Skyception – Chapter Three

Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies




 Chapter Three

The Only Theories That Can Withstand Scrutiny Above all Others


This third and final chapter specifically uses the word ‘theories’ because they are just that, since we have yet to see any credible and definitive ‘official’ explanations for what is happening in our skies. But before getting to the theories I have developed, some items of interest need to be shared so you may better understand what I have discovered and how it led me to these conclusions.

The links in the previous two chapters reveal some of the resources that helped guide me in my exploration of this issue, while the resources below will hopefully connect it all together for you just as it did for me. As I mentioned in Chapter One and Chapter Two, there are other important pieces to this puzzle that are rarely discussed. And during those infrequent occasions when they are covered, it is usually poorly done. I am speaking of the hidden and carefully obscured history of our solar system and how it relates to what is presently happening in our solar system, and more specifically, with our Earth and Sun.

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There are some puzzle pieces that interconnect more than others, while a few serve as a hub of sorts where many intersect with one in the same manner select subway stations join many separate lines together in one place to facilitate transfers. When we take the time to closely examine one of the pieces, we often find it is connected to one or more additional puzzles via their pieces.

As I articulated in the last two chapters, there is great effort and expense expended to keep the truth hidden. And a big component of that truth is Outer Space, which I believe is one of those hubs. It connects together so many of the other puzzles including the Secret Space Program, ET, black budgets, aerosols, catastrophes, climate change and so much more.

I didn't realize how important Space was to everything else until I stumbled across Suspicious 0bservers and the volumes of quite often unique research found there. The work, research, videos and information on their website helped show me how much of it is all connected and, more importantly, why. Not only was I beginning to understand why the weather behaves the way it does, but also why earthquakes, volcanoes, auroras and so much more did so as well. I also began to understand why those ‘In Charge’ or ’The Powers that Shouldn't Be’ or the ‘Breakaway Civilization’ - there are so many obscuring names - were behaving in the manner they were.

The answers I unearthed and the pieces I connected are one of the reasons why this chapter was so difficult, but important, to write. If the startling truth were officially acknowledged, the general public would most likely react in a very negative way. In fact I strongly suspect most would be unwilling to accept it as ‘truth’ simply because it is so contrary to what ‘normal’ is perceived to be. Others might even participate in mass panic and riots, either out of great fear or because they are righteously indignant they had been so thoroughly deceived all their lives. However the truth, as difficult as it may be, does need to be told so those who are ready to accept it can better understand what is happening in order to prepare themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for what is coming our way.

Lost in a Crowd - CleanKnowing the truth means knowing you might be alone among your peers - for a while at least.

Our solar history involves so much more than we have been taught and led to believe. It is far more complicated and catastrophic than is publicly discussed or even admitted. We as the human species have endured and survived many significant events over the last dozen millennia which have impacted and changed our planet in ways many cannot truly comprehend even after learning about it. Real history, not the politicized and manipulated history we are taught as children and propagandized with as adults, indicates many of these changes occur during different cycles, each with their own unique climatic, weather, atmospheric and other life changing effects.

One of those historically better known climatic changes was during a cycle that occurs relatively frequently, and most recently in the 1600's. It is called the Solar Grand Minimum and it returns roughly every 360-400 years. The last one was called the Maunder Minimum, crediting the name to a pair of scientists of that era who were observing and counting sun spots. They noticed the sun spot count dropped significantly and varied greatly from the ‘normal’ counts during the previously observed solar cycles.

These regular lulls in both solar output and activity are closely correlated with global cooling. During the Maunder Minimum, our planet experienced something now described as the Little Ice Age where some 25% of the population died, many due to starvation from massive crop failures. And this was when most people grew the vast majority of their own food. Imagine what would happen today if those same weather changes and temperature drops occurred.

While a solar sunspot shutdown is certainly worrisome, considering the expected specific types of dramatic impacts to humans, the opposite of reduced solar activity - a large solar proton event which could develop as a solar flare or eruption - could impact us and the rest of planet in very dramatic and sudden ways as has been demonstrated and documented in the recent past. As recently as 2003, the "Halloween Solar Storm" had a major impact on satellites, communications equipment and some limited power failures. In 1989, a large solar flare caused a complete grid failure in Quebec and some parts of the northeast U.S.

