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This post is for Members of Two Ice Floes (TIF). We have decided to try a new forum concept here on TIF in order to give you a platform to host your own discussions. There is now a place on TIF where 'by request' you can have your own forum, create as many topics as you would like and host your own conversations.

With a flurry of correspondence from our request/invitation for "Your Turn" submissions, we received some fabulous ideas, comments and thoughts. However several were not the length or format needed for an article while others may not have meshed well with our intent or goals here on TIF . Even if the submission was not what we had in mind for "Your Turn" we certainly want you as a member to have a place for your voice be heard. Thus the reason we have created this TIF forum enhancement.

The same general rules for the Two Ice Floes Forum apply in these Individual Forums. If you are going to request a forum for yourself, please make sure you have reviewed and understand the forum rules prior to contacting us with your request.

We will not be giving you the ability to "moderate" in the technical sense, that is to edit or delete comments other than your own. In order to do that we would need to allow that individual access to edit all corners of TIF, and in the interest of our own self-reliance and personal sovereignty we are retaining those roles for ourselves for the time being.

If there is any issue with other patients or staff in your own corner of the insane asylum forum, you can simply contact us and we will be right along with our straight-jackets and butterfly nets to sort things out as the situation may warrant.

We do ask that once a forum is created for you (by request) that you accept the role of playing host or hostess and keep an eye on the activity there. This will be your discussion forum. If you do not have time to do so, or you are not sure you want to be in charge of conversations that can sometimes throw a wild curve ball, you may consider just starting a Topic in one of the already established forums on TIF.

While our membership here is constantly growing, we seem to be a very diverse crowd (in every way) with one thing in common. We are all looking. The how, where and why may vary, but it sure is interesting to try on each others spectacles and glimpse reality through one another's lens.

If you have re-read the forum rules and this post and would like a Forum created for you, please think of a title to call it that includes your user name such as Mrs. Cog's Corner or Cog's Sandbox or Nurse Rachet's Medicine Cabinet, etc... and submit it under the Contact the Webmaster form above.

Please note that the Forums are a bit quirky. I will draw up a list of specifics on how to navigate these things and make sure anyone with a Forum understands how our software works with regards to technical things like the order of topics and replies and sticking important topics to the top of your Forum.

We look forward to seeing you in your threads.


Mr. and Mrs. Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. Fellow inmates, I’ve set up a little mind experiment in Members Forum. Take a look if you like and see if you can find the elephant.

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