Conditioning: That Which Keeps People Subservient to Abusive Leadership

Peter Offermann

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Few who are paying attention to world events, through a lens more precise than the Main Stream Media, would deny that the vast majority of humans are being badly abused by their leadership in a  variety of venues ranging from local, regional, national, and international politicians and bureaucrats,  financial managers, corporate controllers, religious leaders, media moguls and warlords.

The vast majority of humans appear oblivious to this abuse and passively accept what is being done to them. Why is that? In one word, ‘conditioning’.

The vastly increased access to information that the internet enabled is responsible for a large number of people at least becoming aware of this abuse. However even among this more aware group, taking effective action to stop the abuse is sorely lacking. Why is that?  In one word, ‘conditioning’.

There is a much smaller group that are proactively attempting to counter the abuse through group protest but they are losing the struggle. Why is that? In one word, ‘conditioning’.

At 68 I am getting on in years. I have lived a full life and have had the time to reflect back on my path through life.  As a result I have come to realize that most of the conditioning we are all subject to did not incapacitate me nearly as much as it did most people. I believe the realizations I have come to regarding my seeming immunity to conditioning are a necessary foundation required for people to free themselves from the tyranny that enslaves them.

With that hope in mind I would like to share some experiences from my youth that illustrate the problem (conditioning), and hint at the solution.

Our conditioning begins at the moment of our birth. Although they are not conscious of it, our parents, and family members, begin the process. Our parents have been conditioned before us and all their ‘conditioned’ traditions are passed on to us without considering their consequences. How often have you heard the excuse? “That’s just the way things are, get over it!” There is a great book by Wilhelm Reich called, “The Function of the Orgasm”, that explains the form of and reasons for this early in life conditioning. Yes our sexuality plays a large role.

It is widely accepted that our late childhood, and early adulthood years are our formative ones and also when we are in our prime both intellectually and physically. Historically people began taking full responsibility for their own lives much earlier in their lives during what we consider late childhood. There were once 14 year old admirals that oversaw large naval forces. The commitment of marriage and raising a family began much earlier. Pioneers struck out to discover and populate new mysterious lands before they reached their teens.

The most rigid and destructive conditioning is imposed on us during our schooling. Our schooling is starting earlier and lasting much longer than previously and while we are being ‘schooled’ we are not considered full adults with the responsibilities and freedoms such status implies.

Why is that? Could it be that control in our society is much more rigid than ever before? Those that control us realize that a rebellion of youth is the most dangerous kind. How better to minimize their impact than by keeping their status at ‘children’ with little access to power until well past their prime years. If people cave in to ‘slavehood’ during their prime years, how likely are they to rebel when they are past their prime, especially if they are burdened with excessive debt from their education?

I will only touch on the subject of our schooling lightly here and point out what I see as the most debilitating habits we are taught. The subject is an immense one covered well by people such as John Taylor Gatto, author of, “The Underground History of American Education”.

Disclaimer: I quit school in the early 60’s while in grade 9, at age 14.   The reason being I felt I was being made dumber instead of smarter. My parent’s response was, “if you don’t go to school we will not support you.” I left home then and took on responsibility for my own life.

Even though I chose a different path than most I did not really understand intellectually why I did what I did then until recently, about a half a century later. What I did then, I did intuitively, rather than logically while accepting full responsibility for the outcome.

I first spent a few years hoboing around Canada taking whatever work I could find whenever I needed it. No job was too menial or too challenging to accept.

At 17 I took on a job that turned my life around and led to my conditioning mostly sliding off me.

This job was as a fire lookout man with the British Columbia (Canada) Forest Service. For a number of years I worked and lived on remote mountain tops, by myself, for 3 to 4 months each year. Spending that much time completely alone and removed from civilization, especially during my formative years, had a profound effect on my perceptions about life as a human being and how I fit into society.

rendered by me from a photo by Kyle Johnson

I didn’t have a camera in those days so the image above, which closely represents my situation, is used to illustrate the setting.

Below is a photograph of myself taken a few years later in the same general area I spent time on the lookouts. The other photos interspersed in this essay are taken by myself as I explored the mountains near my home after my lookout years.

