Fear: The Great Motivator

Fear: The Great Motivator


On The Beach

It has always appeared to me that the most powerful emotion of mankind in these days is fear. As others on these pages have pointed out, we are awash every moment with messages that might cause us to fear. Fear seems ubiquitous and ever present.

Fear of dying, fear of illness, fear of abandonment, fear of loss of loved ones, fear of flying, fear of being in public, fear of being alone, fear of not having enough money, fear of becoming homeless, fear of loss of your stuff, fear of not having enough to eat, fear of having too much to eat, fear of war, fear of alien invasion, fear of aliens (of all kinds), fear of loss of status, fear of looking like a fool, fear of not fitting in, fear of spiders, fear of the unknown, fear of snakes, fear of the known, fear of close spaces, fear of wide open spaces, fear of ....................


You name it and someone close to you is afraid of it and lives with constant fear, a physical state that is not sustainable without damage to your body. Fear will make you sick, mentally and physically sick.

Yet, if you really look at many of these fears, most of them seem like nonsense. A result of living lives so far removed from real natural life that the modern lives themselves seem like a fraud. I don’t know how many of you had parents from the great depression or grandparents from the 1880’s. Can you imagine those people wasting a second in fear of some of these things that seem so normal to cause fear now?

I used to think that conditioning people to constantly be in a state receptive to fear was the primary motivator used on most people. Man’s intense desire to escape or avoid fear in their lives allowed easy control. People could be lead like mindless, almost brain-dead, creatures to do all sorts of things as long as they thought what they were doing would lead to less fear than anything else they might be doing.

I still think this is the main control mechanism. Fear is an emotion. To me, an emotion is a way of thinking that has become a habit. That does not make emotion bad, falling under the connotations of ‘habits’. I like things that put smiles on my face effortlessly. It just means that as a habit, most people are no longer thinking about what causes them fear. They just experience the emotion without any thought or proprioception of thought at all.

A kind of mindlessness.

Modernity is filled with messages, both real and false, that just by themselves would produce a sense of fear. Modernity is also filled with overwhelming social strictures, institutions of structure and belief that are so huge and restrictive that they grind individuals to mush without having to actually do anything directly to the individual at all. There is such a sense of powerlessness in the face of such enormity of intent and evil that these institutions have easily encouraged the emotion of fear.

We can understand what I am talking about in these institutions by remembering our own understanding of these sorts of social conditions from the propaganda handed to us about what it was like living under Nazi or USSR rules. These were overpowering and impersonal governments of rules that cared not a bit for the individual. Or at least that is what we were told. We were afraid of falling under some sort of system like they had, we were taught to be afraid of ‘bad’ institutions.


Recently though I have been thinking more about this control mechanism of fear, and now I think there is another more powerful issue working in the background of each person of modernity: a real reason for fear. A malaise so powerful and deadly that susceptibility to fear is a direct consequence of this disease. A disease created by modernity specifically to weaken and infect mankind with a sense of powerlessness. This disease makes the conditioning and social structures of modernity thousands of times more effective in producing fear.

This disease has caused mankind to lose something essential and present in each and every person born in this physical place of Mother Earth. It is a birth-rite of man and it has been lost, atrophied to near nothingness now, a vague vestige that at best causes mental itching and discomfort, cognitive dissonance perhaps.

But how do I talk about the loss of something that almost no one even knows they’ve lost, or even had to lose? In fact, to even talk about this thing as if it were real will label me as a nut case; obviously crazy, way way out of any sort of social norms and acceptable beliefs.

So, even though I have never been one to claim any kin with normalcy, I will enlist the assistance of two other TIF contributors to help me describe and explain what has been lost. At least then there will be three of us talking about this heresy. And they are so much more eloquent than I am.

I want to quote a comment left by the contributor Element when he commented on an essay of Cog Dis on Zerohedge back in October of 2011. You could grind through, pound through, agonize over, and struggle with 10,000 pages of Buddhist or Hindu or science esoterica and never see this subject stated so clearly or simply or beautifully.

Personally, I was stunned when I read it. It is poetry on the page, a beautiful exclamation of our universe and what we should be. I think Element is channeling the poet E.E. Cummings (just kidding).

