Remembering to Remember

Do you remember how it is supposed to be? Would you even know to remember that we can remember how it once was and can still be? For so many of us, all that is left behind is a vague unformed memory that once we knew something of great importance. Like an unfamiliar object in a darkened room, we know it is there only because its’ black is a shade off of the overall gloom, a mere shadow of a shadow. All of us carry a memory that springs from deep within and that whispers of something unfulfilled and incomplete. Dare we to believe that we are capable of Remembering what that memory is? Let me be perfectly clear in stating that I am Remembering and so can you if you wish.

Hogwash you say. This is the only way it can be because this is the only way it has ever been. And sure enough, all around us, everything we see confirms this blind belief. The ultimate in confirmation bias is when everything you are told matches everything you see, and everything you see confirms everything you believe. Yes, it all looks pretty normal to me. So why would I pursue the vision of a different world, of a sovereign we? And because of this many do not, blissfully ignorant of being slaves, happy to be bound and delivered to the dock. Except that way back in our mind and deep down in our soul, not only is something telling us things are not right, but that nearly everything is terribly wrong.

Blinded by our confirmation bias and unable to see how it can be, how then do we change direction when the memory is incomplete? What do we do when we have no clear course charted through the rough sea? I have found that if we wish to see something that is missing, rather than focus on what we cannot perceive, clearly an impossible task considering our present state of spiritual and emotional disrepair, we should instead recognize what is there, but should not.

Take a long look at our world and tell me what you see, what you perceive? Does it feel right or does it not? I suspect we already know the answer to that because you’re trying to see and thus to remember, otherwise you would not be searching for it here within my words.

 Remembering to Remember

So what is it that I’m Remembering, and that you will too if you listen carefully while looking deeply within? The specific answer is unique to each of us simply because our view within, which is often how we initially discover our inner knowing and the Remembering, is deeply influenced by our perception of reality. And while this perspective is molded by our individual life experience and conditioning and therefore has no real meaning except to us as individuals, there are common themes I can try to express.

But in order to do so I must see what is already here, but should not, for this is what triggers the Remembering. We must want to want to remember, to be completely open to the concept of Remembering, even if we don’t know what or how to remember. We must want to urgently grasp for the understanding that our inner sovereign has all the answers we will ever need, answers no external authority could ever hope to match, despite the conditioned belief that this is impossible. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the knowing so that we may remember, for it is the rejection of our inner sovereign and its’ knowing that has us all hopelessly lost in the insanity.

What I see is a human population completely out of balance with itself and its environment, the only species on Earth to live in this condition for an extended period of time without ending in self extermination…….at least so far. I see the vast majority of us deathly ill, not just physically sick from a toxic environment and the processed food we eat, but emotionally and spiritually savaged as well. For this condition to exist for this length of time, it must be forced. And anyone who tries to tell me that what I am seeing is natural and normal exhibits neither of these conditions.

We cast about for meaning in our lives, for direction to guide our souls, to connect so deeply and completely that it changes everything. We know this is possible even though we are told it is not because this knowing springs from within and cannot be stopped, only repressed. The proof is the emptiness we all sense within and the knowing that it can be filled.

We are not instinctive or innate slaves, inclined to blindly follow mind control orders, but instead we are natural sovereign spirits who have lost our way simply because we fail to remember. We want to remember how to live fully and intimately with all that surrounds us rather than to exist as beasts of burden or (economic) cannon fodder for the latest act of Empire. And we are all terrified that no matter what we try to do, it just might be too little, too late. Thankfully it is not, because we are so very close to Remembering to remember.

But most of all I see a world where we are tragically lost; lost to ourselves and to each other. Devoid of compassion and empathy, moving from work cubes to boob tubes and back again, we are now unable to recognize the pain and dysfunction within our Self, let alone each other. It is now perceived as nothing worse than normal, simply how the world works as it grinds us down and spits us out, a self indictment worse than death of our failure to remember.

Because we are not Remembering who we are, and most importantly what we once were, we cannot imagine what we can be. By not first releasing, then expressing our inner sovereign, by not declaring ourselves free from our own self imposed bindings, we just exist within someone else’s world, a world populated by repressed and stunted slaves. Simply put we are unable to create a healthy future because we do not remember our ‘knowing’, we do not remember ourselves and what we were and are, we are not Remembering to remember.

Rather than creating, then living within, a vibrant community of interdependence that nature intends as the only way to live a sustainable and healthy life in communication with everything around us, we have become a zombie species, a parasitic entity that mindlessly consumes and ruthlessly exploits the physical world, all while feeding upon the life force of first the natural world, then each other and finally our Self.

And you and I dear reader are very much a part of all this, a realization denial can no longer help us avoid because we are now Remembering to remember. We are awakening; a process that once started cannot be stopped, only derailed or dead ended. You and I are resisting our Remembering because it feels so foreign and contrary to what we are told is ‘real’ via the idiot box memes. In turn this feeds the inner conflict and thus the outer decay. The world is falling apart because we have been rendered incapable of creating a new world to replace the recently departed. This does not have to be. By embracing our Remembering we will naturally know how to grow and build.