In current society, childhood and early adulthood peer pressure is immense. To survive in this setting we must pay close attention to others around us for clues regarding what is and is not acceptable. Because of this pressure the bulk of our energy goes into human interactions and we are pretty much oblivious to everything but our immediate environment. “Use it or lose it” is sage advice. Because of concentrating on human relations during their formative years most people have little if any connection to the natural world.

Try to imagine what people would be like if, as youngsters, they spent time exploring and living in nature, while being responsible for their own survival and actions, instead of hanging out at the mall or partying with their pals.

Is it fair to say that those that hang with the crowd are unlikely to be aware of, or able to understand, large scale events not part of their immediate environment?

What about someone who is tasked with surviving in the greater world using only their own skills? Would they stand a better chance of grasping what is going on?

Is this phenomena related to the common use of a ‘rite of manhood’ by many cultures where young adults leave the security of their group to face the wilderness on their own?

Do the majority in modern societies never go through this enabling right of passage and instead go from the security of their parents care to the security of the big brother state?

Substantial time on the lookout without peer pressure made me realize how confining trying to fit into the crowd is. Most people don’t even sense this pressure because it is all they know. It’s like the air we breath. It’s just there until it isn’t, then we die unless we are prepared for an airless environment.

Most people also don’t realize how much of their time and energy it takes to be ‘social’. Being removed from ‘socializing’ is enormously stressful if it is all you know.

Many aspiring lookout men needed to come down off the mountains prematurely because they could not stand being alone. Those that adjusted to the isolation, such as myself, came to treasure the freedom of being comfortable for extended periods with just your own company. The amount of time that then becomes available for other, possibly more worthwhile pursuits, is substantial.

In the forefront of these benefits is looking inside yourself without constantly being subjected to the opinion of others. Building friendships takes time and effort and becoming your own friend is no exception. Most of us never get the opportunity to do this.

Those that desire to control human behavior understand that people that are not their own best friend are much more susceptible to being controlled because they are lonely and seek comfort and friendship outside themselves. Virtually every sales campaign ranging from the door to door salesman to world leaders is then enabled to sell you a bill of goods that convinces you that what they have to offer is going to become your best friend.


Short excursions, or holidays into nature, most often with others, fitted into a busy schedule, do little to increase our awareness of the greater reality that humans exist within. Thanks to modern technology very few of these excursions actually take people far from the human controlled environment they are conditioned to.

It is one thing to climb to the top of a mountain, conquer it, and then immediately return to civilization. It is something totally different to stay in that wilderness environment for extended periods with the time to come to know those other species that are at home in those environs. It makes one realize that humans are not the be all and end all of life on earth.

Humility is born which serves us very well.  In this environment one soon comes to realize those species include the earth itself. Seeing the constant breathing of weather patterns and daily and seasonal shifts of energies makes one realize everything is made of the same stuff and ‘lives’ in it’s own unique way.

To assume the earth is a lifeless blob which we can abuse without conscious consequence is a very risky proposition.

Most people’s lives are lived out within an environment created by and for humans. Most, and more all the time, live in an urban environment.

When they holiday they take some technological means of travel which quickly takes them to the other place of human habitation they wish to holiday in. Because people’s travel experience is so brief, and misses the detail of the ground they pass over, most of which currently has no human inhabitants, it is easy for them to agree, when told by ‘experts’ that human overpopulation is a crisis.

Yes there are many urban places on the planet that suffer from overpopulation, and many more places on the planet that are being strip-mined to support those urban centers, but all in all there is an enormous amount of free space, capable of supporting humans, if only they were able to tear themselves away from the social centers they now depend on and cluster in. 

In the early 1990’s while transitioning from life in Canada to life in Mexico I drove between Canada and Mexico every second week for 3 years while gradually weaning my clients off the services I had previously offered. I was a workaholic and saw the time on the road as my own and enjoyed it by taking different highways almost every trip. Eventually I was able to drive between Mexico and Canada while only passing through  a very few towns all smaller than about 10,000 people. Most of the distance on these trips was spent on very remote highways with no other traffic to speaks of.

I can say definitively that between, Canada, the USA and Mexico there is enough uninhabited fertile land to accommodate the whole world without the residents being able to see their nearest neighbor.

This assumes we overcome our condition of needing to be part of the herd clustering in vast hordes, and also manage to disempower the laws of those that enslave us that currently make this land unavailable to us.  

