Transcending The Control System: You Are Not A Number

If you accept the premise 'You are what you eat', meaning ultimately you are physically composed of what you consume....good and bad.....then it stands to reason you are what you think, meaning your reality is composed of what you consume and thereby think and/or believe.....good and bad.

As the image of the deeply, and beautifully, eroded rock in the image above demonstrates, the slow drip and steady wind of social, political and economic conditioning and propaganda can break down the hardest substances. Our only defense is to be forever mindful of who and what we are....and what we consume.

It is with this thought in mind that I present a blast from the past by Neil Kramer from back in July of 2008, an oldie but goodie if you will.

Please join me in reading Neil Kramer's "Transcending the Control System: You Are Not A Number".

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