We’ve Been Busy As Bees

I apologize for being missing in action for nearly two weeks. July and August are very busy for Mrs. Cog and I and some tasks always suffer from neglect during harvest/repair/cutting/earning-a-living season. Unfortunately my writing has been one of those neglected items on the list.

Actually I have been writing. It's the finishing that's been the problem. Writing for me involves many starts and stops as the article formulates and materializes on the computer screen. This entails lots of meandering, reversing and deleting. You would be surprised how many times I encounter a logic gap and realize that dog don't hunt. I will not post illogical or nonsensical pieces.

The bottom line is I am not a prolific writer. I strive for quality rather than quantity.

Unlike many who sit down knowing exactly what they are going to say, I start with an idea, jot down an opening sentence or two and then watch as it slowly morphs into something concrete. Often I have no idea how it will end because I haven't thought it all out yet. I work through an issue or point of interest as I write, even if I have given it some thought in advance.

A predetermined conclusion never drives my discovery process, the result being an occasional surprise as I arrive at a destination in complete shock how I got there or even where 'there' is.

I make an honest attempt to wash ideology and belief from my thought process and my writing, though to be frank this is nearly impossible. One simply does not ignore decades of conditioning just because they wish it to be so. At best I try to practice mindfulness, being aware I am often unaware of my bias and prejudice.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I hope to have a more substantial piece up within the next few days. Thanks for being patient.


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