The Antidote – Essay Ten : Convalescence – Building the Foundation

The Antidote

Convalescence : Building the Foundation

Essay Ten


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This is Essay Ten in my series ‘The Antidote’. All previous Essays may be found here.


Over the course of the last nine essays I have attempted to show the current narratives, developed as stories to guide and manage social interactions, are mostly toxic lies. It is my contention these narratives, memes and institutions exist to create a humankind deadened and disconnected from its larger non-physical nature, and most certainly enslaved. Such an impaired humankind is easily pushed into continual conditions of fear because humankind does not have the internal knowledge to be able to exist as strong, individual sovereigns outside of the very social institutions which created this pathological mental and spiritual condition in the first place. My contention is modern humans living in these days of modern technological progress is basically insane.

I go on to contend this illness can be combated by an individual finding the strength and the way to connect themselves to their own greater non-physical consciousness. My personal choice for this connection is through a relationship with Nature. I believe this connection will allow an individual to not only connect to their larger non-physical consciousness, but ultimately to a much larger non-physical consciousness outside of themselves altogether.

My hope is this connection will allow each person who does this to realize more of their own true nature as an infinitely eternal entity of spiritual consciousness, well outside the control of the contrived, artificial and pathological narratives guiding and limiting humankind on earth at this time. My deep desire for each of us is our expanded awareness as spiritual beings will serve as an antidote to the lies of Modernity.

Additionally, I offer some further methods to use this new consciousness as a tool to help each day in dealing with the Lies that now prevail. I also sketch out my views on the individual in relation to the universe as I have grown to know it over my lifetime.

But one point I make consistently clear; at all times in this effort each individual is 100% responsible for their own actions and thoughts, their own emotions and outcomes. I do not mean this in any sort of judgmental way at all, colored by some sort of religious system of rewards and punishments, but rather as a statement of the absolute fact the individual alone must learn how to exist in the universe, by themselves, on their own terms, through their own actions.

Nothing is more important for each individual than to put away the ideas of Salvationism, Heaven, Hell, Ascended Masters, Gurus, or any other story which offers any easy, quick path to mastery of anything. I make it clear the only way to activate the ability to operate in the universe is for each of us to learn how to do what it is we want to do.

There are no limits at all. The universe is infinite in potential for each of us.

Having said all that, I think it is important for each of us to work on a series of steps which could be considered a new foundation for continued growth in this physical place. I use the term ‘growth’ with hesitation. It implies some sort of progression from a more primitive to a more advanced state. This is not exactly what I am talking about. I am talking about a growth away from Modernity towards a more balanced, more healthy and natural person.

There is nothing balanced or healthy at all about Modernity and the individual lives created under Modernity. To live under it is to live as the walking dead. I would like to see each human grow in our embrace of Life. We do not need Modernity for that at all. In fact, most of Modernity has been developed to strip the Life from each of us.

So this new foundation must be built to support a growing Life instead of the destruction of Modernity. Modernity will die within us anyway as we replace it with our own connections to Life and our own true nature.


Five Simple Steps to a New Life

Here are my suggestions for creating a new foundation for the experience of growing toward Life.

  1. Focus your life so you consciously live in the Physical right now. This is the only physical life you know about, so do not waste a second of it. Live your life with passionate intensity and focused, thoughtful direction. Learn discernment in attention, intention and action.
  2. Become independent of Modernity in as many ways as possible.
  3. Deeply explore and express your own personal spiritual nature as a physical being.
  4. Find others of a like spiritual and physical philosophy to yours and create an extended family community.
  5. Truly enjoy your physical life right now in this moment.

These simple steps may seem almost childish, even trite; but if lived in the spirit of a new connection to an expanded spiritual non-physical Life, they take on a much larger, much more complex and enriching reality. Living inside our new connections to Nature and becoming aware of the responsibilities we actually have to ourselves and those close to us will enable each of us to start to regain our sovereignty as a living creature on this Earth.

Let me discuss this process in more detail.


Focus Your Life on the Physical

This might seem like a contradiction after I’ve just spent a few thousand words convincing you to realize your non-physical nature. So let me take a few paragraphs to explain what I mean.

At this moment you, my readers, are all physical beings. You have a life in the physical and are focused here, in this physical place within a body of your own creation. Here you are physical, first and foremost.

