This and That Vol. 2 – Talking Your Book

This and That Vol. 2 – Talking Your Book


Cognitive Dissonance


I don’t know what’s going on in your neck of the woods, but the summer of ‘17 definitely chalks up as strange up here on the mountain. It has been cool (as in not hot) pretty much all summer and for the most part dry. Not dry enough to burn the grass, but no real good soakers to shower the garden with much need deeply penetrating moisture. And from what I am hearing and reading, the weather’s been out of the ordinary pretty much across the breadth and width of the good old USA…and the rest of the world for that matter.

Please understand that in this case strange does not specifically imply cooler or warmer, just odd as in different, aka not normal. Don’t you just love those non precise words? Using them affords us all kinds of wiggle room.

Now, if we are a believer in global warming we already have our cause identified lock, stock and barrel. No need to ponder the why, only who, what, when and where. I suspect Texas and Florida will soon be hoisted up the global warming flag, after a respectful pause for the dead and displaced to be counted, as a sign of the coming times.

And to be fair, if we reject the global warming theory (sorry folks, but settled science doesn’t necessarily mean correct, just the present day consensus thinking) we are left with several choices. Ignore what’s going on and assume it’s simply weather being weather, meaning unpredictable and full of surprises. Or possibly put a competing theory forward regarding what the heck is going on.

It is important for me to say I thoroughly reject the notion one must propose an alternative in order to question, or even reject, a consensus opinion. Take a short stroll through the history of science and one finds littered along the highways and byways all sorts of theories previously accepted (promoted) as fact and truth. But several years or decades later the purported facts were discovered (whocouldanode?) to be little more than a guesstimate either genuinely derived, or as is more often the case, driven by an underlying and usually well hidden agenda.

Contrary to what we are taught in school and what the mainstream media tells us, just because something is declared science doesn’t mean the scientists know what they are talking about. Or to be more precise, much of what they think they know is based upon faulty assumptions which are promoted as fact and science. It is rare to hear a public speaking scientist use terms such as maybe, possibly, probably and so on. God forbid you actually hear “I don’t know”.


For example, we are told with great assurance that the sun, our local star, is one huge nuclear fusion reaction as are all the other suns in the universe. Never are we informed this is simply the prevailing theory. See, it’s in the science books used to teach our children and inform us adults, complete with charts, footnotes and cutaway graphs showing exactly what is inside the sun, including how it works and what each layer does.

We are assured all the other suns/stars vary somewhat from our own, but still follow the basic principal of nuclear fusion. Yet the computer models scientists construct to simulate the sun’s activity, as well as the rest of the universe that’s also modeled upon similar theories, is often wrong when confronting new-to-us phenomenon.

The theoretical map is nearly always deliberately and consciously confused for the territory. Mathematical theory is the map, not the reality. I can prove all kinds of things with numbers that have no relationship to reality what-so-ever. One must remain under the spell of the priests lest the rabble begin to employ critical thinking. Blind faith and critical thinking cannot co-exist for they are in direct opposition to each other.

How many times have we read a news story about some surprising observation of the sun, planets, asteroids or other stars that doesn’t fit prevailing theory or modeling? If we get down into the weeds, we find this goes on all the time. And if we actually conduct some personal investigation, we find many (if not all) of these models are based at least in part upon educated guesses, extrapolations and suppositions. It is not uncommon at all for wild cards and “X” factors to be inserted into formula and theories in order to make them fit what was just observed.

A perfect example is ‘Dark Matter’, a relatively recent addition to the prevailing (and evolving) grand theory. I shake my head in wonder how credibility is maintained when observations suddenly expose theories which do not account for missing matter that makes up 90% of the universe. If our theory doesn’t predict 90% out of the 100%, maybe we have a serious problem with our theory. What’s even better is they simply add in the 90% and re-formulate their calculations to accommodate the now ‘known’, but unseen, unmeasured and unconfirmed ‘Dark Matter’.

Part of the problem is the mainstream media, which follows the ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ doctrine of sensationalism journalism to the nth degree. Often the science reporter is little more than a re-purposed political reporter who in turn was previously the media outlet’s drama critic. Since their capacity for critical thinking is suspect and their basic knowledge base even more so, ultimately they are not reporters, but dutiful ‘repeaters’ of scientific doctrine and myth spiced up and dumbed down for an ADHD audience that tunes out after 20 seconds if things aren’t crying, exploding or copulating.

Or worse, ‘they’ are fully indoctrinated into the science mythology, possibly even scientists/priests themselves, thus expert apologists and enablers. After all, science is hard and we mere peons must be spoon fed the easy version stripped of all ifs, ands, buts and disclaimers. Which means any science theory must be reported with great authority and confidence, less the public glimpse the naked Emperor’s butt.