While the more recent solar flare was larger, it was not Earth facing and therefore had less impact. However, in 1859 we experienced the ‘Carrington Event which was a massive earth facing solar flare that caused the telegraphs to catch fire due to the induced electrical surge. For it to generate auroras so quickly, brilliantly and far reaching, and to cause so much damage, meant it was an unprecedented event in modern times. Most people cannot begin to comprehend the impact to our culture of something similar if it were to happen today in the age of electronics everywhere and ‘just-in-time’ delivery of most goods and services. There would be massive supply disruptions and unimaginable consequences, likely ending the lives of countless millions of people on this planet.

While the frequency of these types of large solar flares is sporadic, our complacency and reliance upon modern technology means smaller solar events can have a much larger impact than if they had occurred just 50 years ago. And this does not even factor in a weakened planetary magnetosphere which will be discussed next. The March 1989 solar storm also informs us about the potential impact due to a weakened magnetosphere. Three and half days prior to that blackout, on March 13, 1989, there was a solar flare. But it was not a very big one (relatively speaking) since it was only an M-Class with much less ejected material than an X-Class would produce. However, just days before this flare, there was an X15 which tied for number 5 of the strongest flares of the last 30 years. The larger solar flare had a significant impact on the magnetosphere, weakening it so much that the smaller and weaker one a few days later took out parts of the power grid.

In addition to the grand minimum cycle, there is also a much longer and more significant cycle that repeats roughly every 11,500 to 12,000 years. Evidence shows a number of significant events occur with regular frequency in this cycle. One event which is extremely important and may actually influence, or be the cause of other global events, is a magnetic pole excursion or a complete reversal of Earth’s magnetic field. This is where the north and south magnetic poles wander around for hundreds, even thousands of miles. Worse than that, they can undergo a complete geomagnetic reversal so your compass now points to magnetic south instead of north. The impact on our GPS, air travel and mapping systems alone would be a huge problem. But even these issues would likely be the least of our worries.

The earth is essentially a large sphere magnet with north polarity towards the North Pole and south to the South Pole, with both connected by magnetic field lines that extend above the planet in layers. The Earth’s magnetic field is basically an electromagnetic shield that protects us from charged, high-energy particles coming from solar events or Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) from cosmic events in our galaxy or others nearby.

When our magnetic shields are functioning well, they absorb and deflect these charged particles, though some may enter through the Polar Regions where the magnetic field is smaller and weaker. When this occurs, and especially when accompanied with solar discharges, auroras can generally be seen in the far north and south. However, when solar discharges are larger or our magnetic fields are weaker, either due to a recent solar proton event or from other causes, the auroras extend further towards the equator as they did during the Carrington Event.

Carrington Event Today - CleanAn excellent reason to pack a 'To-Go' bag in your vehicle. Because your vehicle,  or any other vehicle, may suddenly no longer 'Go'.

Not only do charged solar particles get through to the surface of our planet when our magnetic fields are weaker, but Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) do so as well, bombarding and impacting the planet and its inhabitants in many diverse ways. The GCR’s are essentially various types of ionized radiation which can cause obvious effects such as mutations and cancers. Another effect is increased cloud formation and nucleation when the rays ionize the atmosphere and water droplets condense on the resulting ions and aerosol particles.

This increase in cloud cover and atmospheric moisture can impact both short-term weather and the longer term climate. Finally, GCRs can cause reductions in atmospheric ozone which is another type of atmospheric protection from solar radiation. Increases in various types of radiation correlates well with the timing of cyclical magnetic excursions and reversals, but the more concerning correlations are the extinctions and emergences of new species during and after these events. Robert Felix documents this well in both of his books.

Another major Earth event that occurs with similar timing is the increase in volcanic activity, both in number and in strength. The two locations where these volcanic eruptions occur, terranean and undersea, each have their own compounding implications upon the climate when they erupt. The massive release of particulates into the air from terranean eruptions causes a cooling effect from the release of volcanic ash. The ash blocks light and radiant heat from the sun while the release of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) has other atmospheric cooling affects. Thankfully, most of the terranean volcanoes have been well-mapped and their activity documented, especially in the last century.

The less obvious and mostly unknown volcanoes are massive underwater monsters which, when they erupt, can impact ocean temperatures, melt glaciers (or at least a part of them) like the West Antarctica ice sheet, and increase the amount of atmospheric moisture generated when the hot lava meets the ocean during an eruption. This additional water vapor mixes with vapor already in the atmosphere, which in turn causes even more cloud cover. The net effect is reduced sunlight as well as more rain and snow that accumulate as more and deeper layers of ice on glaciers.

