The Psyops of “The Silence Breakers” Meme

The Psyops of “The Silence Breakers” Meme


Cognitive Dissonance

Time magazine just named their widely acclaimed and followed “Person of the Year”, an award sometimes not given to a single person, but rather to several people, a meme or movement, an entity, basically any ‘thing’ that has greatly influenced the public discourse or narrative.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

This year (Dec of 2017) Time announced their selection for the award…”The Silence Breakers”…collectively several women who have individually, and publicly, broken their silence regarding (past) sexual abuse and unwanted transgressions by men in positions of power and influence.

Where do I begin?

Just about the only thing that isn’t fraudulent about this entire affair is the fact there was actual sexual abuse and unwanted transgressions by men in positions of power, though components of this ‘truth meme’ will be challenged by me in this article.

Unfortunately this subject, as are all subjects we don’t talk (or think) about, is a cognitive landmine just waiting to ensnare and destroy. We are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets, those people, places and things we dare not speak of, even to ourselves. Or, at best, we speak of them in hushed tones only to our closest confidants, often not our spouses and loved ones.

In an effort to defuse the worst of the triggered I shall lay out my credentials in public to demonstrate I’ve had chips in the game and I may actually know something about the subject, despite being a ‘privileged’ white male.

I was abused both as a child and as a young adult…in every way imaginable, meaning not just sexually. I am/was one of those who were ‘silenced’ by the person(s) in power, by the public’s refusal to discuss these ugly subjects and, most importantly, by myself.

If nothing else my experiences give me the right to speak on this subject in the first person voice of personal knowledge and intimate knowing. This doesn’t make my opinions and observations ‘right’, just more knowledgeable and informed than the average Joe and possibly equal to the average Jane.

Let’s start off with Time magazine in particular and the so called Fourth Estate in general. Based upon the self righteous chest beating and arrogant pedestal erecting by the Fourth Estate as the last and only bastion of truth telling and silence breaking, where exactly was the Fourth Estate when all this unbroken silence was deafening?

By the media’s own admission, nearly every single abuse case recently ‘exposed’ involved a perpetrator whose abhorrent behavior was already common knowledge in the industry or profession. So why didn’t Time or any other Mainstream Media (MSM) outlet expose this to the world?

The answer is, at a minimum, twofold and in reality extremely complex and amazingly simple at the same time.

First of all, regardless of what the MSM might ever have been, at this stage in the decline and fall of the American Empire, the MSM is deeply embedded within the power structure and serves only to protect the empire’s power, both at the individual and institutional level.

Period! Full stop!

You can stop reading here if you wish, having received the gist of my message. The MSM lies to you and me. Repeatedly and skillfully I might add, notwithstanding going full Monty over the last few weeks.

Which means its primary purpose is to perpetuate and protect the existing power structure while convincing you and me it is doing the opposite by telling us what we want to hear after instructing us what we should be hearing. This is called propaganda and we all produce it in some form, flavor and function. Those with the biggest (and longest lasting) bullhorn, aka the MSM, usually win the fight for cognitive control and capture.

Bottom line, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, the entertainment ‘industry’, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and its gangster bankers, all multinational corporations and various (three letter) government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and NSA etc., were (and in nearly all cases still are) overtly and covertly coddled and protected by a fawning and subservient mainstream media.

Simply stated, the MSM will protect its food source rather than expose it to danger. A conditioned, captured and corralled MSM (and population) will not reveal the rot and corruption unless forced to do so by truly independent outside forces. If the MSM does expose a piece of decaying flesh, it is highly likely the exposure is being used by one competing faction within the power base against another and not to enlighten you or me about the terrible misdeeds of some ‘bad’ guys.

We the People” are but indentured servitude pawns on the grand global chessboard, easily dispatched when convenient or necessary for the greater good of the controlling elite aka the King’s Court.

Please do not conflate or compare your local TV or radio station with the national networks. While local ‘news’ stations are certainly guilty of repeating the propaganda memes, most of what they report (local crime, governmental meetings, social events etc.) is true ‘news’, thus burnishing the reputation of all media when much of the news truth we are fed is strictly local and locally verifiable.

As insulting as this may be to my dear readers, if you still believe the majority of what you hear on the national news’ networks, you are a captured soul and possess a thoroughly conditioned Empire State of Mind. The media tells us what to think, then serves up ‘news’ spun just so in order to confirm we are thinking correctly.

The MSM is a tool of (deep) statecraft, expertly leveraged for power and control both domestically and internationally. The population is told what the population needs to ‘know’ in order to accept the next social/political meme or reinforce the last one. Amazingly this hypocrisy is no longer hidden, nor do they even bother to try.

