The Individual Is Rising – Book Excerpt Two

(Cognitive Dissonance – While I edited this book for Joe I am not participating in any revenue from the sale of this book. However I did purchase several copies for personal use as well as to give to family and friends.)

From the back cover:

Despite a period of tremendous technological development, a process which should have decentralized society and empowered the individual, the 20th century was characterized by major centralization. This consolidation of power served to expand the size and scope of government and favored institutions which in turn created a rigid, top-down societal structure. Within this structure, the goals of government and institutions became the collective goals of society and the will of the individual was subordinated.

The Individual is Rising” examines the subtle changes to the monetary system over the last century that enabled the funding of this mass centralization while making the case that a financial “reset” is on the horizon due to the pervasive corruption and poor fundamentals that underlie the current financial system. In addition we look to the future and examine the global paradigm shift that is already in motion and rapidly gaining speed, a transfer of power to the individual that will not be televised or documented as a paradigm shift, but none-the-less will be clearly visible to those willing to look.

The Individual is Rising” details ideas and strategies, financial and otherwise, for regaining sovereignty and even thriving in the 21st century in the wake of the “Great Reset”. At the heart of the fundamental concepts contained within this book is the principle that the individual has the power and wisdom necessary to create a better future. This manuscript adamantly suggests that the human spirit is beginning to recognize what has transpired over the last hundred years and will not be dominated by collective society much longer.

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