While this chapter on aerosol theories stops at this cycle, there are several equally important cycles that warrant further exploration and investigation. They are known as the Milankovitch cycles: the 23,000-year equinox cycle and the 100,000-year eccentricity period. The precession of the equinox itself has many historical connections and references; however the theory that we may be part of a binary star system may have more direct relevance on the cyclical magnetic excursions and reversals.

The 100,000 year cycle advises us that for most of the time this planet is in an ice age, with some periods colder than others. Our present civilization has been fortunate to blossom during a warmer interglacial period over the last 10,000+ years. If (advanced) civilizations lived prior to this time, during the longer ice age as some researchers have posited, they would likely have survived and thrived by living closer to the equatorial regions.

Many of the known ancient human habitation sites encircle our planet in a relatively straight line which, strangely enough, does not follow or parallel the current equator. ‘Why’ immediately springs to mind and is an important question relevant to our history, but likely not a direct factor in the aerosol programs. If Velikovsky and the researchers at the Thunderbolts Project are correct regarding what has taken place in our solar system over the last 5,000 or more years, it completely changes what we thought we knew about the development of the major religions, the growth and spread of civilization and the context and significance of many historical texts and beliefs. It may even answer the ‘why’ question above.

While each of these solar events are worthy of their own chapter, or in some cases an entire book, I wanted to provide some context to our solar history and what it might mean to us if past (mostly hidden) events were to happen again. As I was working on this chapter, over several days a massive sunspot group moved across the face of the sun to face our planet. These sunspots generated a number of solar flares, the most we have seen in a while, and the largest sunspot grouping in 25 years.

Oct 26 2014 Flare - CleanOctober 26, 2014 Solar Sunspot and Flare

During this sunspot activity the potential for a large, Earth-directed solar eruption was very real given the sunspot was ten times the size of our planet and contained a vigorous mixing of both negative and positive charges that creates the ideal conditions for significant flaring. Funny then how theNew Scientist’ issue of October 28th asked "Does it pose dangers to us?" when the sunspots were already departing and no longer a real threat. Where was the ‘New Scientist’ the week before, when the grouping came around from the back side and the potential of significant danger was real and immediate?

While large solar flares do pose a real and present danger to our current way of life, there are steps people and institutions can take to protect themselves, the power grid and other important infrastructure. As with other unpredictable (but known and understood) natural disasters, being prepared is critical to survival. Solar flaring is something to be personally concerned about, and if you pay just a little attention on a daily basis you might get a 24-hour warning of impending danger. However, while factoring this into your planning process, another more long-term but predictable consideration should not be overlooked. It is the lack of sunspot flaring and activity we are presently experiencing, and the various causal effects of this event, which should be understood and appreciated.

The pattern of the current solar sunspot cycle is following those which occurred in the early 1600s. The path so far, and the future trend for the present solar maximum (the solar cycle is an eleven year maximum alternated by an eleven year minimum) is reduced flaring by a significant degree compared to prior solar maximums. This reduced solar activity corresponds well with the historical Solar Grand Minimum cycle. The reduced solar energy also causes major disruptions to the Earth’s jet stream, creating conditions conducive to more climate extremes exactly as we are experiencing today. Because we now recognize this strong correlation, it might make sense to study weather patterns during the 1600s to see what might be expected both with near term weather conditions and long-term climate change during this century.

However, during the last Grand (Maunder) Minimum civilization was not also facing a magnetosphere that was declining in strength at an ever increasing rate. The scientific community has documented a 10% decline over the last 150 years and 5% more in the last 10 years, which indicates a clear acceleration in decline. Additionally, the magnetic poles are wandering in ‘locationat an increasing rate as well. While a true and complete magnetic reversal is a distinct possibility, small as it may be, a substantial geomagnetic excursion is far more probable and problematic. Based upon recent historical record it appears certain there are dramatic magnetic shifts taking place today that should alert us to additional and escalating Earth changes just around the corner.

The above discussed Earth changes trigger or augment other effects which we can easily identify and observe if we understand what it is we are looking at. Global volcanic activity has been steadily increasing, and we can expect it to intensify in strength and frequency as the magnetosphere continues to decline. This alone could have a dramatic cooling impact on our weather. For example, Iceland’s Bárðarbunga, a volcano presently erupting, can emit volumes of SO2 equal to twice what all of Europe emits each day. As mentioned earlier, the addition of moisture from under water eruptions only amplifies the impact of cooler temperatures with more snow and ice as a result.

