Bitcoin: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Bitcoin: The Greatest Story Ever Sold


Cognitive Dissonance

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” – Oldest sales trick in the book

“Resistance is futile. You must assimilate” - The Borg


Once I discover what triggers or motivates a person, and then figure out how to activate it, I can sell anything. And it doesn’t even need to be a product or service they previously wanted.

Case in point….life insurance.

I sold life insurance for almost ten years and made a decent living while doing so. I never forced anything on anyone and quickly canceled the policy if they decided later it was not what they wanted.

Very few did. I had the second lowest lapse/cancel rate in my region.

You want the customer to decide on their own volition, and with minimal prompting on your part, that they want; no, they need what you are selling. Once this occurs, you are simply an order taker filling the expressed need(s) of the customer.

To do so you sell the sizzle, not the steak.

I wasn’t selling life insurance. I was solving a financial ‘problem’ everyone has, but often doesn’t recognize as a problem, is in denial of the problem or fears the problem is too big or expensive to solve.

I am not bragging, but rather pointing out something very few people consider. We are all heavily influenced by (psychological warfare) sales techniques deeply rooted in all sales pitches delivered by skilled practitioners. And the number one most powerful technique employed is to plant a seed that leverages the customer’s own emotional triggers.

Taken to the extreme level, once a person is triggered within carefully controlled and presented parameters, anything is possible. The key is to get them to turn off the critical thinking component of the mind (while letting them believe they have not) and ramp up the emotional coefficient (while supporting their belief they have not) all while encouraging them to believe it’s their own genius idea. So…what does this have to do with Bitcoin?

In a word…everything!

Whether by design or natural evolution, and possibly a combination of the two, the Bitcoin ‘story’ pushes all the right buttons needed to ignite a stampede of exponential proportions. And what a story it is.

A small group of intrepid anarchists/libertarians/misfits/geeks/geniuses led by the mysterious and still unknown Satoshi Nakamoto created and developed Bitcoin and the supporting blockchain to thumb their noses at the global banking hierarchy/governmental control conglomerate/conspiracy, freeing the financially oppressed and liberty suppressed underclass to rebel against the new world order and bring chaos reigning down upon the Empire by undermining their control mechanisms, the insidious central banking cesspools and their worthless fiat currencies.

Or something like that.

If you take several steps back and attempt to see the big picture, it sure sounds to me like a deliciously naughty Tom Clancy novel or even an episode from Star Wars titled “The Rebels Strike Back”. What wannabe star fighter pilot wouldn’t love to stick it to the man by buying Bitcoin and giving all of them the finger in the process?

And if you just so happen to become flighty rich in the process, so much the better. Once you become the richest man on the planet you will rain itty bitty Bitcoin pieces upon the starving masses and save the world from those fat cat bankers and various sociopathic leader scum.

No feat of narcissistic imagination could get any better than this real life fairly tale of a story. Destroy the world to save it while becoming wealthy beyond imagination, all by doing little more than pushing a button and HODLing. Hell, sell the house, the car, even the wife, whatever it takes to buy more Bitcoin to fight the evil elite and save humanity from itself.

Obviously I am exaggerating a bit. But judging from the various pro Bitcoin rationalization articles I’ve read over the last few months of Bitcoin’s parabolic rise, I’m only exaggerating a little bit.

The most valuable currency in the world is belief, whether in an ideology, a physical entity or even a supreme being. If you can combine all those and more, you have on your hands a rip-your-face-off social movement that knows no upper limit…right up until it does.

This is not to say Bitcoin is fake. On the contrary, it is as real as any other ‘currency’ simply because those who own, trade, spend and HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) Bitcoin believe it to be real. This is no different than widespread faith and belief in the almighty US Dollar, Japanese Yen or English pound, other than the official virtual currency(s) is backed by nothing more tangible than the mighty American military machine.

Which, I might delicately add, a military that’s (eventually) turned loose upon any entity, foreign or domestic, that threatens to undermine our faith and belief in the almighty US Dollar.

Let’s see what we have here.

A ‘currency’ that is rather difficult to spend at your local Five and Dime (but becoming less so on a daily basis) therefore you are mostly limited to holding or trading it, is restricted to 21 million units in total of which 12 million is presently available with a float many orders of magnitude less, is blindly supported by a group of rabid HODLing believers who are now filthy rich if they bought it just last week or earlier and which is clearly and obviously manipulated by parties unknown to such a degree the Chinese are insanely jealous, but are quietly taking pictures and furiously scribbling notes.

Do I have that right? Did I miss anything?

Seen from the perspective of a veteran salesman, I’m insanely jealous I didn’t come up with this idea myself. The best I’ve ever managed was to come up with the idea of visiting pet sitters several years before it went mainstream. It was my severe allergy to cats that prevented me from taking it nationwide. Permanent post nasal drip isn’t conducive to begging Silicon Valley angel investors for funding.

Color my cynical, but I’m now old enough to recognize dirty tricks when they come around for a second, third and fourth airing. And Bitcoin stinks of reverse psychology skullduggery squared to the infinite power. But the amazing thing is this doesn’t invalidate Bitcoin in the least, and may actually lend even more sizzle to the bold Bitcoin steak.

I was hoodwinked by an unknown three letter agency and all I got was this stupid tee shirt and several million/billion dollars.

How do you get someone to eat the peas they claim to hate? Dress them up as jelly beans and pay them obscene amounts of fiat to consume them. Pretty soon everyone wants to eat their peas and keep them too.



