The Long Conversation


It was during my preparation for the Roman Catholic Church’s rite of passage called Confirmation, the point where I commit to the present insanity because I have supposedly reached the age of consent, when I learned I had just blasphemed.This was a terrible state of affairs according to the nun who was presiding over my religious indoctrination. Back then, while the Priest may have been the anointed one and thus the public face of local parish power, the nuns ruled the roost and thus administered the religious training as well as its mind control counterpart, corporal punishment.

As the sister repeatedly slammed her heavy wooden ruler down on my knuckles, and the back of my hands quickly turned red and swollen in protest of another round of religious abuse, aside from the sharp pain what I really felt was deeply confused. What had I done to deserve another beating, aside from asking Sister Elizabeth a few innocent questions? As the other boy slaves watched in horror and fascination (the girls received their own special instruction two doors down) it would be nearly a decade before I fully recognized that logic and free thinking is the enemy of social conditioning and religious indoctrination.

Well north of forty years later I can still feel the psychological sting of that abuse as I revisit the incident in my mind and once again color outside society’s line. Pavlov would be proud to see that my conditioned response had been beaten so deep. But it’s not the individual beatings that have so much of an effect, but rather the cumulative piling on that reaches such depth. And therein lay the secret of their total control, for there appears nowhere to hide to escape the raining of their blows. This is their best and most effective lie. But it is still a lie nonetheless.

It was an innocent question really, and a tribute to its power and destabilizing logic that Sister Elizabeth turned bright red and immediately reached for her punishing stick. In my defense it was during that same week in American History class, the location where the state administered its own form of mind control and corporal punishment, where I learned how those filthy dirt-worshiping Indians (Sister Elizabeth’s words, not mine) honored dozens, even hundreds, of holy spirits. All I wanted to know was why we only had one. It seemed to me that we were getting the short end of the stick, the phrase my father liked to use when he applied his own punishing stick.

The Punishing Sticks

The Punishing Sticks

Can you hear them way off in the distance talking among themselves, the voices of the great spirits past, present and future, all speaking as one? I most certainly can and to be perfectly honest I always could. I just didn’t understand what it was I was listening to since the ability to decipher them had nearly been driven out of me ages ago. So I ignored them for as long as I could until finally I could no longer.

Once you let them in there is no turning back, and we all understand this as irrefutable fact. Once it is recognized, we can no longer deny our inner knowing. The voices might be faint and even a bit blurred, but still very understandable to those who care to listen. Or dare I say it, even to confer. In fact if you put your ear to the wind, close your eyes and settle your mind, you can hear them whispering to each other while beckoning us to rejoin them in our collective Long Conversation.

The thing about our shared insanity, the only honest way to properly describe the state of current affairs, is that the insanity will always insist it alone is perfectly sane and anything that tries to refute its supremacy is declared crazy and immediately purged. So it is not at all surprising that the dominate culture, the product of centuries of Delirium tremens, would beat its slaves to death and treat its enemies even worse rather than tolerate questions, let alone dissention. But there is real madness to the abusive methods the (religious) Empire employs, because what is really driven from us is our own innate and natural connection to The Long Conversation.

It really wasn’t my question that raised the hackles of old Sister Elizabeth, but rather the unspoken inquisition that sprang from the mouth of babes. Why was the Holy Spirit advocating death and destruction to those who did not embrace the one and only ‘God’, while the Native American Indians loved and honored Heaven and Earth and all its glorious creations? Why was the culture of insanity taking its marching orders from a holy homicidal maniac, while the filthy dirt-worshiping natives lived in relative peace and harmony and always tried to give back at least as much as they took?

These are ugly ego striping questions that could quickly destabilize an imperial empire and its enabling religion if they were ever allowed to fester, thus the reason for the liberal use of the ruler or rifle along with the threat of hell on Earth and eternal damnation.

See, it works like this. If we are to believe that we are not worthy, then we will allow ourselves to be judged not worthy, followed quickly by the willing surrender of our inner power to an external ‘authority’ who has been deemed supremely worthy by imperial or religious edict. But if we are to believe we are connected to everything and thus we as worthy as the mighty Oak or the industrious dung beetle, and certainly more worthy than any false external ‘authority’, there is no reason to surrender and thus we are uncontrollable. This is blasphemy pure and simple!

The Mighty Oak

The Mighty Oak

By the time I reached walking away age and began my own search for meaning and connection, all that was left in my neck of the woods was cookie cutter religious doctrine and a brain washed state of artificially numbed elation. And this was well before the full impact of the drug called televised instant gratification had subdued and suborned a great nation.

Or at least that was what I had been told we were; a nation proud of its genocidal westward expansion that had now gone global. Convert those Godless heathens to the temple of self absorbed consumer consumption ecstasy or wipe them from the face of God’s little green Earth, ironically the very same little green Earth so loved by those Godless heathens.

For the dozens of now vanquished indigenous cultures, whose love and respect for all things nurturing and sustaining was a way of life, even this love of life wasn’t what terrified the war mongering nation(s). No, what really threatened the insanity was the revered and cherished internal communication the natives had with their spiritual forefathers, as well as those who would follow in their footsteps.

What could, would and still will topple the insanity was their Long Conversation, their spiritual connection that solidly anchored them to their own sanity. This was what condemned the millions of natives to their own eradication. If you can’t corrupt them by driving their sanity out, then just kill them all and be done with it.