As is well documented, there is an increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) corresponding to the decline in our magnetosphere. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict exactly how much GCR’s will increase in concert with a decreasing magnetosphere, on what timescale and with what overall Earth impact. We do know more radiation will be filtering through and while there may not be immediate measurable effects from it, the long-term consequences would be devastating. We do know there will be further clouding and precipitation, which acts to compound any impact from a Solar Grand Minimum or volcanic activity.

Hi Snow - CleanWe're gonna need a bigger (snow) shovel.

Another important effect mentioned earlier is a significant reduction of atmospheric ozone. As we have been taught and repeatedly told, the reason for the decline in the ozone layer, or the creation of ozone holes, was due to the release of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other substances that deplete the level of ozone. The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, which entered into force in 1989, was developed to address and correct this problem. The hole continued to grow, reaching its maximum in the year 2000 and with the current size only 10% below this level. One would think after more than 25 years of CFC reductions agreed to in the treaty, there would eventually be continuous and substantial reductions in the size of the ozone hole.

If it isn't shrinking, there must be other influences impacting ozone depletion. How much do those other unnamed factors influence the decline? Asking that one question quickly brings a whole host of others to mind. Why weren’t those ‘other’ factors ever mentioned when discussing the agreed upon global protocol? Was this treaty, created to fix a ‘man-made’ problem that may actually have other causes such as space weather, just a warm-up for a larger global warming psyops to divert attention and money elsewhere?

It certainly calls into question whether it ever was a human caused problem to begin with and if the proclaimed ‘solution’ really is working because recent measurements present a different picture. If humans aren't the cause, or the solution is patently false, then other solutions were surreptitiously deployed or a ‘fix’ naturally occurred. I would discard the latter given all of the other space factors occurring. Also, the timing of the ozone decline, stabilization and slight improvement are interestingly correlated with the deployment in the 1990’s, and the observed increase in the 2000’s, of the persistent aerosol programs.

One other factor should be mentioned before getting to the aerosol theories I promised several pages ago. Not only is our sun going through all the major changes previously described, but dramatic change is occurring within our entire solar system affecting many of the other planets. On Venus, the fastest winds have increased by 33% and its rotation has slowed by a day. Mars and other planets have been warming up during the time Earth was warming. The big spot on Jupiter has been fading while Red Junior was born and an entire planetary stripe of clouds disappeared.

Saturn's regular 30-year super storm arrived 10 years early, was much bigger, and lasted many times longer than was previously recorded. This would be similar to a storm bigger than Katrina striking the southeast U.S. and lasting for months. Saturn's rotational speed has also been changing. You can find many other examples of changes in our solar system, and not just on our sun. Given this, should we not also expect to see major changes here on planet Earth as well? Are aerosols being used to mitigate some of the impact from these global (and solar system) changes? I think a case could be made that both persistent and non-persistent trails are being applied as mitigation techniques.

As was discussed in chapter two, weather modification and manipulation is a capability and a reality. The only question that remains is to what degree is this capacity. It would certainly be no surprise to me if a fierce storm such as Sandy or a hurricane similar to Katrina were manipulated and altered, either to strengthen or weaken it and for political or geostrategic purpose. It should be acknowledged that the U.S. has not suffered many major storms compared to the rest of the world, particularly of late the Asian Pacific.

Additionally, considering the narcissistic arrogance and sociopathic tendencies of present day ‘leadership’, we would expect the weaponization of these technologies to be applied in warfare as well as in covert operations against our so-called enemies. And as is increasingly evident these days, they would also be used against our friends as well as here at home. However, the ability to influence is not the same as the ability to create. It has been observed and documented that solar activity precedes both storm and earthquake activity, which in turn easily defuses the argument that most extreme weather is man-made and that HAARP causes the earthquakes.

However, it would not be difficult to posit that the capability exists whereby the effects of these solar events can be influenced or leveraged to occur in a specific location. Or at the very least, to posses the advance knowledge of where these solar influences will strike. Persistent aerosols have been documented to be deployed in several types of military applications, whether it be cloud seeding or chaffing. Often seen are trails that intersect others and target anomalies in other trails. This could be used for the mapping of the atmospheric layers and how they are behaving so that man-made and directed energy such as Ultra Low Frequency (ULF), electrical or geomagnetic can be applied to pull, push, diminish or enhance a weather system.

New York Dark Clouds - CleanNo matter where you go, there it is.

