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Essay Four: How to Protect Yourself

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This might seem like a strange thing to write an essay about, but recent online articles I’ve read lead me to think it is not silly at all to talk about personal protection when discussing expanding one’s consciousness.

So, before I go on to talk about expanding your consciousness in my next essay I would like to discuss the subject of protection. I do not think it is appropriate to address a subject that might open a person to increased risk, regardless of how small the chances are, without first talking about how we should protect ourselves while doing so. I know most physical humans living now have no idea they are even a part of the non-physical, much less there are non-physical entities out there who would take advantage of us given half a chance.

As a physical human we would know better than to walk down certain streets in certain cities at certain times of the day. And we would be knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to know how to at least reduce the risk we might experience if we did decide to do so. But as humans conditioned to blissful ignorance in today’s World of Lies, we do not know we are surrounded at all times by a myriad of entities, some of whom are trying to gain our attention and draw energy from us. You may know about the physical world - but it’s likely you have no idea about the non-physical one.

These beings, physical and non-physical alike, all have something to ‘sell’. That is their right as beings operating in the universe by the same principles that govern our own activities here. However, some of these things they want to ‘sell’ us are most definitely not in our best interests. Please know this: we always have complete free will to say “OK” to them, even if we are not able or willing to see the ramifications of what we are agreeing to when we do. That is the power of the conditioning we are under right now.

The whole point of this series of essays is 1) to give you the understanding that this is the nature of your true reality - and 2) to do my very best to give you some essential tools to learn discernment in your thoughts and actions while living a physical life as well as how to protect yourself if you ever directly encounter such non-physical beings, either in the physical or in the non-physical.


Bathwater and Babies (TIF) recently posted a wonderful essay entitled ‘Two Perspectives’. I had never read anything by this author before this article, which is short and describes the ambivalence he feels in knowing that everyone now present on earth is here for their own personal reasons because they need the experiences this place provides at this particular moment - while he also knows that at this time this place has also been corrupted by outside predators with very evil intentions. On the one hand, he knows it is worthless to shout out about the reality of the situation; but on the other hand, he really wants to shout out about how dangerous it is right now and to tell people to awaken and protect themselves.

To me, this seems like a very thoughtful and well-reasoned position to take in this extremely challenging time.

One TIF reader of the essay commented in the TIF article thread that he liked it - and so felt encouraged to go on to read another essay by this author. In that essay, the author laid out some of the identities of the predators. The reader was shocked by these descriptions and felt this was all nonsense: no one could really take seriously the description of non-physical reptilian-appearing predators enslaving mankind!

I read this other essay and could see why the reader might be upset if they had no prior experience with issues of human predation. (Note: While I believe such predation is in fact the case here on Earth, it is a complex subject for another time and another discussion.) But I found myself more immediately concerned and appalled by another opinion that I read in the same essay, an amazing opinion that seemed very out of context with the understanding this writer displayed in his “Two Perspectives” essay as well as other essays posted on his website.

He stated that all beings of light were probably fake; i.e. frauds pretending to be something they were not so as to entrap unwitting humans into a sort of spiritual slavery. He opined that the ‘beings of light’ encountered at physical death were most probably all fakes and were to be avoided. In fact, he said that all beings encountered in non-physical places were probably fake and should be avoided.

This is such an extreme statement and such an unenlightened position considering the other very knowledgeable statements he made that I decided to take some time to try to figure out where this idea was coming from. I read the author’s personal story, his autobiography of spending years in Hindu and Buddhist schools working to become enlightened, only to become disenchanted with the whole organized structured-religion thing. He seems to have finally found himself through a conscious connection with Nature while on a walk in the California mountain forests.

His story seems very straightforward - but how is it possible that someone who spent more than 20 years in spiritual study does not seem to have any idea of how to determine good from evil when it is right in front of him? What were his teachers in these Eastern schools doing - or more to the point, not doing? How did he decide that all ‘beings of light‘ were probably fake and should be avoided? What was all this really about?

So I read the works of lots of other New Age people writing on the Internet. I found one gentleman who called himself the ‘Lightbearer’ who had recently recanted all forms of expressing light - and also stated that any entity showing light as part of its quality was to be avoided as most probably evil.

Then I found there were several other individuals out there saying the same thing. I guess it’s now fashionable to discount what they were originally saying back when they were enthusiastically espousing the New Age stance of ‘spreading their light’ around. It seems they have now realized the foolishness of practicing such behavior and are not only stopping that, but also saying any being of light is to be avoided as a fake and most probably evil. I think this is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater.

It is an amazing stance to take, especially when you consider that when you open yourself up to project light energy or love or care out of your physical body, you yourself become a being of light. Should you reject yourself? Does it make any sense to make a statement which seems to say that the entire universe is inhabited 100% by evil non-physical entities, all with evil intent - except for you?

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Responsible Teachings

From my perspective any so-called teacher of enlightenment who would say such a strange thing clearly reveals lots of confusion in their beliefs. It tells me they may never have had direct personal experience of, or any real encounters in, the non-physical with non-physical entities - and they certainly have not directly confronted either real evil or real good in a non-physical entity at all.

Perhaps they are simply repeating some New Age dogma, mostly coming from Eastern sources, without any real understanding or personal experience to back up such statements. Before they start to act like teachers regarding the good or evil nature of any non-physical entity, they really need to know about something like this first-hand and to have had some real, direct experiences with the non-physical.