Humans are far more difficult to control if they live in small clusters, all over the place, while paying little or no attention to the MSM. The propagandists can then not create a single message that will motive the whole herd of humans to act identically by broadcasting their one piece of propaganda from a single location that reaches everyone.

Propaganda still works, but it must be tailored properly to fit each unique situation in order to get consistent results. If there is no central broadcasting service the message must also be taken to each unique location individually. This is an impossible situation for our rulers and is the reason we are all so heavily conditioned to….

Need to be in close quarters with other humans.

Need the approval of others.

Think alike.

Think we must be/are part of a team.

Become isolated emotionally from ourselves and each other, even while packed on top of each other, so only big brother can offer us comfort.

Desire specialized knowledge which results in only being able to survive as part of the ‘urban’ team.

To desire a ‘carrot’ of reward that only ‘winning’ at any cost(?, within the crowd can present.

Depend on centralized services, especially sources of energy.

Depend on the rule of ‘human’ law to protect us from each other.

The most destructive conditioning takes place in our schools, right at the time we are most susceptible to it, during our formative years. During that period we have little experience of our own to compare to what we are told, and raising questions about the validity of the taught ‘truth’ is ruthlessly punished in order to force us to depend on the wisdom of others instead of our own intuition.

We are ruthlessly regimented to follow orders so that we eventually become incapable of thinking for ourselves and become dependent on the ‘boss’ to do our thinking for us. The intellectual box we become stuck within is defined by the boss.

Specialization in training, and limiting access to relevant information, (compartmentalization) is critical to our conditioning. If we cannot think for ourselves, and only understand part of the puzzle, and are incapable of deducting or intuiting answers to unknowns, we are trapped within our dependence on others.

I have personally met a number of world shaker class intellectuals, that are extremely brilliant in their own field that figuratively can’t tie their own shoe laces. This situation is not accidental. If only the boss has the full picture, the boss becomes the only one who can act effectively. Everyone else then becomes totally dependent on the Boss.


Away from civilization, where the boss is not handy to hold your hand, such conditioning is a disaster waiting to happen. Unless you quickly learn to identify problems before they destroy you, and also learn to fix problems you can’t avoid intuitively, without an instruction manually from the boss, you will not survive long.

Lack of education, much time spent away from conditioning influences, and conditioned humans, has changed fundamentally how I solve problems.

When faced with a problem a conditioned human will go through the channels of historical solutions until they find one that works for them.

Instead I consider the elements of the problem in place, try to intuit the workings of the device/situation, and then pinpoint what part is going wrong. No manual is needed, just the ability to think a situation through for myself.

Using only this skill I have managed to live my whole life well, if not always comfortably, while being considered an essential resource by many people with far more education than myself, even in areas they have expertise in.

No one is perfect and you will make mistakes when you think for yourself. Mistakes are often painful, but if you accept the possibility of making mistakes and are willing to learn from them when you make them you will eventually become a very robust and capable person. What doesn’t break you strengthens you.

If you are afraid of making mistakes you are stuck on the safe (?) road built by our bosses. You still might not be safe, but at least you can then blame your mistakes on someone else.

I have learned far more from my mistakes than from my successes. I am now very thankful for my mistakes, even though some were very painful to navigate.

This essay is getting long so I will end it with one last point about what I learned from my life on the lookouts.

While we are thrust into the middle of ongoing intense personal inter-relationships, especially during our formative years, our attention remains strongly focused on each interaction as it occurs and the rest of the world passes us by unnoticed. We see the trees but are oblivious of the forest. This is most often a habit we carry throughout life and it is a very dangerous one in our propaganda filled world.

We see each piece of new propaganda as a standalone piece of information. We have no perspective to see if how it fits into the forest makes sense. We are then at the mercy of those that would deceive us for their own purpose. All they need to do is grab our attention and then then can do as they like.

On a lookout tasked with quickly finding dangerous anomalies, within a vast vista of forests, becoming focused on each tree individually is not productive and makes it impossible to see the whole picture. A good lookout man eventually learns to quickly scan vast vistas without focusing on anything in particular. Taking this approach to finding required data points allows our intuition to come to our aid. It always amazed me how glaringly anomalies stand out when using this method.