While the persistent trails mentioned above behave very specifically and can be observed in advance of, or nearby, storm systems, another type of persistent trail can often be seen in use. Recall from Chapter Two that persistent trails are intentional and could be deployed in different programs with multiple purposes. The other type of common trail observed forms a milky-white haze which may be used to block some of the energy from the sun or to create an artificial cloud cover.

Is this diffused aerosol trail able to block some aspects of the harmful radiation due to the ozone loss, or is it actually able to replace a portion of the lost ozone in the atmosphere? One thing I have noticed, along with everyone else I have asked, is that the sun's intensity is hotter and more severe than it was when we were younger. Whether it is a cold day or hot, the sun feels hotter; this seems to correlate well with the steady increase in skin cancers. The increase in solar intensity may be directly related to the depletion of the ozone, something to do with the magnetosphere decline, or something related to our solar system shift. Whatever the cause, this is one area that is changing, is easily observed and certainly warrants further investigation.

Increased radiation is not only something which is possible, but rather should be expected. Spraying nano particles of aluminum and other reactive metals could be one way of deflecting or stopping some of the incoming radiation. The official explanations given for the patents and materials being applied in our skies are supposedly for Solar Radiation Management (SRM), but which might be more aptly named Cosmic Radiation Management. While the former may be technically accurate, the larger and more concerning issue is the latter. If galactic radiation is one of the reasons aerosols and public deception are needed, then we can understand why they believe they cannot be open and honest about these programs.

There is another aspect to aerosols that should be considered, but I have yet to find anyone who could address the question. Could the application of nano metals or other materials also serve to help (re)charge our magnetosphere? If this were possible, then it could delay when, and possibly if, a magnetic pole reversal or excursion takes place. It could also explain why our planet is not undergoing changes of the same magnitude other planets in our solar system are experiencing. If charging the magnetosphere is a capability, then the scope of it is likely limited and only slowing the process, since observations indicate it continues to decline and has been doing so at an increasing rate over the last few decades. Either these metals are exclusively addressing the radiation or they are having an impact on our magnetosphere which at best is temporary in nature.

There could easily be other reasons behind the aerosol programs and my theories may not be correct in part or in total. However, in their defense not only do my theories adequately explain the reasons behind both persistent and non-persistent aerosols better than others, but they also present realistic scenarios in which one would expect these types of actions to be taken given the actual threats we face as inhabitants of planet Earth. I hope others will take up this research and pursue it further with the benefit of this new perspective so they can avoid wasted years of manipulation, misinformation and misdirection.

These three essays were not intended to argue the issue of man-made global warming (AGW) and this author accepts it for the psyops it is. A question was recently asked of me: "If there is no AGW, and CO2 really doesn't influence the climate as much as is claimed, what is the geopolitical purpose behind it?" It is a complicated question and likely the confluence of many factors. If the climate is certain to change and some of the negative impacts can only be mitigated (and then only temporarily) it is much easier to keep people fighting each other over who and/or what is to blame rather than providing solutions that might not exist for everyone on the planet when their ultimate survival may not actually be desired.

One thing does appear to be certain. Solar Radiation Management is being endorsed and supported by many media, academic and governmental institutions as a means to address the warming of our plant. Without man-made global warming as the patsy so to speak, the arguments for SRM and those behind it completely falls apart along with the credibility of some who claim to be ‘chemtrail’ activists. Essentially it is in the best interest of many involved parties on both ‘sides’ to keep the cover story in place. However, the complete opposite of global warming appears to be developing, with the scale and timing to be the pertinent questions and something we need to explore further so we can be better prepared in the years to come.

Interestingly, it was widely known back in the 70’s we were likely facing an ice age. The question we should ask of those in power is glaringly obvious and frighteningly simple: what did ‘they’ learn to cause them to stop telling the truth and for us to stop asking questions? There are some who speculate that President Jimmy Carter wept after a briefing about UFO’s due to its threat, or that religion would be made irrelevant from the disclosure. Instead he might have been told about our solar history, why it is important to our survival, and what humanity, including his grandchildren, may face in the not-to-distant future.

I wish to state emphatically that I am against what is being done to our skies and especially the secrecy behind it. I may not know of all the threats facing humanity, but I do believe some of what I have laid out is what deeply frightens those who portend to rule. Many of the covert mitigation programs and preparations already implemented, whether they are in the atmosphere, outer space or underground, can be explained by the Earth changes and disruptions we appear to be facing. Knowing some of what ‘they’ have learned, what they have already done and are presently doing and, more importantly, what they have not revealed, tells me they are not only fearful of public disclosure, but are acting in a selfish and irresponsible manner. To me, this fact is more disturbing than the unavoidable changes and future challenges we face.