Use your new-found connection to the non-physical in general and to your non-physical self to understand your deep connection to all things, both physical and non-physical. You are not separate from these physical things; you are intimately connected to everything here in this physical place. This place will not become a better place until each of us, individually and collectively, focus our attention right here in terms of understanding our connections and responsibilities. We are not outside or separate from this place in any way. To focus on some reward in heaven or some time and place far away from the here and now is to deny our personal responsibilities to a life right here and right now.

This one thing - this focus away from the physical here and the physical now - is one of the great tragedies on Earth in these times of Modernity.

Many people, unhappy with their physical condition in one way or another, try to find happiness by focusing primarily on the non-physical in various spiritual studies of one type or another. While it is good to actually recognize we are more than just physical beings, it is not really appropriate to focus our main energies away from our physical experience. The point of being here in this physical place is to learn how to be here, within these earthly limitations and conditions.

To not do that, to try to escape to somewhere else or to some other time, might seem better or more interesting - but it doesn’t fix the issues that drove us to try to escape in the first place. It simply will not work. We are physical beings first and most importantly while we are here in this place. We need to learn how to do our physical work to the best of our abilities. We cannot escape that reality.

We can, however, learn how our own non-physical consciousness can interact here and help us here while we are physical. But the real focus and the main emphasis of our lives should be on our physical manifestation while we are here. We chose this place and this life - and to try to run away from it is not helpful at all. Putting the focus of our energies in some place or time other than our physical manifestation will not help us to deal with the issues of our physical experience. This will not help us to become stronger or more independent and capable. In fact it could keep us from becoming capable by distracting us from what we really should be doing to fix whatever it is in our physical life that needs fixing right now.

I have seen people explore all sorts of Eastern and New Age or Religious philosophies trying to find ‘the one’ they want to live their life by. In all of this searching they seem to be blind to the fact no matter what they look for, they still have to deal with the everyday realities of being a living being, with responsibilities, right here, right now. Their lives become shambling wrecks of chaos and disaster and they become even more unfocused and more miserable no matter how hard they search.

They have forgotten no matter what, each of us must look inside ourselves first and work in that personal physical space first to find comfort and peace. That space is in this physical place, not outside of it. All of these searches, whether via New Age, Eastern, Religious or Philosophical paths, are nothing more than disciplines each one of us must use as a tool only and learn how to use properly. None of them will save us unless we know how to properly use them. And none of them are actually proper tools at all if they cause us to focus on some place and time or object other than right here, right now, inside ourselves.

This means realizing our thoughts as physical beings are real things that create energy patterns of life force all around us. This means we need to learn how to create these thoughts with discernment of attention, intention and action. It does not mean everything is OK and there is no right or wrong or we can do anything we want to do since we have many lives to live. It means to take responsibility in every way you can in your own life, right now.

Focus inside your physical self and use these new connections to the non-physical as tools to live a better and more capable life in greater joy. Each of us is physical now and should focus on our solutions wholly inside of our physical selves.


Become Independent of Modernity

Modern Western civilization has been designed from top to bottom to enslave us. There is no cure for this situation by remaining inside of this monstrous creation of evil. The more dependent you are on society, the less independent you are and the less happy you will be unless your real goal in life is to be a slave living in apparent ease.

To one degree or another we are all enslaved to Modernity. As physical beings we can never truly regain our sovereignty or peace or joy while we live fully under the control of the Lies of Modernity.

I know it is impossible to become totally independent of Modernity, but each of us must begin to do what we can to disconnect from the greater Lies under which we now live. We can only do the very best we can given our individual situations and the conditions we live our lives within right now.


So - What is Important to You?

Do you as a physical being know and understand exactly what the minimally-required, but most vitally important, items are in your life right now? Exactly what are these things? And how many of these vitally important things are actually under your control?

If they are not under your direct control, then what do you do when these things you have determined as vital to your being are removed or restricted from you?

I will tell you what is vitally important for your survival as a physical being right now: air, clean water, food, clothing, shelter, fuel of some sort to use to keep warm if you are in a cold place, sensible health care and a well-conceived narrative of life for our social cohesiveness. Nothing more! These are the essential items vital for your survival. If these things are not under your control then you are dependent upon Modernity in some way. How dependent each of us is will be an individual issue, but do recognize an irrefutable fact. Having ‘plugged in’ to existing socially-driven systems of living day-to-day makes each of us incredibly vulnerable to having that plug pulled very suddenly, for whatever reason, by those who run Modernity.

