Guest Post – Path to the Great Reset

The financial, political and economic powers wish you and I to remain confused about what constitutes money because this promotes apathy and the desire to let the 'experts' remain in control. And while the subject can be complex, it can also be summarized rather elegantly when the author wishes to clarify rather than confuse.

Joe Galt, aka Joe Withrow, has been a guest author here on TwoIceFloes five times previously. And each time he has done an excellent job reducing involved subjects down to their base components. We welcome Joe back for a sixth lesson in simplification.

Please read his article to the end where you will find a link offering registration to his free Webinar at 8 pm on Sunday, 04-10-2016. If you register, but can't attend, you can view it at another time. But you must register to do so.

Click here for Joe's latest...Path to the Great Reset.

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