The Antidote

It is only when I stretch my perceptual muscles and disturb my cognitive dissonance that I experience personal growth. Left alone within my mental echo chamber and surrounded by me, myself and I while engulfed in glorious self affirmation and ego saturation, what purpose is served by exercising anything other than the button marked confirmation bias?

But......when deliberately challenged to move well beyond my comfort zone by pushing all sorts of triggers and buttons, essentially to put myself off my mental/emotional feed, all kinds of things, thoughts and understandings can and do 'happen' when I allow them to  penetrate. All it takes is a little courage and the willingness to put aside my faiths and beliefs and take a walk on the wild side.

"On the Beach", a premium member here on and a long time corespondent of mine, has penned a six-part treatise with the promise of more to come. On the Beach has a lot to say and I for one have found great value in reading his essays.

As I have told several others along the way when contemplating what to them appeared to be disturbing or troubling information, "You do not have to believe what you are reading....but you must seriously consider it." I emphasize 'seriously' because it is only when we open our minds to alternative thoughts and feelings do we activate the growth within.

Essay One: Introduction of "The Antidote".

Essay Two: "The Antidote"

Essay Three: "Starting The Antidote"

Essay Four: "How To Protect Yourself"

Essay Five: "Creating Expanded Consciousness"

Essay Six: "What To Do Now?"

Essay Seven : "Convalescence - Taking Stock"

Essay Eight: "Convalescence - New Tools"

Essay Nine: "Convalescence - The Connection - What It Is Not"

Essay Ten: "Convalescence - Building the Foundation"


Cognitive Dissonance

Thoughts From Cognitive Dissonance Ψ ψ