If we are sane, we simply cannot destroy what we deeply love and respect. Nor can we destroy or even demean what we wish to pass to our children, concepts that would most definitely destroy the insanity if they were ever widely embraced. The holy madness needed divine justification in order to take by force all that it surveyed, and so anyone or anything that refuted insanity’s marching orders was labeled a blasphemy and a heretic, then promptly cut down past its roots, shock and awe scorched Earth style.  

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can be allowed to get in the way of the endless territorial expansion and locust like consumption of the mindlessly mad machine. Nothing will be allowed to resist the modern global Ponzi, especially a social and spiritual consciousness that speaks from the past and future to warn the present of the dangers of hubris, ego and homicidal insanity. This was and still is why The Long Conversation must be silenced. God forbid we actually listen to the only sane voices left, those found within our very own spiritual head.

Ignore your inner knowing

Social conditioning tells us to ignore our inner knowing and accept the false external authority.

Of all the various forms of mind control witchcraft practiced by the unholy church/state alliance, by far the most destructive is the hijacking and subversion of our own spoken language. Simply put, just as we are what we eat, so do we think as we speak. So rather than removing ideologically unhealthy words from the spoken language and leaving a gap that would be noticed, all that needs to be done is to subvert or convert the true meaning. And before we know it we have spiritually lost people extolling the virtues of the National Security Endless War and Ponzi State. 

Trapped in an ideological hell by our very own language the few remaining free thinking deeply connected souls are forced to use the very vocabulary that enslaves us to wake us from our deep slumber. In effect we must use the very words that control us to free us, a nearly impossible task given the high hurdles we must overcome. Short of creating a new language, then widely distributing it via a hostile press and MSM, the only effective solution is for the population to reconnect to The Long Conversation.

Our powerful and supreme inner knowing has been carefully hidden from us for centuries, millennium even, primarily by diluted and dulled milquetoast words such as gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense or even faith and belief. Let us call it what it is, an inner knowing that squarely places the responsibility back upon our shoulders to right our own floundering ship. But even this is too great for our inflated and flattered egos to bear, so we eagerly grasp for the deflecting lie that it is all someone else’s mess to repair.

Of all the horrors perpetrated upon us by the machine and its sycophant henchmen, maybe the most frightening one of them all is the very instrument of our salvation, of our freedom, the one tool we can always access and is totally out of bounds to the insanity. I am of course speaking about freedom of choice, our unquestioned and unalienable right to become sane again, to break free from the madness machine and reclaim our own spiritual, emotional and ultimately physical sovereignty.

The seductive embrace of our collective insanity promises us all a softer easier way, an alternative path where we are told we can have our cake and eat it too. This is a bald faced lie, even if the machine consistently produces more cake as if by magic. It is a lie because that cake is not free, but instead derived from the sweat and tears of a less fortunate fellow slave caught up in the crushing gears of the grinding machine. Our Long Conversation with our inner knowing tells us this is a lie, that the lies of the insanity are self evident and thus brightly colored to enable us to abandon ourselves to the pleasure of the distraction. Let someone else pick up the tab. But soon enough it will be you and me who pays the freight.

If you understand what I am talking about with regard to The Long Conversation, about the whispering voices anchoring us to our own sanity, then we might even say that these spirits will do more than just whisper. If nothing else it is a comforting thought, that a power greater than us, that our power has our back. It is precisely this thought that helps keep us sane. When we are connected to others, when we acknowledge that our actions affect more than just us, then and only then are we more likely to act sanely as we all share responsibility for the group as well as the individual.



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One thought on “The Long Conversation”

  1. I am sorry to hear about the terrible (if standardized) abuse that you suffered as a child. I was much more fortunate, having been raised atheistically by scientific materialists during the flower-child kumbaya-singing 70s. Breaking the atheist materialist dogma-set was difficult in a logical-fallacy sense, but at least it wasn’t emotionally & physically traumatic.

    Of all the various forms of mind control witchcraft practiced by the unholy church/state alliance, by far the most destructive is the hijacking and subversion of our own spoken language.

    Another of your patented amazingly-well-articulated thoughts Cog. (I the use of the word “witchcraft” stung just a little bit, but it’s only another aspect of the self-same phenomenon of word/concept hijacking, and I’m sure you meant it in the generic sense).

    Short of creating a new language, then widely distributing it via a hostile press and MSM, the only effective solution is for the population to reconnect to The Long Conversation.

    You are right, although all around me are people I love who want me to do the work for them. “Go get enlightened and give me a 60-second digest update, will ya?” How do I even bridge the divide that separates my frame of reference from theirs?

    My husband still wants me to find something to “do” with my “time” and when we talked about it yesterday we discussed the idea of my hosting a video blog explaining my evolving perspective & message. I just looked at him and said “She wants me to” and let it sit there to see his reaction. Of course, he asked “Who?”

    How do I even answer that question? How do I even know “who”? And even if I did “know”, how would I convince anyone else? Where are my suitable-for-framing certificates of authenticity as a stamped-for-approval “expert”? The only “proof” of my perspective is resonance that is intuitively felt and tenuous threads weak evidence like Ariadne’s thread through the labyrinth. The harvest is so thin, the bowl so close to empty, and those who want the message to fail can so easily shout us down, demonize us, ridicule us, and failing that destroy us outright. Even the official history makes that much clear.

    The Long Conversation is always as close as the next heartbeat. Each of us has the opportunity to participate the very moment we choose; and like anything else in this slow material universe, practice does help. So does having friends who can share the experience, whether in-the-moment or after the fact. A communion of saints — as it was meant to be.

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