My Journey

My Journey




From a very young age I knew something was not quite right. Maybe I sensed some anomaly or saw that ‘second exact same black cat in the doorway’. Whatever ‘it’ was, it instilled in me the curiosity to question our present day reality. After the events of 9/11/2001 I was violently shaken awake by what I observed with my own eyes verses what I was told by official sources. From there I began to seek the truth no matter what I learned, where it went, or how difficult it might be to accept. Sadly I have learned that murdering thousands of innocent people is miniscule on the scale of what some people, entities or governments are truly capable of doing.

I consider myself fortunate because I’ve either had a spiritual hand to help guide me on my journey, or I have been able to manifest what I need, at the right time, in my pursuit of the truth. Not only was I exposed to some really incredible information, but sometimes I received it at a time when I could best use it.

In reading, listening and watching so many diverse people in the ‘alternative’ media I have discovered one important item to always keep in mind: the Gold is where you find it. Meaning anyone can have good information to offer and it should not be discarded just because of the source. The key is finding the shinny gems scattered amongst a lot of junk. With regard to the issue of aerosols, I have yet to find anyone who has tried to put together all the various puzzle pieces in the manner that makes sense as I have in the three 'Skyception' chapters. This glaring absence is what compelled me to author this series.

At times people ask me where I get my information and how I know what to do with it. I shared once on Two Ice Floes that I am just a dad who stumbled upon reality and am interested in discovering the truth. Before naming others I wish to acknowledge and thank Cognitive Dissonance (Cog) and Mrs. Cog for the opportunity to publish these chapters on their website, as well as the ability to share and discuss with other individuals in the Two Ice Floes forums. Having access to others who will calmly and intelligently discuss high-level topics is important when developing a deeper understanding of complicated issues.

I was fortunate to have read Cognitive Dissonance's work on Zero Hedge a long time ago and was equally lucky to discover Mr. and Mrs. Cog earlier this year just before they launched their new website. Some of Cog’s articles from a few years back were a shining light for me as I explored the dark and ugly world called reality. Mrs. Cog added a whole other aspect to their website synergy by sharing healthy living recipes, cooking, canning, space weather, Electric Universe theory and so much more. Connecting with them before they rolled out their new website was completely random and highly unlikely, but the timing was perfect for me.

There was another individual who had an enormous impact upon my early awakening many years long before stumbling upon Zero Hedge. Bonnie Faulkner hosts an hour-long radio program entitled ‘Guns and Butter’ once a week on KPFA and I was fortunate enough to happen upon her program. She has interviewed an amazing number of fascinating individuals over the last 13 years covering a vast variety of important topics. I found her program to be one of the few truly honest offerings from that station and its network.

Bonnie repeatedly volunteered her time and knowledge to me over the years and deserves my sincere thanks and gratitude for being a truly unique portal to reality. She eventually led me to the Solari Report and Catherine Austin Fitts who has also done incredible work in exposing how much of the various puzzle pieces operate and how they are connected together. Her inside insights have been invaluable in helping me see a different overview and understanding of the world.

One of the wonderful qualities about Catherine that stuck with me from the moment I discovered her was Catherine’s desire to uncover all those things that are harming us in order to directly and frankly address them. The subjects I decided to focus on included the financial world, personal health, the food and water we consume, the drugs and injections we and our children are subjected to and the air that surrounds us. Some of these were easier to navigate, such as our food and water, allowing me to make specific decisions on what my children and I would eat and drink.

Others were more complicated, for example the financial world and childhood injections, where the process of getting out of debt or state mandated vaccinations for my kids required much more thought and effort. The one subject I had little control over was the air we breathe. Other than using a home air purifier, there is little I can do to change what we inhaled. Knowing that aerosols were being intentionally applied in our atmosphere put me on the path to pursue this complicated topic.

As mentioned in Chapter Three I was fortunate to stumble on Ben Davidson's daily video news and the Suspicious 0bservers website. Once again, it came at the right time to integrate space and the work of Velikovsky, which I had already randomly (or maybe not) stumbled across. It was wonderful how so many puzzle pieces came together at just the right time to provide more clarity on what, and more importantly, why it was happening

A journey, when looked back upon, is filled with challenging reality but a truth that is truly liberating.




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  1. Hello Morpheus:
    Thank you for your original, and continued, intent with this series and for the focus of your energies to this sharing. I very greatly appreciate the opportunity to read your offerings as being offered here on TIF. My continued thanks also to the Cogs. This ‘My Journey’ was an unexpected plus for me so a deep bow of appreciation to you for adding it.

    I too, am an old ‘Guns & Butter’ affectionado from KPFA in the bay area, my home and stomping grounds for about 50 years. I lived on Haight Street in the late 60’s and early 70’s and worked as the night watchman on the Maritime Museum’s 3 masted schooner, Balclutha, permanently docked on the bay at the end of Haight .

    Many things have come together for me also, and for me, as seems for you, the further I go the more together things come to me. I’m delighted to be sharing this time and space with you and all other persons of good will , especially TIF’ers.


  2. Thanks for sharing and your compliments. I am glad you enjoyed that addendum to the three chapters. Nice to know another Bay Area “local” and I always appreciate your contributions to the forums and posted content.

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