Modernity controls us by controlling our dependence upon these issues. Modernity and its minions can easily create a shortage of one of these vital issues and enslave us. We are much more difficult to control, possibly almost impossible to enslave, if we control these vital issues of our lives ourselves. We are less dependent even if we control only one of these items.

Our dependence on Modernity for access to these essential items forces us to exchange our labor, energy and other valuable resources for something of indeterminate worth which has been designed to decrease in value over time. This item is money - and as long as we need money to live we are dependent and enslaved. There is no other way to say this thing. Money has been the main tool of our enslavement from its initial inception. Modernity and its institutional control over ‘money’ is the primary control of our daily lives, above and beyond all else.

We cannot be freely sovereign as long as we are dependent on money issued by some other entity, which in almost all cases are the Institutions of Modernity. These institutions can be clearly seen now as not having our own best interest at heart. In fact in most cases all the institutions of Modernity are nothing more than criminal enterprises designed and developed to enslave the common person. The more dependent on the Institutions of Modernity we are, the more enslaved we are.

But getting free of the enslavement to Modernity is very difficult. It will take huge personal bravery for an individual to walk away from as much of our dependence on Modernity as we can manage to do.

I want to ensure each reader understands a life lived under Modernity is actually a life lived in almost total dependence, a condition fueled by the illusion of independence. The concepts of freedom and natural rights, of democracy and rule of law are nothing more than a thin icing on a cake of enslavement.

Oh sure - some systems are marginally better than others; but in most people’s lives we now have memories long enough to have observed over time a slow, incremental and increasing enslavement - and a marked increase in the levels of our dependency. We are all more dependent and enslaved now than we were 50 years ago or even 30 years ago. This is not an accident. The system of Modernity is only designed to do one thing: to feed off of our dependence for as long as possible, with no interest in our well-being, viability or survival.

Crossing Over - Clean

Dependent No More?

Are you now saying to yourself ‘There must be a way out of this place? But - what IS it?’ If so, I do have some ‘simple’ suggestions. While I know how hard this will be, here is what I would do.

  1. Have environmental and social independence. After careful consideration, get out of any modern developed country and move to a developing country of your choice, hopefully a place with good air, but most especially a place with a greater sense of family and neighborliness and community than is now present in most developed countries.
  2. Have shelter independence. Build a small house there for as little as possible so you have shelter that is simple and debt-free.
  3. Have water independence. Make sure you have access to clean water 365 days a year regardless of access to electricity. This means your own system under your own power. Hand pumps work great.
  4. Have food independence - or very limited food dependency. Grow the majority of your own food as organically as possible. How far you take this is up to you.
  5. Have clothing independence. Making clothes is easy if you know how to sew. Acquire a foot-powered sewing machine and learn how to properly use and store clothing supplies. Learn to spin, weave and sew/repair/recycle simple garments - or cultivate the ability to barter for what you need. These are basic skills in most indigenous populations, even now.
  6. Have energy independence. Install your own energy systems. Try to find ways to limit your use of transport energy. Study the Amish and learn how to live without electricity.
  7. Learn as much as possible about how to treat and take care of your own health. Most illness starts with bad food and can be alleviated with a healthier, home-grown diet and treated with medicinal plants when there are problems. Learn about the older, time-tested systems of health long practiced by traditional healers in Asia and in other, older cultures. Such healing traditions have ‘legs’ and are long-established methods for both supporting good health and treating health anomalies.
  8. Develop your own, well-thought-through narrative of social life. It is impossible to think you can live outside of the Lies if you continue to rely on these lies to guide your life. All such lies must be examined and replaced by sound, well-planned and time-tested principles for living well with others. This is one of the most important aspects of getting an intentional community developed that can maintain itself over an extended period of time.

These are all challenging things to do. Believe me; I know this fact on a very personal level. Doing these things takes skills and force of will that most people don’t have. It is so much easier to be dependent.

When I was 5 years old my mother, for some strange reason, decided that all processed foods were poison. She decided the only way she could keep her children from being poisoned was to remove 100% of our food dependency from the local grocery store. My mother, who grew up as a migrant farm worker, was no stranger to physical work. We moved from a comfortable suburban home in a suburb of LA out to a 4-acre rock of a place in a very dry part of Riverside County, CA.