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 06:42 |


“And so on it goes, back and forth into infinity.”


Not into infinity Cog, but into a false-finite, that likes to pretend to be limitless, .. and also likes to build the illusions that it is all the mind there is.

What goes on in the thinking aspect of the mind is the generation of a fake-finite

A closed self-referencing process, that seeks to occur within a cosmos that actually has no real finite in it, of any kind. That this fake formulation of finite 'exists' ONLY in and AS the thinker, and not outside the thinker, not outside the skull of man.

Just like you get a closed repeatable pseudo-'random' algorithm (the 'random' you are having when you are not having random), you also get a pseudo-finite (the fake 'finite' you are having when you are not having any finite), generated via thinking (itself), in closed terms, about arbitrarily-defined abstract boundaries that we call 'objects', which form the basis of 'objective thought'.

The fake-finite 'thinker' is thus created. ... but it is a actually a fake ... a fake mind no less!

In an actual cosmos that has no actual finite, how representative, or accurate is any representation of actuality, thus determined as an objective thought construct, an idea, a world-view ...

How 'true' potentially can it ever be, or become?

ZERO ... and people fear that ... for they think they will lose their minds ...

And they should! ... lose their FAKE MIND, that is.

That is 'Enlightenment', in a nutshell.

(and yes, I know you did not understand it, I would know you were lying if you said you did)

And if you happened to learn that DIRECTLY ... (i.e. not from someone else) then you sure won't be too bothered by the pseudo-finite products constantly plopping out of the rear-quarters of the closed-loop 'modern' mind of any 'thinker'.

You would actually have seen DIRECTLY that they are fake. Not fake(s), not even fake somethings or other.

Nope, just fake  ... the fake MIND.

I suggest (and without a shred of evidence I might add) that, that is not the real mind of a man, or woman, at all.

the real mind is infinitely beyond and completely without connection to any sort of fake-finite 'objective-mind' process, or processing.

L O S E   Y O U R   M I N D

(Yes, I know, I know, ... your objective fake-mind is right now going, "well just how the fuck do I do that?!" ... it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with it, is how )

Actually do that and you'll be astonished to DISCOVER that you already have an ACTUAL MIND in there - as well as that shitty fake one, that you think so highly of up until now, and you will discover is completely fake, and out of touch with the physical infinity that you in fact are.

Just sayin

Simply magical. Read this quote as many times as it takes to understand what Element is saying.

One and a half pages of possibly the most elegant description of the real us and of the real reality we actually do live in that I have ever read.

As Element says, you cannot experience this by reading about it. You have to just experience it. And that is very very difficult for your conditioned fake mind to do. It will rebel at the very idea of becoming lost in infinity.

But infinity is exactly what the conscious universe is and it is exactly what your consciousness is in that infinite universe.

And now the even shorter but just as elegant comment by Cog Dis on one of his essays on Zerohedge:

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 09:39 |

Cognitive Dissonance

Consciousness has no 'location', thus the non-local part. I can most certainly locate my physical avatar. It's located on the third rock from the sun. My consciousness is not located there. Or maybe I need to say it is not 'centered' there if that helps. The language we use to describe our 'being', our 'self' is imperfect and designed to obscure and confuse.

My avatar has a reputation. My reputation can be assaulted and denounced. My reputation is not "I". It is a construct of the reality my physical avatar resides in. Our problems result from our present inability to distinguish between our avatars, and all things avatar, and our 'self', our consciousness.

CD is saying that his consciousness is not located in the physical, but in what he calls a “non-local” place. If we assume Element is right about the universe, then CD’s consciousness is located somewhere in that infinity.

And CD’s consciousness is also infinite, if we assume these two statements as being correct.

This all seems fantastical, the stuff of dreams or science fiction or even some strange esoteric Eastern belief system.

But what happens to you if this is really true and you really could easily connect to those infinite parts of yourself and all life around you? One thing I can think of off the very top of my local conscious head is that fear of almost all the normal physical types simply drop away. There might be fear, but it certainly is not about anything physical. How can an entity that can experience itself as infinite be fearful of death in the physical, for instance?