Since each polarized groupthink is told precisely what they want to hear, triggering wonderful shots of brain endorphins each time it is done, why would they ever question the MSM’s veracity other than to pompously declare only the other side is lying? Of course the MSM is speaking truth because they are confirming for me what I (want to) believe is the truth. Each ‘side’ has its own comforting repeater cooing in their ear.

Even the non conformist Empire deniers get it on the action; skillfully supplied with their own self operating endorphin pump by the so-called alternative media. Echo chambers to the left of me, sycophants to the right, even wild sex can’t compete with the endorphin thrill of constantly refreshing our favorite affirming website or media channel(s).

Do not underestimate or downplay how powerful and addictive cognitive confirmation can be. When we abandon (or never begin) critical thinking and let someone else think for us, we become desperate for external affirmation of our beliefs. To believe we are too smart to be tricked or swayed is a fatal flaw nearly all of us possess.

Our own denial of the propaganda process and its effectiveness upon us opens a ten lane highway directly into our minds. If we reject cognitive manipulation as possible, we never see (nor honestly seek) any evidence of past or present propaganda programming. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

For dozens (hundreds) of years voices have been raised, both individually and collectively, about the cross cultural problem of powerful men (and some women as well) using their power and influence for less than honorable deeds. This raises some questions in my mind, and should in yours as well.

Why is this suddenly a national crisis of monumental proportions that dominated the news cycle for a few weeks, but has grown silent once again? Why were the abusers who were outed/ousted almost exclusively liberal politically, and why were no significant conservatives singled out? Does this mean conservatives have purer hearts and minds?

I could go on and on, but the questions above are a place to start. My point is worth repeating. If some or all of the MSM is urgently pointing fingers in one direction, the intent is for you to swallow that propaganda hook, line and sinker. And to maintain your gaze in the direction provided so you won’t notice the daylight robbery already in progress behind you.

Look, a squirrel! No, really, a SQUIRREL!

The obviously synchronized and often embarrassingly illogical MSM Trump bashing is another example of MSM misdirection tactics. This is not to say Trump is not a national embarrassment and dangerously erratic. Of course he is. But in view of the true roll the mainstream media plays in supporting the status quo, consider for just a moment why most of the MSM is singing with one shrill voice on the same off key.

The king cannot rule without the support of the court, and the deep state court would have you believe the king has no clothes and is illegitimate. The surveillance state and its various minions and political bagmen announced long before Trump was a serious contender that he was unfit for duty. As he grew in popularity, the MSM siren grew louder and louder. He was not the deep state controlled MSM’s pick and either you do as the MSM tells you to do or you are sullied using every filthy trick in the book.

After the election, which was shocking only to those who refused to put their ear to the ground and listen to the rumblings of discontent, elected politicians, unelected autocrats, surveillance state heads, leaders of public corporations, wealthy private individuals and any one or thing who felt their power base threatened gathered together to plot ‘the resistance’ under the feel good justification of righteous indignation.

They were plotting various psychological operations (psyops) to leverage the people against their perceived enemy (not yours) to further their needs and ambitions. This applies to all sides of the divide. We were, and still are, being played folks.

Either this is a treasonous attack upon the duly elected sitting president (regardless of whether or not you like the results) or the Office of the President has finally been exposed as no longer the true seat of power in this country. Take your pick; either choice is ugly and contrary to the popular meme of a powerful president and commander in chief.

Political rebels and non conformists who don’t toe the power line and refuse the bidding of the deep state court, the true seat of power in all political organizations, are hounded out of office or killed while seated on the throne. A careful read of American history (world history for that matter) shows Trump is not the first to threaten the established power center/political order and be smacked (or shot) in the head.

A second, and in my mind far more interesting and nuanced reason the MSM media did not expose these miscreants earlier/ever is the following.

There is a huge difference between hidden knowledge and common knowledge not publicly acknowledged. Hidden knowledge is by definition deliberately hidden from us, usually by unsavory actors who stand to gain from the imbalance of information various parties have available to them. Of course you’re going to want to know this hidden secret, if only to gain from the information yourself or to discover if you have been personally harmed.

The perfect example is someone embezzling money. They hide this information from everyone simply to enable the continuing embezzlement and to avoid prosecution for previous acts. Essentially they arbitrage the information gap to benefit themselves at your and my expense, whether from the public or our private purse.

On the other hand, common knowledge not publicly acknowledged is hidden from others and ourselves by us. While we all want to hear what others are keeping from us, rarely if ever do we what to hear what we are keeping from ourselves.

