The Antidote – Essay Ten : Convalescence – Building the Foundation

For me, one of life's pleasures is taking new-to-me roads off of old familiar paths just to see where they go. I possess a good enough sense of time and direction that rarely do I get lost. But even when that happens I don't worry much for I know I will eventually pop out somewhere and recognition will suddenly flood my mind.

"Oh, so that's where it comes out."

The sense of joy and excitement I experience when I stumble upon a familiar place from a new point of view is priceless and never gets old. In fact, knowing this is always a possibility further encourages me to take that turn into the unknown rather than stick to the old tried and true.

This is precisely what I experienced when I read On the Beach's fourth installment in this middle series of his epic creation The Antidote.

Please join me in reading The Antidote – Essay Ten : Convalescence – Building the Foundation

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