Resistance Is Futile: The Borg Empire’s State of Mind

Resistance Is Futile: The Borg Empire’s State of Mind


Cognitive Dissonance

Despite claims to the contrary, it is extremely difficult to differentiate between reality and the Borg Empire’s State of Mind. If you live and die in a water filled fish bowl where algae, barnacles and various other vision obscuring detritus slowly accumulate on the circular glass wall, the worlds both inside and out are perceived in very specific ways.

Have you ever experienced an epiphany, that moment of clarity and realization where nothing has changed, but everything is different? I’m not speaking of a Eureka moment when sudden insight is gained into a particular issue or problem. Rather I speak of that moment when our focus suddenly shifts from the green slime on the wall to some or all of what lay beyond.

Personally I’ve experienced it three times in my life, four if you count that wonderful acid trip way back when my young mind was still flexible enough to comprehend the impossible. The problem presents when returning to this distorted reality thoroughly shaken and awestruck, but still capable of functioning in an insane world while not clearly remembering, or comprehending, the real one.

Not everyone can re-adjust to our horribly distorted and altered reality once near perfection is revealed. Then again, well adjusted and functioning within the Borg Mind most definitely doesn’t mean we are healthy and sane.

Each of my visits to the other side of the glass divide was eventually followed by back sliding into the comfortably numb black abyss of the Collective Mind. Cognitive leaps are usually an accumulation of carefully digested baby steps, often one or two forward and on occasion one or two back. True progress is measured in experience units, not in accumulated pieces.

The more I know, the more I know I don’t know diddly. This is not a declaration of surrender, but rather a profound and humbling insight. We silly humans are lazy creatures when comfortably sated. If we are led to believe there is nothing of significance left to see or hear, we simply stop looking and listening. Confine the perceived world solely to what is within easy cognitive reach, our cozy fish bowl for example, and our critical thinking and alternative reality perception muscles grow weak and flabby from inactivity.

The big lie endlessly promoted by the Borg Empire is simply stated; all that is real and important is already known. And the vessel of knowledge, understanding and happiness lay safely confined within the Borg Mind. All we need do is give ourselves over to its control willingly and completely. After all, resistance is futile and entirely unnecessary. You will be assimilated, so why fight the inevitable?

From what I’ve been told, all my life in fact, the Borg Mind ain’t all that bad. We get constant superficial affirmation from the carnival barkers as well as our fellow sleepwalkers seeking the same cursory confirmation. Life’s highest goal is to conspicuously consume using the ultimate unsecured credit card. We knowingly steal food from our grandchildren’s mouths, pulling forward demand while pushing away the unpaid bill, then punch the reset button every eight to ten years and start it up all over again.

Sounds perfectly sustainable to me!

The best part of this devil’s deal with our inner demons is the streaming video and lightening fast page loads via a super quick broadband connection now considered a basic human right guaranteed by the Geneva Convention’s Net Neutrality Addendum of 2017. Cut the cable bro, for we can now eat our internet cake and surf it too.

Sublime succulent ecstasy, soon wirelessly delivered directly into our brain via outpatient chip implantation surgery! I can’t wait for the rave reviews from the early adopters as they barf up what’s been beamed in. Even so, garbage in garbage out has taken on a whole new meaning long before we are seamlessly wired into Big Borg Brother.

Want to bet the chip placement will eventually be fully covered by all health insurance plans? Trust me on this one; it will be declared a matter of national security. I’m not frightened in the least by the prospect of Artificial Intelligence, but I am scared to death of the coming ‘Enhanced Intelligence” human.

By now most people are aware, even if only via personal experience, that inflation adjusted wages have stagnated since the 90’s here in the great US of A. And by inflation adjusted I mean the official criminally under-reported inflation measure everyone who purchases anything knows is a total lie. Using a more accurate and realistic inflation input, wages have steadily dropped for more than twenty years.

But productivity has steadily increased since the industrial revolution began more than a hundred years ago; accelerating even faster as computer technology and the accompanying automation is integrated. Common sense, along with several academic studies, suggests the average worker should be working less hours per week, not more, if we were fairly sharing the benefits of the productivity increases.

But such is clearly not the case. Aside from the obvious incentive of the owners to hoard as much profit as possible derived from the workers’ labor, why hasn’t the average worker benefited more from the greater productivity?

To be perfectly frank, to even ask this question in this manner exposes our deeply embedded programming. For it tends to illustrate our fundamental belief in the greatest myth ever sold, that the US government (any government for that matter) was created to serve and to protect “We the People” rather than to serve and to protect the ruling class/elite slave owners from “We the Slaves”.

To fully recognize the Borg Empire for what it truly is, a control system of the many for the benefit of the few, appears at first glance to fly in the face of our present day reality. Isn’t this the land of the free and the home of the brave? Cannot we do anything we want, say anything we want, live wherever and however we want and buy anything we want?

Well, yes of course we can…within reasonable limits of course. To quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Sorry if that rubs our noses a little too firmly into our own stinking mess. Based upon my experience the truth usually hurts…and stinks even worse.

The place where so many dismiss this line of thought is right here and right now. Since the traditional ‘slavery’ meme entails whips, chains and great suffering, if those components are not (obviously) present, there simply can be no slavery.

We conveniently forget that the vast majority of the real slaves of legend (movies actually) self regulated their own incarceration. A few severe beatings, an occasional lynching along with slave word of mouth was sufficient to deliver a loud and clear message to the slave population: this far and no further.

Exactly how different is it today than it was 200 years ago? Does this mean your heart is filled with joy when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror? I suppose if four police cruisers converged in your front lawn, officers exiting with guns drawn and game faces on, you would fling the front door open and welcome them with milk and cookies. I bet you’re thrilled to receive a letter from the IRS informing you the bank error was not in your favor.