For example, consider Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The king and his court are conned into believing a new suit of clothes for the king can be created that is invisible to those unworthy of their title, rank or privilege. This is the threat used to punish non complaint behavior and enforce silence.

It is obvious to every individual that the king is buck naked. But since silence reigns supreme and no one wishes to speak the unspoken for fear of the real or imagined consequences, they remain under the influence of their own self imposed silence. Truth is never publicly declared as fact until a young boy not yet fully constrained by social memes or concern for self blurts out the truth.

Suddenly ‘common’ knowledge becomes fully accepted as common and known precisely because it was publicly acknowledged. Until that moment when the boy spoke his mind, there was a strong disincentive for everyone to speak truth to power or to themselves. Therefore what was widely ‘known’ remained un-real, meaning it was consciously denied (or at least deeply suppressed) so widely and to such a degree that it held no significant influence or presence within the present reality.

Or more accurately, the presence it did maintain was incongruent with what would be expected if people actually acknowledged and acted upon the information…which they eventually did when the young boy affirmed the unspoken reality. Only the king remained to perpetuate the farce.

Interestingly the MSM is purported to be that young boy hovering in the back unaffected by the crowd’s madness. Because the MSM presents itself as premier truthsayers, its silence on any subject infers all is well when the opposite is in fact the truth. Its silence is the blunt force trauma used to enforce self censorship and allegiance, or at least silent compliance, to the corruption, power-brokers, sociopaths and war mongers.

The MSM’s blinding spotlight, squarely focused upon the non compliant, can quickly destroy any one of us socially, politically and financially. This is the big stick, the implied threat to title, rank or privilege that enforces silence and compliance.

Is it any wonder nearly all political dirty work is executed through the ‘free’ press, including the recent and ongoing Trump gang bang, cheered on by the righteously indignant deaf, dumb and blind. Of course, the other side is no better and possibly worse. MAGA my ass. Just take a close look at the recently proposed tax ‘reform’ to see who they are making great again. All sides are being played against one another while Rome is sacked and looted before being burned to the ground.

The pious and pure among us (qualities requiring no particular political allegiance) are hopelessly burdened by an obvious dissonance. We declare awareness that the MSM spreads lies and propaganda, yet we grasp any tender morsel spewed that confirms our own belief system or bias. The same psychosis supports our declaration all politicians are corrupt… except our local rain making ‘elected’ benefactor. S/he’s a real nice guy/gal.

This type of widely held cognitive dissonance is truly paralyzing and ultimately psychologically damaging, especially if experienced over an extended period of time. To seriously suppress or reject our own senses and cognitive perception in the face of the glaringly obvious contradictions causes an existential crisis within.

Those well adapted to the insanity and not outwardly distressed are not healthy, but rather just possessed by a static mindset that quickly rejects contrary stimulus, thereby obstructing truly enlightening self reflection or perception.

This in turn causes the cognitively confused individual to seek reassurance and affirmation from a higher ‘authority’, in this case the herd, the very same herd enthralled by and perpetuating the insanity. Because the ‘truth’ is not physically voiced or officially declared as ‘real’, the herd not only ignores reality but actively suppresses and denies it.

This is a perfect example of the madness of crowds infecting the individual, which in turn back feeds the crowd in a perfect positive feedback loop. Until someone or thing widely disseminates ‘common’ knowledge in a confirming (and comforting) manner, thereby disabling the disincentive and freeing the chains that bind, it simply cannot and must not be spoken of out loud.



Harvey Weinstein’s sociopathic behavior was widely known to most, if not all, within the closed loop of the entertainment industry. Insiders even occasionally joked about him and his perverse proclivity on camera, though only those in-the-know actually understood the joke. How can such ‘common’ knowledge be a secret?

There is no doubt one of the MSM’s defenses would be the concern they would be sued for libel and slander if they had exposed Weinstein. Of course, you can only libel and slander someone if you wrongly and intentionally accuse them of something they did not do. A little sincere and determined digging would have unearthed all that has come out and more.

One of the glaringly obvious aspects (not being discussed of course) of the Weinstein case in particular, but all power abuse cases in general, is the overt and covert enabling and coddling of the abusers by those closest to the abuser who were in a position to intervene…or at least to blow the whistle on the abuser.

The primary reason Weinstein was so powerful in the industry was NOT because he was a great producer, talent scout or master businessman. He was powerful because he was considered untouchable. Just as a King gains his power from his court, thus the reason he showers his court with special advantages and perks, so too was Weinstein empowered and emboldened by the deliberate silence and enabling provided by his court, in this case those few at the top who were in a position to protect or expose him.