It works just as well in any other environment, including researching on the internet. When surrounded by questionable ‘news/propaganda’ the fires stick out much more obviously when we also are aware of the apparently unrelated surrounding information that is part of webscape. If there’s no smoke there probably isn’t a fire. Our intuition can see the difference even though we logically can’t. Following our intuition instead of remaining focused on the propaganda leads us to the information that will allow us to make sense of the situation.

For those who managed to slog through to this point thank you for your attention.



8 thoughts on “Conditioning: That Which Keeps People Subservient to Abusive Leadership”

  1. Peter,
    Thanks for sharing.
    I also did not make it through high school (early 70’s). Have questioned the establishment (Political & Religious) for as long as I can remember & enjoy being alone. Thought that I was “broken” for decades, just never could get comfortable being a part of the heard and god knows I tried. Recently got a huge insight, according to Ra Uru Hu’s “Human Design System”, I was hardwired (programmed)from birth to be that way. (I’m a 5/2 Heretic/Hermit). I prefer the word programming to conditioning.
    Another eye-opening-source for me was, “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton. Should be required reading especially for people who are about to have children. Unfortunately, my kids were grown before he wrote it. It has allowed me to see the world(people) through an incredible new paradigm. Science is finally starting discover what the mystics have known for thousands of years, for me, that has been comforting. I have been told over the years on more than one occasion, that I needed to get “out-of-my-head & into-my-heart”. I think it will be easier for me to have “Faith” now that I get to see some of the science behind it! LOL
    We can not function as 3D humans without having some sort of program running. The trick is which program…If you want to change the world, change the program(conditioning). I am personally working on my grandkids!

    1. @ dynosaur
      Thanks for adding your insight.

      Either programming or conditioning works for me.

      As an ex programmer, the difference I see between them is small but significant.

      I see programming as very rigid and mostly task oriented leaving no room for choices not embedded within the controlling logic.
      I see conditioning more like artificial intelligence where the logic is more oriented to dealing with unknown circumstances not just specific tasks.

      We do have free choice, we are just conditioned to choose in certain ways.

      dynosaur>>> “The trick is which program…If you want to change the world, change the program(conditioning). I am personally working on my grandkids!”

      Probably the most important thing to realize about our circumstances. I agree 100%. As we get older it becomes more difficult to change our ways. It is not impossible just very difficult. For humanity to improve it’s circumstances, the children, which are most capable of undergoing great change are the hope of the future.

      Unfortunately the controllers know this as well and are massively ramping up the programing of the current generation of children. It doesn’t matter so much what we oldsters think because we will all die out soon. The controllers think in multiple generations and are patient enough that having to wait a few generations to massively change the situation is not a problem.

      Save the children!!! Should be a rallying cry.

  2. Thank you Cog & Mrs Cog for giving me the opportunity to put my ideas forward.

    More thoughts about Conditioning….

    My essay about conditioning only painted part of the picture. To help understand the situation more fully it is important to see the whole picture.

    What I described previously is the conditioning that influences what we term the masses or those without power. This conditioning is put in place and controlled by the ruling class. It is easy to assume that because of their power and control those of the ruling class are not themselves being conditioned. This is a fallacy.

    A study of history clearly demonstrates that throughout history humanity has been in a constant struggle within itself which takes place between a few strong rulers who gain power and subsequently use that power disproportionately for their own benefit. The larger the discrepancy between the quality of life of the rulers and everyone else, the more destructive the relationship becomes.

    During my life, because of the skills I have to offer, I have had a few brief glimpses into the personal lives of some of the small circle of rulers that control the condition of humanity. They mostly have names we have never heard of because their employees do their work for them and are the ones the public see and blame for the harm that is occurring.

    What I saw behind the curtain was surprising but obvious once it was seen. The conditioning we the masses go through is nothing compared to the conditioning of these elites. The same applies to the trusted employees that work directly for this inner circle.

    Looking back through history it becomes obvious there is continuity in the family lines of the ruling class as generation after generation of the same families take over the reins of power in turn.

    As with the majority of us the elite’s conditioning begins at the moment of their birth and is initially provided by their parents and family as translated through their hired help. This conditioning is far more rigid and destructive to individuality than that outside the ruling class. The elite’s privileged position is totally dependent on each generation in turn continuing to exercise the power that keeps them all on the top.

