This is what Shamanism Can Teach Us about Ourselves and Our Future

It is beyond the comprehension and understanding of nearly all of 'us' (myself included) to fully appreciate how much of what we perceive and believe to be 'reality' is nothing more than a trance or illusion, albeit an extremely persistent one. It was with this thought in mind that I came across this quote in an article I am re-posting here on TIF.

"In the contemporary world what counts is the goal. To reconnect with the Earth and the Sky what matters is the present, not the destination. Trance or shamanic states of consciousness have to do with the present and with getting out of the most dangerous trance: our conditioning and daily conventions."

I needed to read this article three times before all it had to offer began to sink in and soak my mind and body. Resist the urge to skim it and instead kick back and read it several times for the pure pleasure of knowing such knowledge.

Please join me in reading "This is what Shamanism Can Teach Us about Ourselves and Our Future."

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