Skyception – Chapter Two

Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies




Chapter Two

Debunking the Myths

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Before an analysis can be done of the most common explanations given for the aerosol program, we must first look at the various explanations through the clarifying lens of Psychological Operations (psyops) to circumvent deliberate attempts to mislead and deceive us as previously described in Chapter One. The background found there will assist us in this second installment as we examine each rationale presented to us by both the mainstream and alternative media. As stated in the previous chapter, some of the reasons and justifications offered are intentional disinformation while others are simply speculation based solely upon limited and unconnected information, quite often promoted by sincere individuals just trying to learn ‘the truth’.

What are missing from most analyses of this subject are two things - the issue of intent and the muddling of facts. As more and more people delve into the aerosol issue, they can clearly see something is happening over their heads. And they are beginning to realize what they see in the sky is not normal, with persistent aerosols formed into grid patterns or aerosol lines which slowly disperse to turn the entire visible sky a milky white. There are other strange anomalies all adding up to one thing, visual evidence that can be captured on (digital) film making it difficult to dispute. Unfortunately this phenomenon is often described using the psyops captured and subverted term chemtrails by those who are waking up to the issue. This is precisely why the terms ‘persistent trails’ or ‘persistent aerosol trails’ are used throughout this series of three essays.

Another observation we can document is the increased levels of aluminum, barium and various other metals in our soils and our bodies. Aluminum seems to be one of the more commonly referred to metals and presents as one which is consistently much higher than ‘normal’. These elements are also identified as ‘chemtrails’ which emanate from the persistent aerosols that are visually observed. But by using the same co-opted word to describe two different findings, it is implied they are created and spread at the same time by the same people with the same intent.

Once we separate them from each other and use better terminology to describe them, we can more easily recognize that many of the explanations given don’t accurately reflect reality and we can discard those that do not work. This helps us to better understand the true goals of this program or set of programs……or at the very least, to recognize what they are not. Sometimes it helps just to eliminate some of the mental clutter.

The issue of intentionality is critically important in this analysis. Given this is a global program conducted at the highest levels of many different sovereign governments, including their militaries, private networks and contractors involving significant sums of money to operate, one thing appears certain; they don't do random. Meaning if the goal is to apply nano-metals into the troposphere, stratosphere, or other levels of our atmosphere, persistent trails are not necessary. Therefore it is reasonable to postulate that the persistent aerosols are being applied for a very specific reason, with the subsequent understanding this is where the program has its most significant public exposure since it is so visually obvious.

There clearly exists a need and a reason for the persistent trails to behave in this manner. If the goal was to apply only nano-metals, this could easily be done with non-persistent aerosols. The nano-metals could be mixed into the jet fuel used by passenger and military aircraft and expelled during normal flight operations. Or they could be directly applied to the atmosphere via aircraft spray systems or other applicators at higher altitudes which are not visible from the ground. Clearly the persistent aerosols are either a unique program or are at the very least intended for different needs with different outcomes.

With this initial analysis providing a deeper and more nuanced understanding of several contributing factors, we can now begin to examine each of the major explanations we are presented with and see if any of them fit as a primary reason for these aerosol operations, thus worthy of the scope, size and psychological operations marshaled for these programs. They are outlined below.

Lisa Wood Landscape-1 - CleanAmber Waves of Grain

Image Credit - Lisa Wood

1) The perpetrators are trying to kill or poison us

The simple fact is ‘they’ possess much more effective ways to slowly kill us and at a much lower cost, so why would they do it this way? However, it would not be surprising to learn they were willing to sacrifice people getting sick (and dying) from higher levels of Aluminum as an unintended, but necessary, consequence of the unavoidable fallout.

The so-called healthcare industry operates more like a ‘sickcare’ industry which profits from its ‘customers’ and is more than willing to harvest even more income from increasingly sicker people. Alzheimer’s has been on the rise over the last few decades and it is a very costly illness to ‘treat’ given the amount of specialized (and expensive) care stricken individuals require. These sociopathic perpetrators and their profiteering enablers would not miss out on an opportunity to benefit significantly from people becoming sick(er).

This is not to say that toxins or poisons are not, or never have been, added to the aerosols. The US has a long history of testing harmful biological, chemical and radioactive materials on U.S. citizens, and many other people around the globe, without their knowledge or consent. Those suffering from Morgellons disease are likely the result of some type of toxic material inserted into the aerosols at some point. However, if they really wanted to kill or poison us they are doing a really poor job. If the goal was just to make us sick, persistent trails are inefficient and ultimately unnecessary.

2) Taking over the food supply

There are some who speculate these programs are being executed for, or in collusion with, Monsanto. Since the aluminum in the soil is increasing and Monsanto now has a Genetic Engineering (GE) aluminum resistant seed, there is a belief these programs are intended to benefit their takeover of the food supply. More likely though Monsanto was informed, either during or after the program was conceived, that there would be an increase in metal concentrations due to the unavoidable fallout and were directed to develop a GE crop for this type of problem. Persistent trails again are unnecessary.