The evidence of all this is the ongoing insanity whose decay rate has now gone exponential. I used to think war was the ultimate state of self destruction and I suppose that based upon certain definitions it still is. But war expresses as an outward projection of our inner insanity. This……this utter squandering of our inner sovereignty, of the very essence of being human; this is mass suicide on an unprecedented scale. Only we don’t ever really die, but instead just aimlessly drift, empty meat Popsicles emotionally dead and spiritually bereft. Modern science now keeps our bodies alive longer, allowing the inner decay even more time to fester and devour.

 Inner Decay

At one time or another we have all used the word ‘sovereignty’ as a positive, as something that should be achieved or regained. But have you ever really thought about the meaning of ‘sovereignty’ at its most basic level, where it all begins? We understand that the winners make the rules and write the textbooks, so it isn’t surprising that standard definitions all refer to an external authority and territory as imbued with sovereignty. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy quickly refers to the following phrase, “supreme authority within a territory”, something I have always seen as the territory within, before going on to link it to an external political authority.


This is the language of the false profit Conquers, the fakers of the very sovereignty they claim to possess. Our power has always, and will always, spring from within. Our power is ours to give away if we choose, as well as to repossess any time we wish. We are the source of the power that creates the universe and what we only now are beginning to remember is that without us, without our innate source of power freely and willingly handed over, the false gods are powerless and impotent.

When we hide from ourselves we freely invite them in, like air rushing in to fill a vacuum. Where we falter, where we are beaten, broken, and then sold at the dock, is when we are not Remembering to remember. Please allow me to repeat myself here. Where we falter, where we are beaten, broken, and then sold at the dock, is when we are not Remembering to remember. I did not say we could not remember or that it was useless to remember, only that we are not Remembering and that this is the source of our willingness to subjugate ourselves to external masters and false Gods, all of whom claim sovereignty over us.

Stop listening to their lies and false promises, their propaganda machine and their divide and conquer memes, including the one about how if only we would just “do” something everything would get better, as if we could actually do battle with our own ghosts. This is the enslaving self deception we all practice, for when we believe this we firmly plant ourselves within their world where they make the rules of their controlling game.

The game is rigged folks, not just the markets or the economy, but everything artificial we interact with on a daily basis. As long as we ignore this fundamental fact, this supreme truth, nothing substantial will ever change because we enable and support the rigging. Our individual sovereignty can only be applied to free ourselves when it is released from within, not applied externally by the keepers of the false realty myth. And we do this by searching within so that we can begin the Remembering to remember.


Cognitive Dissonance

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7 thoughts on “Remembering to Remember”

  1. Are we trying to remember something that never really existed? Something that we were to taught to perceive was there, but wasn’t. In other words our perceptions were faulty even in ‘the good ol days.’

    Just sayin.

    1. I always understood “Remembering to Remember” to refer to this.

      My inner Self (our soul, spirit, knowing), that which continues after my human has passed on, knows. My knowing remembers the truth that has been coopted/forgotten. While I am in my human state and I feel separated from my knowing and others, my desire to search for a higher level of awareness began when I remembered that deep inside I forgot something really important, or I remembered to remember.

      1. I just reread it, and I can see your point. Yesterday I took it in a different way.

        Sometimes I wonder though if there isn’t some legitamcy in the theory that humans were originally created as slaves. We certainly seem to have that mindset down pat.

        1. I understand that sentiment. If one can’t see the metamorphosis, the actual series of steps that slowly changes the entity, one tends to think that this was the way it always was. Or that since this is so dominant it must have evolved that way.

          Perspective is so difficult to achieve when we are always wearing blinders. It’s not that we can see, it is that we can only see a narrow slice at any one time.

          I often wonder what it is exactly that we call our ‘gut feeling’ or ‘intuition’ or the ‘collective consciousness’? Is it a deeper knowledge and understanding that springs from deep within…..or just deep memories pushing to the surface. Maybe it is both.

          Cognitive Dissonance

      2. I think I just remembered when I remembered to Remember as a child. When I was a child I was fascinated by classical mythology and read everything I could find; as I grew up I was also fascinated the history of religion, art, and culture, and jungian psychological theory. I sometimes feel like I’ve been chasing my own train of thought for my entire adult life.

        Remembering to Remember sometimes is accompanied by a strong sense of deja vu when in-the-moment I am thinking “wow… I’m here again… it’s been a while… let’s get down and make use of it.”

        Definitely in the “make use of it” phase right now. I hope the rest of the forum members don’t mind too much!

  2. On that question in your last paragraph. Could it have something to do with our so-called “junk DNA?”

    Could “intuition” be part of the “hypercommunication” mentioned in the following quote:

    Russian discoveries of the wave information nature of DNA overthrow our understanding that we are genetically fixed. Led by Dr. Gariaev, the Russians have proven the psychic and linguistic capabilities of DNA—their findings suggest that DNA may be the universal language of spirituality.

    The new science of “wave genetics” shows that DNA functions like a holographic computer, part of the larger hologram of the information wave reality. Our DNA has the capabilities of hypercommunication—telepathy, remote sensing and remote feeling, along with other psychic abilities. We also have the ability to reprogram our genetic blueprint with simple word and frequencies.

    1. I miss Disenchanted. :-(

      What if DNA / RNA is a electromagnetic receiver system for exchanging information within the holographic matrix our consciousnesses interpret as a stable material 3-D “reality” — how much more could we choose to become aware of, beyond what we were trained to perceive?

      How much more can we Remember to remember?

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