After we repaired some barns and outbuildings, the first thing we did was buy animals: a milk cow, a couple of pigs and a flock of chickens. My little brother and I were in charge of moving all the animal waste and any other compostable material to pits we had dug for worm compost. It took one year of hard work, but after a year we had enough worm casting compost to start a huge garden.

After 18 months we were raising all our own food except for grain products. The garden was 100% organic. Fortunately there were Seventh-Day Adventists in our area who shared my mother’s attitude towards food processing, so we could at least buy some bread. Except for that bread there was almost nothing we bought at a grocery store. If it came in a can or box or package of any kind we did not eat it. We children were allowed 1 can of soda a year. I was over 16 years old before I drank store bought milk. I spit it out.

We left that little family ranch after 10 years because our well ran dry and there simply was no water. To this day I know I could manage a very large organic farm without too much effort. But it is hard work to get started and hard work to maintain. A person would have to believe in the eventual benefits gained versus the immediate effort expended. There was nothing easy about what we did, but we were barely dependent on anyone for our food.

The same sort of hard-nosed determination is required for anyone wanting to become independent of Modernity. There just is no way around this issue. But what is the cost of your enslavement? How much of you are you willing to give up for ease and apparent comfort? How many hours a day spent toiling or wasting time in a car trying to get to that toil do you spend so you can buy poisonous food and live without dignity in a box in a controlled community without any personality, real human connections or genuine passion at all?

But what about staying on top of all the pressing issues of Modernity: the endless amount of opinion and information and history, of ideas and philosophies that are now flying around the internet constantly? Doesn’t one need to stay constantly informed?

No. This is distraction at its most lethal.

Just say ‘No’ to most of that information at this time when you are trying to get a firm foundation under you for the rest of your life. Most of it does not impact your daily life or the really important things you must do to get free of dependency. Most of what passes for information is nothing more than pathways to more lies, or hooks back into the dependencies of Modernity.

There is no reason for you to have TV at this time at all, or access to most of the internet. Be very careful about what you use your time studying, watching or thinking about. Your whole focus now should be on nothing more than ending your dependency and connections to the Lies of Modernity as much as you possibly can. Later, when you are much stronger, more independent and more capable as a sovereign spiritual/physical being, you can drop back into a more leisurely and objective study of some of these areas of interest.

Get yourself well, first. Please!


Explore Your Spirituality

By now, any reader of these essays knows I am talking about each of us doing the hard work of exploring our own spiritual natures, but not by listening to anyone else, not even me, telling you what to do and how to do this task of yours.

I made it clear in my statements above, this exploration of one’s own non-physical being should be a tool for exploring one’s own very personal physical experience, right here, right now. The exploration of the spiritual should be subservient to, and under the direction of, physical needs and desires.

One issue I do want to make clear is this: even though I am constantly saying we are responsible for ourselves and what happens to us, I want to emphasize that great evil has been done to all of us in order to lock us into a state of great dependency upon the Lies of Modernity. We will have to work very hard to get out from under these lies as the conditioning we have been subjected to from all sources has been deep, persistent, corrosive and ultimately evil in its attempts to do us harm.

We have all suffered a tremendous amount of damage, damage not of our own doing or choosing. So anyone who really tries to escape from the Lies of Modernity needs to be very, very gentle with themselves and realize there is much more to this situation than blame or guilt or fault-finding. Doing so are dead-end actions that will not help us in any way.


Create a Community

Life in almost all forms in the universe is about sharing in some way. Cooperation is at the base of almost everything which has energy attached to it. Sharing and cooperation are essential, but need to be based on respecting the needs and desires of each individual involved and not imposed from some over-reaching social structure designed to crush and dominate individuals. There is a balance between the wants and needs of each individual and the overall welfare of the entire group that must be accepted and whole-heartedly agreed to by all participants before the idea of a community has a chance of success.

There are a number of reasons why this should be an important part of the foundation for our recovery. The most important issue will be that it is simply easier to do things together. Remember, you are now doing all you can to end your dependency upon Modernity. This means you will now need to do for yourself those things you used to pay for, or give up personal freedoms, to have done for you. Having other like-minded people you are close to who have different skills and resources which can be exchanged for equally valuable services and goods you produce will make life much easier for everyone.