    The pressure we the masses get from our parents to better ourselves by becoming doctors and lawyers is nothing compared to the pressure put on the children of the elite to ruthlessly manage the masses. With few exceptions those in the elite live cloistered lives and rarely relate extensively with individuals that have not been conditioned identically to them other than in master / servant situations.

    The schooling for the elites, and their trusted inner circle of employees, is far more rigid in enforcing subservience to their common cause than the masses education. This is because the loss of a servant is far less critical to the cause than the loss of someone in a position of responsibility. I believe that the rituals used by elite secret societies such as skull & bones at Yale University are designed for initiates to demonstrate to their superiors their willingness to be subservient to the cause even when faced with degrading demands. This subservient position is demeaning for individuals with large egos and probably translates directly to their in turn taking out their anger and frustration on those less powerful than themselves. A circle of abuse then radiates outwards as each level of abused takes out their pain on the power below themselves.

    The conceptual box previous generations of elites have trapped their children in is much smaller than the box we the masses inhabit. The people I met appeared to me totally lost. On the surface many appear bubbly and satisfied and feeling on top of the world but this facade is only skin deep. It is obvious that deep down they are deathly afraid of confronting reality. Substance abuse and suicide is a large component of this lifestyle.

    To my understanding the relationship between that of the elite and the masses is identical to that of the predator / prey relationship commonly found in/between other species than humans.

    The elite are conditioned by their history to be predators and the masses are conditioned by their history to be prey. Those masses that seek the rewards seeming to be available to the elite must become predators in order to join those rarefied circles.

    The Bible suggests through the allegory of the Garden of Eden that the predator / prey relationship is not the only possible relationship between individuals. It further suggests we humans fell from grace once we adopted this predatory way of life.

    As has been shown by history many times power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    It is obvious to me that for there to be peace within humanity power, and the need for it, must be removed.


  3. I agree with your observation 100% which brings us to: How do we go about removing power & the need for it?
    1. We wake up ourselves.
    2. We wake up the ones around us. (my personal experience so far is that this is not usually appreciated by those that I try it on)
    3. Hope we can stay alive until a “tipping point” can be achieved.

    1. @dynosaur

      dynosaur>>>”2. We wake up the ones around us. (my personal experience so far is that this is not usually appreciated by those that I try it on)”

      I’ve spent many years trying to figure out how to do that. I wrote extensively on the internet for many years but stopped about two years ago to think more about this problem in private. I have submitted a follow up article to Cog that details somewhat my personal approach. I will post it in the forum soon so it can be discussed there.

      Basically define an alternative instead of just point fingers at those perceived to be responsible. Flesh out the alternative by personal example so people can see what it looks like in the flesh. Discuss with people how such an alternative might be applied to their own lives.

      Why I think most people reject or are not yet motivated to seek change actively….

      People are confused and overwhelmed with information. The first article of mine that got coverage at pretty well all alternative sites was called something like. “Why have the authorities not taken control of the internet?”

      It is obvious to everyone that the main stream media is losing effectiveness as a propaganda machine. Those that control it have some of the best minds in the world regarding propaganda available to them. They realized that the ‘experts’ that had been telling people how to think were being less and less trusted by the masses and are becoming a liability rather than an asset. An alternative needed to be found.

      The internet is that alternative and has been from the start. It is no accident that it has been ineffective at creating change as desired by the majority.

      On the surface the internet appears to be a level playing field where peer to peer dialog takes place. People are beginning to trust their peers more than experts. Having been heavily involved in creating and moderating forums I came to realize there is nothing level about the internet playing field and there never has been.

      The revelations that have come out recently about the methods paid shills use to control dialog on the internet demonstrate how easy it is to control internet dialog confining it to safe or desired outcomes. The way the FBI and others have been shown to set up stooges to create ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of the masses is also used on the internet to set groups of people up for the authority’s purposes.

      Because of the anonymity of the internet, where anyone can claim anything without the average user being able to prove differently, the authorities can introduce any information they like without needing to offer proof.

      The mass media could only use experts to condition people to think a certain way.