This phenomenon is readily apparent by simply reading Weinstein’s desperate emailed plea to the court in which he begs his enablers to support him one last time. The entire letter reveals so much of the underlying dynamics, but this quote says it all. “If the industry supports me, that is all I need.”

Of course, by this time the court is in full damage control mode and in no mind to save the King. In a symbiotic closed loop power pod, any unsalvageable component must be quickly rejected and disowned or the damage might quickly spread to adjacent healthier members. Survival mode kicks in and the race is on to raise the drawbridge, fill the moat and mobilize the defenses.

The one question not being honestly asked or answered pertains to why Weinstein was exposed NOW despite decades of decadent behavior. An answer is inferred by way of MSM virtue signaling and pious pronouncements using “The Silence Breakers” meme to cover up their long term silence of Weinstein’s (and others) despicable deeds by heralding the bravery exhibited by the women who spoke out.

In no way, shape or form am I denigrating the women who acted bravely and against their deep seated instinct to remain quiet and protect their self from further damage. I know this feeling and greatly respect the personal courage and intestinal fortitude it took to stand up and be counted as one who was victimized by the power abuser EVEN if they were not the first to do so.

To expose yourself to the world’s scrutiny is deeply humiliating when you already feel shame and embarrassment over what happened to you and the fact you remained silent in fear for years or decades. The tenth person to speak up is no less brave or sincere than the first. Just as the industry group supported Weinstein, so to the group speaking out supports and empowers each and all who speak out.

So why was he exposed now, in this manner and with this group of people? While additional exposures are popping up here and there in unconnected power groups, it appears they are being deliberately contained to a few casualties here and there.

As I said much earlier in this piece, the ultimate power in this country is the so-called, ambiguously named, non specific ‘deep state’, a wide ranging collections of top power brokers in EVERY industry and political entity, including various named and secret three letter government agencies. This loose assortment of sociopaths will protect each other, as all power pods do, while still engaging in internal spates and jockeying for a bigger slice of the pie.

There is only one purpose of power and that is to use it. Power unused is power depleted, for power is maintained and grown by its use in the same manner flexing and exercising muscle maintains its present state while building more muscle.

While all power groups are in a constant state of minor warfare among themselves, as a whole they are presently attempting to re-arrange the world ‘order’ towards more centralized control and capture. This necessitates a wholesale reorganization of the global hierarchy of power, both as it pertains to “We the Little People” and how the old/new pie is divided among the powerful elite.

In any family reorganization there are always winner and losers, whether it is monetary, psychological or physical. All human interactions, even the most minor involving friends and family, are in effect negotiations for power, privilege and provisions.

We choose not to see it this way, usually to protect our own and/or other egos (actually our egos are protecting us from knowing) but that doesn’t negate the fact discussions between distant relatives, siblings, even husband and wife are negotiations that often result in compromise, power sharing and the distribution of goods and provisions.

If we accept that the global power and control game board is far larger than we see, or are even aware of, and the techniques used to acquire, maintain and wrestle from others power and control are several layers deep and multi faceted, only then can we begin to comprehend the pawn like nature we exhibit in all our affairs compared to both the deep state power players and their assorted minions, sycophants and (most importantly) enforcers.

What so many fail to understand is that people such as Weinstein are enforcers when seen from the big picture psychological operations (psyops) point of view. This is why they are never fully or completely flushed from their caves and beaten like the filthy disease laden vermin they are. They prey upon not only those carefully selected victims they can smell a mile away, but most importantly upon the prevailing psyche of the teaming masses.

These perverted scum help promote a general sense of helplessness and hopelessness among the general population (just one of dozens of leverage points used to do so) a meme the powerful must widely deploy if they are to keep the billions of pawns placid and pre-occupied. This cognitive concept alone could and would fill a book if pursued vigorously.

People such as Weinstein exist in positions of power because they are allowed to exist. They serve a purpose much bigger and more complex than you or I are consciously aware of. Always remember the golden rule when trying to decipher the insanity. While the small random interactions of you and I are just that, random and uncontrollable, no specific and narrowly defined control needs to be exerted upon us by those who wish to manipulate and massage the social memes and control the purse strings.

If you have ever wondered why society works a certain way, why abusers such as Weinstein thrive, why social problems such as escalating drug deaths and other addictions flourish, why war is constant and unending, why financial and social injustice prevails, how poverty and homelessness exists to the degree it does and no one seems to be able to do anything about it, understand that these social ills facilitate and channel power and control to those at the top.