Humanity has survived major planetary catastrophes and changes in the past and will likely do so again. Whether or not those of us alive today will experience the coming Earth changes is difficult to say. What can be stated with a great degree of certainty is that our solar history is fundamentally different from what we have been taught. And unbeknownst to us, this lie has heavily influenced everything from religion to political institutions to humanity's collective amnesia. This alone illustrates why those in possession of this information believe it is imperative to keep it obscured. The connections I have made and their implications have immeasurable potential to disrupt the status quo to a degree that cannot yet be defined, but if it were better understood by many others it would likely be politically devastating to the status quo.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. Galileo Galilei

Open Mind Open Mouth - Clean 2Open your mind, then open your mouth.

Image Credit - Misha Gordin

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  1. Interesting article. If one possessed connections to the global power structure, credible knowledge of a coming catastrophe, and the economic & political power to provide a possible ‘way out’, it becomes conceivable, that you must be given any and all legal latitude to save the world.

    “Congratulations on winning the election Mr. President/Prime Minister, we have a few things to discuss….”, “As you can see ________ is really your only option”. “Never mind that _______ will enrich us and our friends, we will be using that wealth to save the world!, you can’t really fault us for enjoying a few of the trappings along the way can you?”

    Makes perfect sense to me now. If the global banking ponzi is the financing wing of the only people who can save the world. Any interruption of that arrangement will kill us all. Of course it has to be kept a secret, any time/money spent explaining the intricacies of what needs to be accomplished, to the demonstrably slow population, is tantamount to global treason in that mindset.

    1. @ ABCanuck

      What a wonderful Catch22.

      For countless generations the rich and powerful spend eons of time and money dumbing down the population and increasing their control to the point where “We the People“, at least collectively, are little more than passive jellyfish, floating in the manipulated tide of public opinion and prime time soap operas.

      Then, news arrives by pony express that a disaster of biblical proportions is coming. And precisely when the elite desperately needs the collective energy and creativity of the global population to save the world, that obese ‘herd’ is too busy grazing to care, and too skittish to be bothered.

      So that very same elite, sensing all is lost unless ‘they’ do something, quickly spring into action to save the world and themselves in the process. And if there happens to be some ‘minor’ collateral damage, well…….the alternative is we are all collateral damage to the coming disaster.

      It actually is quite plausible. Why wasn’t I invited to the party?

      Thank you for the insightful comment and welcome to Two Ice Floes. :-)

      Cognitive Dissonance

  2. @ ABCanuck
    Thank you for taking the time to not only read it but to also comment so astutely. One of things I did not know as I began this process are the threats we face and now knowing this it begins to explain other actions being taken whether it be domestic or global. Be sure to explore (and join the discussions) the forums, there is rich content on many varied topics.

  3. Morpheus,
    I have been puzzled and troubled by the statement in Isaiah 24 about the earth being “destroyed” and “most of the people will be burned.” Now I see how that might happened. Thank you for this stupendous work.

    There have been some comments over the last several years about underground shelters being constructed for the “important” people, such as under the Denver airport. That also makes sense in this context.

  4. @Purplefrog
    Thank you and you’re welcome.

    I would suggest following the Velikovsky link to learn more about Biblical references that he lays out in
    Worlds in Collision
    presenting possibilities for the burning of the people you mentioned, the parting of the Red Sea and the Land of Milk and Honey to name just a few. If you search this site, you will find more videos and references about him.

    Regarding the underground shelters (and likely transportation – a whole other thread to pull on), being underground would likely protect you from increases in radiation.

    1. Currently reading Worlds. Wow! It brings to mind Genesis 1:1. “…and the earth was without form and void.” Ponder that one for a moment. What was it like before it became “without form and void?” What caused it to come to such a state?

      I can’t believe that I waited so long to read Velikovsky. Thank you, again. I feel quite fragile now. This is good. It produces a kind of humility and a reverence for life and the current moment.

  5. Velikovsky certainly did a number on my long-held beliefs. Most people don’t know about his work and as I mentioned in these pieces, it was likely not by accident. My discovery was completely random and unexpected but timely in my research. An odd story itself.

    When you are done with that one, check out Earth in Upheaval. A few others I am in the middle of and very interesting reads: The Great Comet Venus and
    The Velikovsky Heresies. Enjoy. :)

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