I seem to remember article after article outlining how every official fiat counterfeiter and central bank pusher in the world was proclaiming the virtues of virtual currency while decreeing physical cash, currency and coin as evil incarnate and the devil’s playground. The howls of distrust and revulsion among every single breathing human being, other than the fiat conflicted and consumed, about the loss of cold hard cash were hard to ignore.

Clearly the average Jane and Joe did not wish to part with their small cache of cash, regardless of whether the majority of their actual ‘wealth’ was little more than ones and zeros safely tucked away in the cloud, secure fluffy white cumulonimbus we can only hope.

While Bitcoin has been around since 2009/10, only in the last few months has it entered the public mind with stories of instant millionaires whose road to success was scratching off the winning lottery ticket rather than growing their wealth the old fashioned way, by lying, cheating and stealing as the elite have done.

But while Bitcoin has blazed the trail of consent to more widespread distribution via the greed button, the heavy yeoman’s psyops work is actually being done by the introduction of hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies. While many feel they have missed the Bitcoin train, there is still plenty of virtual crypto lottery tickets, freshly mined daily, that are waiting to be scratched. The once reluctant mind has turned positively manic with excitement.

Mission accomplished.

You see, Bitcoin doesn’t actually need to be fake or fatally flawed in order to act as the messenger carrying the impregnated cryptoseed stealthily implanted, then germinated, within the minds of the teaming masses. The more Bitcoin billionaires there are, the more the masses will yearn for a piece of the crypto pie. Just a few crumbs are all I want dear sir.

For those unaware of this sales technique, predictive programming is its name and cognitive leverage is its game, a fact well known on Madison Avenue, in Langley, Virginia and Fort Meade, Maryland. The CIA in particular uses this, and many other techniques, on a regular basis throughout the world to depose leaders, ignite revolutions and plant subtle memes to be used now or later.

Only the terminally naïve believe the CIA restricts its nefarious activities to foreign soil. From its perspective, the CIA sees itself as the behind-the-scenes defender of the “American Way” and it will use any and all tools at its disposal to do so. Not only will it manipulate foreign perceptions, but also domestic views and ideas that form our own reality.

Either we make our own reality or we live within someone else’s creation. The CIA and various other three letter agencies are tasked with creating our reality for us and they will use any means available to do so.

Since it is becoming increasingly obvious to anyone with two working brain cells that the almighty dollar is under increasing pressure from all points of the compass, it stands to reason this dollar assault is considered a national security issue and will be confronted, and defended, both directly and indirectly.

Here’s the thing I keep coming back to. While many people love to believe all government is grossly ineffective, incompetent and wasteful (and much of it is) the CIA and others of the same breed employ delicately precise and blunt force trauma overkill to the nth degree. Combine this with a deep state presence whose only goal is to maintain or increase their power and you have a mixed cocktail of intoxicating proportions.

Even if Bitcoin in particular, and blockchain in general, were not created and/or enabled at birth by the CIA/NSA etc. doesn’t mean they remain pure as the Virgin Mary now. If Bitcoin really is such a threat to the established financial empire as the cryptomaniacs claim it to be, why hasn’t the establishment taken direct and effective steps against it long before now?

Regardless if the blockchain is a distributed network that cannot be stopped, all one must do is outlaw the use and/or conversion of Bitcoin to the local coin of the realm to immediately stop its rapid, and profitable, propagation. Since this has not occurred to date, one must surmise there is a reason for not doing so.

All the police state needs to do is cry national security and the curtain comes down on the Bitcoin stage (d) production. You do not need to destroy the rebel force in order to render it ineffective.

While the deep state and its minions are rarely of one mind about a multitude of issues, witness the constant infighting and jockeying for position, nothing clears the mind or clarifies its purpose like the certain knowledge of imminent demise. If Bitcoin, blockchain and the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies were the mortal danger loudly advertised by the Bitcoin ideologies, it would be squashed in a New York minute.

You don’t f**k with Mother Nature nor Father Fiat.

I fully and readily admit I have no crystal ball insight into the machinations of the deep state, nor any awareness of its true goals and end game. Nor must I know in order to smell the skunk in the blockchain woodpile.

All threats to the Empire, whether real, imagined or artificially created, are directly and/or indirectly confronted into extinction or assimilation. An aware and open-minded examination of the social revolts and uprisings of the 60’s and 70’s in the US exposes the counter intelligence programs of subversion, infiltration, control and even genesis of these threats that rendered all of them ineffective, distracted, distorted and ultimately mute.

Since Bitcoin and blockchain has not to date been significantly impeded, one must surmise it is serving the purpose of the Empire to exist. As hurtful to the ideology and the ego as this thought might be, I strongly suspect Bitcoin and its ilk is not what they appear to be.

Still, that doesn’t prevent you or me from becoming filthy rich in the process. Go for the gusto my friend, drink deep from the intoxicating waters of easy wealth. Just remember something many will forget in their mad rush to Bitcoin/blockchain riches.

Money changes people in fundamental ways. It is the ultimate mind virus, bar none. The easiest and most effective way to dull the rebel mind is to shower it with wealth and power. The catch is you must become one with the Empire to enjoy it.

Resistance is futile. You must assimilate.


Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. Cashless society. Hmm, what technology would you use? Once the bugs (like hacking) are work out it will be ready for the deep state to own it all.

    1. Purplefrog,

      We already have an almost cashless society. I believe non-cash transactions now account for more than 95% of all transactions in the US. In parts of Europe it is even higher. It doesn’t matter how secure or insecure the system will be, only that the powers that be get rid of the cash. Then we are little more than easily controlled puppets.

      Cognitive Dissonance

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