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Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred – Part Two

Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred - Part 2


High Desert Homesteading


Part 1 of this article (link) covered the 3 D’s (Discovery, Disappointment and Demolition) of our project to replace a gas fireplace with a wood burning stove. Now it’s time for the 3 R’s: Redesign, Rebuild and Relaxation.

I ended the previous installment with a hearth half covered in flagstone, bare studs on the exterior wall and part of the ceiling exposed right down to the ceiling joists and insulation. My wife and I threw around a lot of ideas as to how we might rebuild this area with the least amount of effort but would still look good.  The end of Part 1 contained an image mock-up I composed of several different pictures showing the final idea.

Our last home had several large walls finished in stained knotty pine, a look and style we liked a lot. We wanted some sort of stone work behind the wood stove to act as a thermal mass to absorb some of the heat coming off the stove while protecting the woods studs and Sheetrock behind. I most certainly did not want to try and patch the 2’ x 8’ area of the ceiling with drywall and then attempt to match the texture and paint color. You would think an eggshell white is an eggshell white – until you try to match it and find out otherwise. Continue reading Taking a Pass on Gas – Wood Preferred – Part Two

Guest Post – Path to the Great Reset

The financial, political and economic powers wish you and I to remain confused about what constitutes money because this promotes apathy and the desire to let the 'experts' remain in control. And while the subject can be complex, it can also be summarized rather elegantly when the author wishes to clarify rather than confuse.

Joe Galt, aka Joe Withrow, has been a guest author here on TwoIceFloes five times previously. And each time he has done an excellent job reducing involved subjects down to their base components. We welcome Joe back for a sixth lesson in simplification.

Please read his article to the end where you will find a link offering registration to his free Webinar at 8 pm on Sunday, 04-10-2016. If you register, but can't attend, you can view it at another time. But you must register to do so.

Click here for Joe's latest...Path to the Great Reset.

Cognitive Dissonance