.
LionLady regales us with her wisdom and charm,
And with wonderful updates from her small west coast farm.

Thank Goodness for Morpheus, defending the wall,
Highlighting agendas, the big and the small.
Too many to name, our numbers are growing,
We hope this trend shows no sign of slowing.

A varied group of people has gathered at TIF,
We share and we talk and ponder what if?
But we have things in common, it is important to note,
Besides our obsessions with stacking and goats.

A global variety is in the TIF neighborhood,
To form a community as all good people should.
Accepting each other with our very different views,
Allows us a freedom oft reserved for the few.

Those few are the ones who will open their minds,
And consider without judging all that they find.
By listening and learning and looking within,
We discover new ground for us each to begin.

So we thank you most deeply for joining us here.
We can’t wait to see what we learn this next year.
Perhaps we cannot stop the mad merry-go-round,
But support and good cheer at TIF will abound.

Cognitive Dissonance and Mrs. Cog wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year.


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