      The internet can be used to have people come to specific conclusions based on their own or trusted associates thinking.

      The internet can be used to so overwhelm people with conflicting information that their minds basically seize up and they are unable to think rationally.

      Introducing false flags in the real world creates central points to use for propaganda both in the MSM and Internet.

      Because of our conditioning we attempt to get to the truth by closely examining the propaganda points but they aren’t real and often conflict with others leaving us confused . The pace of the propanda is so fast that we never get to look at anything in detail. We are left with the impression the propagandists wanted to implant when we rush off to view the next propaganda event.

      It is literally impossible to ever solve anything using this method.

      As long as we are focused on the problem we are not putting energy into the solution!

      One of the most important realizations I have come to in the last two years, which I will attempt to share with others is that we don’t really need to discover the ‘truth’ in order to find a solution, we only broadly need to understand what the problem is and then start working on a solution.

      Who did what to whom is immaterial to defining an alternative to a situation that obviously doesn’t work.

      Instead of finger pointing and arguing over who is right, we can put our minds to conceiving a better way of doing things without assigning blame for past failures.

      Although I think the elite have a lot to answer for I see them as victims alongside ourselves. We need to understand somewhat the role they played in the present failure to avoid embedding this bad code in the future solution but I feel no need to punish or defeat them.

      In my eyes the best (only?) solution is one where everyone, including the elite is comfortable.

      My approach to solving the problem is to look at the forest not just the propaganda in order to figure out how things went wrong. I have seen a lot of things using this method that I hope to share with others in the future.

  4. I certainly follow your observations & logic.
    Have been at this long enough to have experienced the data overload…confusion…anger… depression…frustration…rinse & repeat. Have had to stop pointing my finger (almost stopped) just to save my sanity, after all, there can not ever be peace as long as there are people ready & willing to fight for it.
    It has taken me a long time to “grok” leading by example. That is where I’m at but struggle daily against my own conditioning. Unplugging from the system has not been easy and I was never plugged in completely. A work in progress.
    Really look forward to any insights you have on any workable solution!

  5. Hello Petero.

    Thank you for a great essay, part reflective of your personal past and part formula for a way forward.

    In my recent posting here on TIF I was also trying to make the point that it is almost worthless at this stage in this game to point out any more lies. That is not worth the bother. The only path now is forward, as painful or hopeless or helpless as that might seem. Your words and description are more poetic and elegant than mine. I hope people can hear either of us and start on their own personal salvation forward.

    A question please. In the experience of your life, what was most important in allowing you to remain objective to what was happening around you: separating yourself from the conditioning, or living so close to nature?

    I understand what you are saying about elites and their need to condition themselves even more than their prey, but as long as the prey allow intra-species predators to hunt at will then all human life is at risk. No species can overcome intra-species predation. We must realize this fact of psychopaths in our midst and accept it as fact if borne to be true. The role of the psychopath must be understood, recognized and minimized. It is nonsense to forgive a perpetrator who has no remorse. We would not allow this if done to us on a one to one personal basis and there is no reason we should allow it while the perpetrators stand behind curtains of civilization. The metaphor of prey-predator in this instance is not correct. Sheep and wolves is an understandable and normal prey-predator relationship in life. Emotionless humans capable of remorselessly feeding on other humans is not a prey-predator relationship. It is a victim-perpetrator relationship. I have no intention of forgiving psychopath perpetrators for their actions. I think they rule this world now and all life on earth is at risk since they control the buttons of nuclear war without remorse or conscience. They must be removed or nothing is going to change.

    The above statement was very very difficult for me to accept when I first started thinking hard about such things. It is not meant as an escape clause for personal responsibility, just the opposite.

  6. Excellent piece. I have to say, I wasn’t at the front of the line when they were handing out “conditioning” genes. I questioned everything. I was brought up on a farm. Looking back I’m sure I willed many a lawn mower and various pieces of equipment to fail so that I would be allowed to take them apart bolt by bolt to see what made them work. My mother was an extreme god fearing roman catholic. At age 5 when I entered grade one at a catholic school, the pastor, hand picked by god, enjoyed mentally abusing me to tears. Nothing sexual thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly. From that early age on, I decided who can be trusted with my soul, and it’s served me well. There’s a silver lining in every situation.

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