Losing this infinite part of ourselves makes us all much more a cripple than any paraplegic you might imagine. The paraplegic’s loss is understandable and tragic. Our loss is partially self-inflicted and even more tragic. We are operating in our normal physical universe at less than 1% of our real capacity.


And we all recognize our loss of the infinite connection to the infinite life around us even though we don’t actually have the words or experienced knowledge to know of that loss. We grieve deeply in our physical bodies and physical minds and cosmic spiritual bodies over this loss. We are deeply damaged by this loss of connection to life itself. Our suffering is immense. This suffering makes fear of more suffering so much easier to achieve.

This is the real power of modernity. This has been the real goal of about 30,000 years of constant and continual effort at conditioning. The result is almost total estrangement of man from his real true nature. It has lead to uncountable suffering and pain for all life on earth and that was exactly the intended result.

To stop your personal fear and suffering you could try to connect to the infinite. CD says he talks to trees. That is one very good way. That conversation can lead to your non-local consciousness taking control of your physical consciousness and letting you slip into the thoughts and consciousness of the tree and every living thing connected to that tree.

Which is everything on Earth, maybe even to the Infinite itself if you are brave and fearless.

Every single thing is alive in some conscious way and man has a unique ability to connect consciously with all life on the physical Mother Earth.

I don’t think you will ever be the same if you allow this to happen. You will not become lost. You will find yourself. You will not be in a dream; you will wake up, perhaps for the first time since a tiny baby.

But one thing that will happen is you will no longer live in mindless fear. The power of modernity over you will drop away from you like a nightmare. You will be amazed at your new self and its strength.

But, as CD has said many times, knowing this infinite reality as truth is not enough. You must then work on this truth.

Being placed inside this beautiful sphere of pure life gifts us with easy connections to all this life, but we have been lead astray and become lost. We must work with the grace of life around us and find our way out of our nightmare. This will take personal effort, but rewards of strength and peace wait at each step toward truth and understanding a person can take.

And there is lots of help waiting for each of you if you learn how to connect to that help. Do not think that all is evil and you will be lead astray at every turn. You can learn how to identify those who would do you harm and you can learn how to avoid them. That is part of your responsibility as a living creature of earth. But it is not so easy to do when you lack the skills and abilities of the Infinite. Skills that are actually your birth rite as a human animal.

Personally I’ve never considered myself a good cow and have no intention of being easily milked or eaten.

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On The Beach


P.S. On The Beach submitted all the images used in this article including the header image. Sadly I had to crop the header image in order to fit it, so I am reproducing it below in order that all may read the caption.

Cognitive Dissonance

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2 thoughts on “Fear: The Great Motivator”

  1. Hello On-the-Beach:
    I responded to your first submission to “Your Turn”, with that essay being my only exposure to you at that time. I have since read your wonderful introduction and the above piece, and find that my heart has opened widely to you for many reasons, almost all having to do with a sense of sharing a commonality of core values as men, and women, here on TIF.

    Being an ex-pat, ex anger is it’s own beacon to others that change is not only possible, but a worthy goal and a first stage requirement for lift-off for many of us, myself for sure. I have always been intrigued, but unable to commit to exploration into the realms of spirit/energy until quantum physics/mechanics/philosophy/psychology presented itself to me as a last resort health-wise and as a new frontier for me in my early 60’s. I am in my 73rd year now having made lotsa tracks and with a few regrets, but……..”too few to mention”.

    Thank you for your opening up in your introduction, and your writing, you garnered my respect and admiration and I wish you well.

    Glynn Baker

    1. Hi Glynn:

      Thank you for the kind words. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you but I have not been able to log in. CD finally got it fixed for me.

      Fixing ourselves and our sense of community is at the core of my self right now. CD and Mrs. Cog have given us this wonderful environment to work together in a spirit of sharing so we can at least have a place to come together. I am so grateful for this work of theirs.

      I promise I will post more, delving deeper into ourselves, from my little perspective. Hopefully it will be of use.

      There is no time other than now. Use it and enjoy it.

      Have fun there in Chile.

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