This is a very difficult concept for most people of Modernity. We are not used to this connectedness between family and friends. We don’t know how to reach out in mutual support and simply be in community. This loss of community-mindfulness must be overcome by each individual, reaching out step by step. Where I live now, here in The Philippines, family and community are at the center of all life. Everyone is close in their family and community groups, helping and socializing all the time. It may take some getting used to for an outsider to make the transition to this type of life, but the rewards are great.

The single biggest reason, though, for the creation of community is so each participant, as an individual growing in their own sovereignty and personal power, can explore new, different and better community narratives for their social group. The Lies of Modernity must be replaced with truths - and it is up to each one of us who commit ourselves to growing as individuals to learn how to connect our growth to others and share it into our own communities. Humans are social animals who require social grouping. This natural tendency has been exploited by psychopaths to create the Lies that pass for our social narratives now. We seriously must re-write these narratives.

This dynamic between personal freedom and the growth of the group might seem like a contradiction - but this is only because we have nothing to contrast this type of social structure against except the pathological lies now pretending to be socially ‘normal’ in our personal worlds.

Personal growth is not inimical to the growth and power of the group. In fact, growth of both the individual and the group should go hand-in-hand. The fact that our modern-day group mentality is designed to limit the individual says a lot about current group-think and why these exist as hidden control mechanisms. Our current group structures are designed to create individual dependence, not to support individual sovereignty or genuine group cohesiveness.

There are many, many community structures to explore in this quest and it is not the purpose of this essay to explore all the possible forms of community that might abide. The fact there are community structures based on narratives that create individuals almost independent of Modernity should be enough to give hope to someone wanting to be part of such a community.

The only factor is the individual in almost all these cases is going to have to do the hard work of creating this group and the narrative that guides this group. This will not be an easy task - but it is one vitally needed and required by anyone really wanting to be independent of Modernity.


Enjoy Yourself Right Now

Now, you know you are not a slave to anyone. So make your liberation a joyous one. Do not delay joy or gratification until some future time. Make sure whatever you replace Modernity with is filled with personal joy for you and for all those around you and then do everything you can to enjoy this moment. If you cannot enjoy this moment, then do an honest self-examination as to exactly why you are not able to enjoy this moment.

You have done everything you can to rid yourself of your dependency on Modernity, so there is no reason to rob yourself of this justified reward for your sincere effort. Make joy a primary aspect of all the structures and actions you put in place for yourself and your group. This joy must exist inside the structures of sustainability you have built to sustain the group as well as the individual.

Remember, life is a verb. Make this verb as happy and fulfilling as you possibly can. Life will always have its sad and scary moments; but those can be offset by as much joy as possible.

Creating a personal life foundation based on these few starting steps will most likely be one of the most challenging tasks you could ever set for yourself, tasks almost impossible to achieve without a great deal of difficulty - but well worth the effort and the sweat-equity required. No one coming from a lifetime of conditioning under the institutional Lies of Modernity can expect to easily step into these ways of thinking and living. But each individual can work on these foundational positions, step by step, internally and externally, until a workable form of transition into this new way of being presents itself as both viable and workable.

The most important thing for each person to do, though, is to give one’s self the grace to move forward with this new life gently. It will be difficult enough to do, even with the added support of your new non-physical allies and assistants. Don’t add to the burden by pushing yourself beyond the limits that allow you to simply enjoy the process of great change you will be moving through.

The hard reality is a change in thinking and acting such as I am suggesting may well take generations to achieve. But if not now, when? And if not with us, with whom?


On the Beach

30 October 2014

9:00 AM

Iba, Zambales, Philippine

Storm Waves - Clean

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  1. Hello OtB:
    This has been a genuinely helpful essay series and I am grateful for your many suggestions as to methods and ways of thinking. This group of your essays really needs to be bound into a booklet for daily (maybe hourly) reference in support of incorporating this into our many forms of walking and/or working meditational moments.

    Maybe it’s just me and my slowing down memory capacity, but you’ve covered a lot of fertile ground with your essays and I’m so thankful to you and the support team of Cog’s and Lions working behind the scenes to have made this happen for us community member wanna’-be’s.

    Deepest appreciation for all that everyone has done. Is this the end, or is there MOAR?


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