3) Mind Control/Entrainment

This explanation may be valid as a side benefit, but persistent trails has been going on for a long time and doesn’t seem to be needed since propaganda, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and various I-things (to name just a few) are sufficient to further the zombification of the masses. Persistent trails are also unnecessary in this case.

Hive Mind - CleanIt Only Takes One to Break the Hive Mind

Image Credit - Misha Gordin

4) Military Applications

There are many stated military uses already made public for certain types of aerosols. For example, Operation Popeye was a highly classified weather modification program during the Vietnam War in Southeast Asia (1967-1972). Others, such as chaff, are dispersed in the atmosphere as a radar countermeasure. While these types of applications exist and are now well-documented, their existence by itself does not sufficiently explain the reason for a massive global program combined with a coordinated effort to mislead and misinform the populace.

5) Weather Modification

Contrary to popular belief weather modification is not a myth and does appear to be one aspect of the operation, especially with the persistent aerosol trails. But more likely it is not the primary reason for these programs. There are many forms of weather modification, from applications in warfare going back decades and now openly admitted, to current efforts intended to address issues such as persistent regional drought. The use of silver iodide was even reported recently on my local evening news to describe cloud seeding efforts designed to generate increased rainfall from existing clouds.

There are some in the alternative community pushing the idea this is being done solely for profit. While there are certainly those who will profit from this opportunity, and weather derivatives may be an easy mark for those profiteers, it is not reasonable to explain this as the primary motive behind these programs, especially when it is so much easier to be handed billions of dollars by the central banks and their crony capitalists as we have seen repeatedly done over the last decade.

It may be that some of the persistent trails are in fact used for weather modification programs. There appears to be more frequent persistent trails in advance of, and around, developing weather systems. These trails seem to be intentional since they are seen via satellite images and could be used as targeting gaps or anomalies in other lines, hence many of the grid patterns shown in photos over the past decade. It would also seem logical and possible they could also be used for mapping the multi-layered and evolving wind and weather patters that can be seen on global wind maps.

The persistent trail lines would provide much more detail and localized information about what is happening within the different atmospheric layers, allowing them the opportunity to better influence existing weather systems. It is much easier to modify weather than it is to create it from scratch. However, observed persistent trails behave in many different ways, not just grid patterns. This would imply different purposes - more on this line of thought in Chapter Three.

Frozen Lake Baikal - CleanCracked Ice on Lake Baikal in Russia

6) Weather Creation

We also need to distinguish between modification and creation. The Kardashev scale of technological advancement states, “a Type I civilization has achieved mastery of the resources of its home planet, Type II of its solar system.” While it is unlikely the group or groups running these programs have achieved Type II status, Type I is easily a possibility. But even if they have reached Type I status, it does not automatically imply doing so would include the ability to create and control weather. The earth's climate and weather systems are extremely complex and difficult to model, let alone control. The energy coming in from space and our sun exerts far more of an impact upon our weather than anyone in ‘authority’ is willing to admit to or even seriously discuss.

Some popular websites and discussion forums promote the belief all of our weather is manufactured and the sole reason for the persistent aerosols. While the U.S. Air Force did have a stated goal of owning the weather by 2025, this does not mean the ability to create the weather like storms and droughts where and when it is desired. Ownership or control does not imply creation.

7) Global Warming Mitigation

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is something which is openly discussed, with information about its various aspects easily found whether it be from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), patent searches, university research or ‘news’ covered in puff pieces by the mainstream ‘alternative’ media like “Democracy Now!” or “Breaking the Set”. SRM has often been referred to as Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) and now Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI). The key here is to distinguish the difference between stratosphere and troposphere.

Many of the patents for SRM, as well as what is being publically discussed and proposed, is about applying metals and nano-metals high in the stratosphere to reflect the sun's light back into space to mitigate Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Commercial airplanes and those currently applying persistent aerosols are mainly flying in the troposphere or at the very bottom of the stratosphere. What is being offered to us as a solution to AGW is conflicted and false from the very start, relying upon the assumption you would not know the difference between them.

All the SRM parties identify with, and admit to, global spraying as a potential option to address the threat of global warming with the theory that certain particles sprayed into the stratosphere would help block the sun from cooking our planet due to our carbon emissions. However, according to the ‘experts’, it is only being ‘tested’ in limited cases and would be deployed only if deemed necessary.

Considering how this public ‘meme’ is being slowly rolled out alongside the global warming agenda, we should not be surprised when groups start demanding this spraying activity be started to save us from planetary destruction. Let us not fall for this bait, but instead see Solar Radiation Management for what it is, a limited hangout psyop in which spraying is acknowledged and claimed to be needed. We need to see the AGW psyops for what it is so these false programs cannot be used as an opportunity to publicly explain and justify what is already happening in our skies.

Now that we have examined each of the theories above and have recognized their weaknesses, which prevent them from being the primary reason for the aerosol programs, thereby invalidating any of them from explaining as a primary cause what is going on in our sky, we can move on to Chapter Three where we will offer several alternative theories for the programs. While these theories may not be the only answer, or even the correct one, they are the only ones that can withstand scrutiny above all others.

 Lake Baikal - Clean Lake Baikal in Russia


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