It isn’t a bug, but a feature. And if it’s a designed in feature, why wouldn’t those who benefit attempt to control it to benefit themselves even more? The answer is obvious…they would and they do.

A careful read of thousands of years of world history gleaned from multiple sources, not just those blessed by the present day Empire, shows deeply embedded power centers large and small (usually nation-states) feeding, promoting, protecting, leveraging, blackmailing, directing, facilitating, excusing and profiting in every way possible from the exploitation of the downtrodden and less powerful.

More and more these days, the above description applies to more than just those of us wallowing below the poverty line. While middle and upper middle class income generators like to think of themselves as above the fray, the sad fact is political/social power structures are being changed and the blunt tool being used to accomplish this will be social disorder and disruption.

No one is insulated from the deliberately created and rapidly approaching crescendo of social and financial chaos. I have no idea precisely why Weinstein and the others were exposed. But what I can discern from the method used is simple. It was a surgical strike intended to convey a message, both to the population in general and to various miscreants, criminals and psychopaths who are presently protected by those at the very top.

“Understand you are now on a short leash, so enable and participate in whatever we tell you and when instructed or be destroyed quickly with no mercy.” The most effective tool of control is blackmail, essentially the use of leverage against those you previously enabled or discovered.

If you are an individual who found out your boss is stealing, there are several opportunities to benefit from this knowledge. If you are the deep state and have been enabling and promoting a steady decline in social norms and moral sensibilities, larger more complex, more profitable opportunities present.

This overt and covert psychological manipulation, done to benefit the select few, has been going on for thousands of years. Those who dismiss this point of view as nonsensical or unfounded simply have little grasp for the human psyche and no awareness of their own self and what motivates and triggers them and their fellow human beings.

To dismiss all this as simply human nature being used against us and nothing more is naïve, or someone who is thoroughly conditioned into the Empire State of Mind. Similar to the unique peculiarities and defects of the 20th generation lab rat (something strenuously selected against by the careful scientist) we humans have been stewing inside a severely manipulated and terribly distorted crock pot set on low (with the occasional rapid increase to boiling) for several millennium.

If anything we humans do today is now considered human nature, it’s simply because five thousand years of conditioning has been imprinted onto our genetic makeup at the DNA level. You simply cannot keep a bird caged its entire life and then proclaim anything the bird does is bird nature. To do so is a testimony to your complete conditioning.

There is so much more that has not come out (meaning it is actively and energetically suppressed) that remains too shocking for the vast majority of people to discuss out in the open, including systematic and organized pedophilia channels that extend well beyond the entertainment industry and deeply into political and corporate entities.

I could go on but I shall stop here and allow the reader time to consider what I have said. The only way to permanently and completely break from prior programming is not in one fell swoop of cognitive awakening. So much we thing we know about how the world works is so utterly wrong that to absorb it all at once would create an emotional and intellectual crisis.

For many, one or two contrarian pieces of information do little to break through the layers of protection we erect around our core belief systems. A critical component of our conditioning is the establishment of a ‘disbelief’ file, a cognitive black hole down which we flush outlying factoids, nonconforming information and psychologically dangerous concepts that might not just rock the cognitive boat, but sink the ship.

Please understand that as the deep state ramps the choreographed chaos up to exponential overdrive, the purpose is to prevent you and me from ever cognitively catching up. If we remain in a perpetual state of shock and awe, never able to catch our breath or our bearings, ‘they’ will have succeeded in transforming a formerly (somewhat) free western world into a prison planet.

And if they manage their psyops properly, which I expect they will do, we will vigorously applaud them for their efforts.


Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. I really knew down deep inside this to be true. You had to be insouciant (my new word for today), and willfully so, not to get it.

    From Jesse.
    It is very hard to assess motives to a series of actions. Was it due to the bullet or the bribe? Was it a foregone conclusion from the very first? But at some point the circumstantial and particular evidence can become overwhelming.

    He’s afraid of what happened to Martin Luther King Jr. And I know from a good friend who was there when it happened, that at a small dinner with progressive supporters – after these progressive supporters were banging on Obama before the election, ‘Why don’t you do the things we thought you stood for?’ Obama turned sharply and said, “Don’t you remember what happened to Martin Luther King Jr.?” That’s a quote, and that’s a very revealing quote.

    Ray McGovern

    It is the same with all moral dilemmas: Take the gain or take the pain.

    Obama just as easily could have said: Take JFK…

    For Obama, it was simply “play the game and get glory and wealth or take the grave.”

    Would I have done differently? Here come Mephistopheles.

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