Bottom line, if a corporation, institution or government (aka the paymaster) wishes to prove pink elephants can fly or global warming (aka the new and improved climate change) is real, all they need to do is wave several hundred million dollars of grant money around to attract the honey bee scientists to their nest.

Following the doctrine of “never bite the hand that feeds you”, one can reasonably be assured any results emanating from the ‘research’ will either confirm the preordained conclusion or be buried in the back room along with the scientist who produced the dissenting opinion. In the investment management world this is called ‘talking your book’, of which I discuss a personal permutation further below.

May I suggest inquisitive readers explore an alternative theory about the sun and solar system which radically alters the basis upon which much of what we think is true? It’s called the Electric Universe theory. See that word at the end…theory? The people who came up with it readily admit it is a theory, not established fact. However, it is a theory that has accurately predicted several things which have surprised mainstream science.

Please note the people behind the Electric Universe theory are NOT promoting their theory as an explanation for global cooling, warming or Santa Claus, though some of their followers might be. In my opinion it is well worth the time to understand at least the basics. Fair Warning…this is NOT a four paragraph explanation folks, so those with ADHD might want to look away.

Before you dive in…if you dive in…remember we are not required to surrender our beliefs in order to explore other theories. We are exploring, not substituting. However, if our beliefs cannot withstand the glare of a blazing sun, let alone determined scrutiny, maybe it’s time to shop around for another.

What does this have to do with the weather? Well…possibly everything as a matter of fact. It always amazes me how little the sun is discussed when speaking about the weather. Sure ‘they’ may remark how hot it is today, indirectly referring to the sun in this manner. But the sun’s the ultimate source of all our weather. If the sun hiccups, the Earth catches pneumonia. If the sun sneezes the lights go out in Georgia…and pretty much everywhere else in the path of the EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) sneeze.

It then stands to reason if our understanding, theories really, of the fundamental dynamics of the sun and solar system are faulty or based upon long held assumption deemed to be correct simply because consensus thinking is stuck in-between gears, maybe we really don’t have the capacity to fully understand all the effects caused by that very same sun and solar system.

For example, sun spot activity is currently at the ebb of the 11 year cycle known about and closely studied for several hundred years. Amazingly, very little is actually known about sun spots beyond supposition based upon more supposition. If you remember your world history from high school, there have been several periods in Earth’s recorded history where prevailing temperatures have significantly increased and decreased…sometimes very rapidly, meaning years rather than decades or centuries.

During the 1600’s there was an extended period of time where sunspot activity was very low. This is called the Maunder Minimum and to quote Wikipedia, “The Maunder Minimum, also known as the "prolonged sunspot minimum", is the name used for the period starting in about 1645 and continuing to about 1715 when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers of the time.”

What do you suppose was going on with the weather during this period of time? Do you think everything was normal? What does recorded history have to say about this period of time with regard to famine, war and petulance?

Maybe you should take a look.

The universe appears to operate in/as a resonance which expresses in cycles. Long, short, out of sync, in sync, you name it, nature has it. Just like wave action, there are times when waves (cycles) combine to create monster waves (and cycles) and times when they cancel each other out and create much smaller waves (and cycles).

There is some very interesting discussion in nontraditional scientific circles that we may be entering a period of greatly subdued sunspot activity similar to the Maunder minimum…and possibly even worse. If correct, the result may be climate change unlike any living person has experienced. Life as we presently know it would change dramatically…and quickly relatively speaking.

Do your own research. I will not state with any authority any personal conclusions simply because I do not know enough about the subject. Nor must I speak with authority in order to not fully accept (aka reject) consensus doctrine. But to sit back and accept clearly propagandized and agenda driven scientific theories as fact can, and possibly will, be dangerous to your health.

When diverse and conflicted voices all speak as one, there is more going on here than is evident on the surface. Question everything, particularly when everyone is reading, and thinking, from the same playbook.

Nuff said on this subject…at least for now.


We seem to fully accept that despots, dictators and demons lie, cheat and steal. It’s what they do after all. In fact it’s in ‘The Dictators Handbook’, a book I highly recommend by the way. The title is a bit deceiving because it doesn’t just discuss bad behavior among the dictator class, but all of the ‘democratic’ class as well.

Notice I said ‘democratic’ and not ‘Democratic Party’. Just making sure no one triggers on that one.