It always amazes me how much energy people devote to ignoring the obvious. Then again, denial is presently the number one national pastime, leaving football far behind in second place.



We are a fantasy believing culture, a culture of make believe in fact, where everyone agrees not to discuss the obvious while vigorously debating the silly and mostly inconsequential. As Noam Chomsky once famously said, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

It is entirely permissible to bitch and complain all we want about the dehumanizing effects brought upon by a blood sucking soul quenching control system perpetrated by the Borg State of Mind. But one must NEVER question the system itself. All hail capitalism, democracy and our storm troopers because everyone hates us for our freedoms.

Or maybe they just hate us for our hypocrisy and war mongering.

Either we believe the lie or we confront the lie; there is no in-between. Conditioned from birth to seek the softer easier way, the choice is obvious…and the dark and suffocating cognitive dissonance is slowly driving us mad.

Why would a control system liberate and enlighten the previously enslaved minds? The answer is frighteningly obvious: it would not. But it would encourage the conditioned mind to believe it has been liberated for one simple reason. Those who believe themselves free are vastly more productive than those who know they are not. The plantation system may have completely changed over the last two centuries, but the labor source and ultimate beneficiaries have not.

Perhaps ‘control’ is too severe a word, too loaded with belly sickening connotation and pre-conditioned meaning for the ego to allow passage thru the rational part of the brain to liberate the self aware consciousness. Then again, we refuse to believe what we cannot bring ourselves to accept as real.

This conundrum was never clearer to me than when I witnessed what was obviously a series of explosions while being told it was a collapse. To this day people who view a video replay of the Twin Towers being destroyed from within swear to their almighty cognitive creators (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX) it was a collapse. Our programmed and conditioned truths are too precious to our fragile slave psyche to be easily dispatched by reasonable doubt and rational questions.

Seeing is definitely not believing in the Borg Empire’s State of Mind. If it ever actually arrives, the rescue team will have to pry our comforting self delusions from our cold dead brains. And based upon what I see dead ahead, that won’t be too long now for Borg assimilation is accelerating on an exponential basis.

In many respects, a nation of walking brain dead is already upon us.

But one doesn’t need to actually be brain dead to be assimilated. In fact being mindless is a distinct disadvantage. The Borg Mind seeks more than just increased productivity from the pacified mind. Someone needs to purchase all those products and services being produced by the collective. Plus the pleasantly pacified must also keep its own house and body in a somewhat orderly fashion. This requires intelligence at a minimum level and a willingness to employ it.

Can’t say I really blame anyone for participating in the collective denial. Who wants to believe the Necromongers are alive and well and posing as shepherds of the benevolent (deep) state. Better to believe there is a fault in the system than accept it is the system itself that’s at fault, along with the psychopathic monsters we allow (enable would be a more honest assessment) to corral us into open air, and door, cognitive pens.

We can check out at any time, but we can never leave…because we don’t want to. The Borg Mind provides us with perceived purpose, cognitive comfort and a nearly impregnable shield protecting us from self awareness and personal responsibility. It just doesn’t get any better than this, giving us exactly what we want by first telling us what we want. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

But as with all illusions, there is no substance, no form or function, nothing of real value to be found in the flickering shadows splayed across the walls of our glass bowl. We grow physically obese from consuming empty calories while spiritually, emotionally and intellectually starving from a lack of soul nurturing nourishment.

Our amniotic fluid, also known as our co-opted and conditioning culture, is killing us softly but oh so assuredly. Either we need to change the water on a regular basis or stop peeing in the pool. I vote for both, the Empire votes neither.

This would all appear to be ripped out of some fantastical science fiction novel if it weren’t a horribly perverse truth. Then again, truth is always far more unbelievable than any fiction could ever be. At least fiction must make some kind of sense if it is to be consumed whole and passed undigested. In so many respects we apply far more critical thinking to fiction than we do to purported fact, particularly when those facts confirm preconceived notions already implanted in our minds.

The sad fact is very little of our thinking is actually original thought. One need only spend a few minutes gathered around the water cooler or other similar rallying point and listen to the prevailing conversations. Odds are extremely high what is claimed as personal opinion will in fact be regurgitated mainstream media spun political, social and business news.

Garbage in, garbage out…just the way the Borg Mind likes it.

It has been suggested by those much smarter than me that animals gather in herds to increase their chance of survival. While a few of the unlucky may be culled from the fringes by predators, overall the majority of the herd remains intact, therefore able to feed, grow and reproduce. In this case there is strength in numbers.

But it is also true human predators leverage the herding instinct to corral and slaughter those very same animals. Why wouldn’t a more sophisticated application be employed when human predators herd and harvest fellow humans? The only difference is the technique used and the product harvested.

Sadly the most valuable product harvested from humans, one of many plucked from the mind when ripe, is our consent and willingness to comply and produce on command. But of course, “We the Cattle” don’t see it that way. Mission accomplished for the Borg Empire’s State of Mind.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress…for decades.


Cognitive Dissonance


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  1. “Where men live huddled together without true communication, there seems to be greater sharing, and a more genuine communion. But this is not communion, only immersion in the general meaninglessness of countless slogans and clichés repeated over and over again so that in the end one listens without hearing and responds without thinking. The constant din of empty words and machine noises, the endless booming of loudspeakers end by making true communication and true communion almost impossible. Each individual in the mass is insulated by thick layers of insensibility. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t hear, he doesn’t think. He does not act, he is pushed. He does not talk, he produces conventional sounds when stimulated by the appropriate noises. He does not think, he secretes clichés.

    Merton, Thomas. New Seeds of Contemplation (pp. 54-55). New Directions. Kindle Edition.

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