Here in America, home of the brave and thoroughly brainwashed free range humans, while we fully acknowledge some lying, cheating and stealing occurs on occasion, for reasons we would rather not explore, we generally accept whatever comes out of the mouth of various (often self declared) authorities as ‘truth’.

And I’m not just speaking of politicians, but also various government agencies including the FBI, the CIA, DIA etc, corporate officers and spokespersons, various professionals such as doctors, lawyers, actors and financial witch doctors, the military and academia as well as every self proclaimed expert who can speak into a microphone, post YouTube videos and/or use a computer mouse and keyboard.

Here’s an ugly truth folks. EVERYONE lies, cheats and steals at some (usually many) point in their lives. The only questions are how much, how often and how well have we justified and rationalized it away within our own inner narrative.

To expect people who deliberately seek power and control to act in the best interest of anyone other than themselves is naïve beyond words. The ONLY difference between democracies (note once again I did not say Democratic Party) and dictatorships of various flavors and colors is the degree to which the people in power are constrained from thieving, lying and stealing.

Speaking with assurance and expertise considering I have a few breaking and entering violations from my youth, the locks on our doors are there to keep the honest people honest. The thieves see them as simply a temporary impediment to riches beyond imagination…or at the very least their next meal.

Wielding a personal opinion such as this, you might think I’m a cynical old curmudgeon beyond approach. You would be wrong. I actually have high hope for humanity…once we wake up and acknowledge the ugly truths about ourselves and others. Put people in situations where they don’t feel overtly (or covertly) threatened and the best almost always comes out.

But put a feeding trough in front of us surrounded by a crush of hungry people demanding to be seated and suddenly the ugly begins to seep through the often times thin veneer of civility. It does not have to be this way if we do not wish it to be this way. But as long as we defer to self proclaimed authorities who have no problem repeatedly pushing our FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) button, more of the same will result.

I can do nothing about the person next to me. The only true power I posses is the power to change myself. It seems to be the best place to start if my ultimate goal is to change the world….or simply to live a happier life.

Be the change we wish to see. Each and every day be that change, even if only a little. We might just be surprised how much better we can be.

Now, perhaps it’s time to change my locks…again.  ;-)


I’m still working on that 9/11 anniversary article I’ve been promising. In some respects I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. As I often tell Mrs. Cog, we are all guilty of talking our book. For those lacking an investment manager background, what I mean by that statement is simple. While I may have my personal opinions, my public opinions are sometimes colored or influenced by the makeup of my readership. Often I just don’t express them, the ultimate in self censorship.

We are all influenced by the herd, especially when that herd helps pay the bills, affirms our righteous indignation or confirms our sainthood. Investment managers have a herd of their own, those who have invested their money with her or him. Particularly when the manager uses niche or narrowly defined investment strategies, the people who tend to gravitate to the manager have certain opinions they do not wish to have challenged. Thus the manager tends to tell those who pay the bills what they want to hear.

On occasion I find myself asking how those who will read my article will react to what I am about to say. Lately, as the US and the world becomes increasingly more polarized, something I write which previously would be acceptable (or at least tolerated) now results in either angry emails or outright cancellation of Two Ice Floes subscriptions or Patreon support.

If I modify my writing to satisfy the majority of my readers, what results is a narrow slice of humanity essentially listening to exactly what they want to hear. Ultimately I would be speaking to the choir seated inside a very efficient echo chamber. On the other hand, if I have pushed away my readership, what exactly am I accomplishing if no one’s in the woods to hear the tree fall?

The subject of 9/11 has been deliberately bastardized, propagandized, distorted and co-opted to the point where the vast majority of the population has thrown their hands into the air in exasperation and will look no more. Sadly, most stopped thinking on September 11, 2001 and never restarted the process with regard to what happened that day.

This is a carefully calculated outcome from the deliberately introduced obfuscation and confusion and follows the time tested method employed after the Kennedy assassination to provide cover and concealment for the DOMESTIC guilty parties. In fact the basic techniques have been used for thousands of years.

I used to wonder why people continue to believe the government’s official 9/11 conspiracy theory…which at best is precisely what it is, a conspiracy theory,  regardless of how many severely compromised and well compensated  authorities tell us otherwise. Sadly the reason why is obvious…because we want, NEED, to believe it so we may maintain our own personal narrative of how and why the world works as it does. To do otherwise will unearth a can of worms we dare not examine too closely.

If one digs deep enough into the cesspool of deep state, corporate, institutional and governmental garbage, we eventually unearth a gilded mirror. For so many the prospect of accountability to self and to others to know the truth, and to reject the lies, is more terrifying than anything else imaginable.

No wonder bread and circuses is so popular these days.

To be continued…….



Cognitive Dissonance

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