My teachers, all of them non-physical entities, would never let my siblings and I close to any expanded consciousness situation without first teaching us what to avoid and how to protect ourselves. For a teacher of anything akin to expanded consciousness not to know and not to teach these protection techniques right up front seems utterly irresponsible and unthinkable to me. This is utter foolishness and potentially dangerous.

For instance, we were taught by these non-physical entities never to show our spiritual strength or energy in any situation not created specifically for the practical display and use of that energy. I was amazed and appalled the first time I heard a New Age teacher tell a crowd of students, “Now I want you all to visualize loving, caring light coming out of your heart and flowing out to everyone in the room and then out into the world. This way we will increase the love and compassion in the world.”

I was taught never, ever to do such a foolish thing. To open yourself in this way was to shine a beacon out into the non-physical, attracting who-knew-what to you, i.e. entities that would want to feed off all of that light energy you were so freely giving away. Sure, you could do this thing; but could you deal with the consequences? We were taught not to do this unless it was a necessity, one required by the situation and fully under our and our protector’s control.

We were taught specific acts of defense and how to protect ourselves in many different situations. You would not unthinkingly wander into a dangerous neighborhood unprotected - and you should not wander unthinkingly into the universe without taking a few precautions also.

It only makes prudent sense.

So I was amazed at this turn of events in the New Age community. First, the predators convince unwitting New Age practitioners to willingly and freely, of their own volition, open themselves energetically to anyone and anything out there. Then when these New Agers realize what a dangerous thing they have done, they react by casting out not only those with evil intent, but the only real allies they might have had in that non-physical space as well.

This is just flat-out crazy and a clear sign that these New Age folks have never really done anything in non-physical spaces. Believe me, the ‘bad guys’ are gloating, now that they know these foolish New Agers will not bring their back-up protectors or assistants, i.e. the real ‘beings of light’, to any future confrontation.

Living on Earth is not so easy. Every single physical human has a host of assistants constantly helping us to manifest in the physical. Without these entities’ help we probably could not even walk upright while we are here. And, as every single one of our assistants is a being of pure energy, they could all manifest themselves as ‘beings of light’. So now the suggestion is to turn our back on all beings of light? These assistant-beings are here to help us!

The author of the ‘Two Perspectives’ essay says that in the end, we alone are responsible for ourselves - and since this is true I would agree with the self-responsibility aspect of his statement. But to imply that all entities in the non-physical are bad guys out to threaten or hurt us and thus should be avoided is just plain wrong.

How about learning to be discriminating and how to identify the characteristics of a bad guy? That would seem like a valuable skill to have and something any teacher of expanded consciousness should be teaching. This ability might actually be good to possess while we are still a physical entity here on Earth.


How to Identify a ‘Bad Guy’

Here is my list of ‘Bad Guy Characteristics’ as taught to me by a ‘being of light’ when I was about 6. It outlines a few very important things to know that will allow you to be able to instantly recognize an entity that does not have your best interest in their mind or heart.

  1. They will give you their name.
  2. They will tell you what to do.
  3. They will mention the name of any god or holy man ever used on earth as proof of their own veracity.
  4. They will tell you they have a way to salvation or truth, or that ‘They’ are the way to salvation.
  5. They will claim to be affiliated with master teachers or a hierarchy of spirits - or tell you that they are friendly space aliens.
  6. They will tell you by name they are a family member of yours (but they will be unable to answer a single question about that person’s life).
  7. They will give you the creeps.

These are each a dead give-away (sorry about the pun) you are talking to someone you should not be talking to at all. Just leave: walk away, fly away, run away, whatever your situation. Do not be polite, do not be rude; just leave. Try to memorize the feeling of the entity’s presence so you can recognize them again in the future.

Some brief explanations of the items in the list above:

  1. No entity that really wants to positively connect to you will tell you who they are. They will want you to make the connection yourself. You are in the inferior position and they know it and do not wish to push you into a relationship by mentioning who they are. They want you to do your best to recognize who they are, and only when you do can you then begin a relationship with them. If you are too wild in your guesstimation of who they are, they will correct you by just telling you “No; please try again”. Any entity that says a name first is probably lying.
  2. No entity that truly cares for you will ever tell you what to do. Your path and truth is your own and only you can find that path. They might review your options with you to make sure you understand your position, but they will never tell you what to do. They will give you a range of opinions and options, but they will always tell you the ultimate decision for action is up to you.
  3. All earthly ‘gods’ and so-called ‘holy men’ are frauds if a humanly-initiated physical religion has been developed around them. There are no gods that have created any system to show anyone ‘The Way’, or to save anyone. The real ‘gods’ want you to find your own way. Nothing more, nothing less. These real ‘gods’ are not omnipotent or omni-prescient, nor do they claim to be. They are purely generators of life and do not pretend to be gods or ‘God’. They do not want your worship at all and they do not need it. The fake ‘gods’ want and need your worship; they feed off the emotions of adulation and praise and fear you send them.
  4. The only way to salvation is through your own hard work. There is no other way.
  5. Once again, there are no masters; no rulers in the universe. That is physical earth nonsense. Each conscious entity in the universe is sovereign and has as much status as any other. The real originators and generators of life in the universe are the most humble and simple beings you can imagine. Their only desire is for each conscious entity to reach their maximum potential, even if that consciousness is as a rock.
  6. An entity claiming to be your relative but unable to prove it through ‘inside knowledge’ is a self-evident fraud.
  7. Trust your intuition and your feelings.

In all of the above cases, learn how to ask for help. It is there for you, but you must ask. Don’t go it alone; take help with you as soon as you know how to connect to your assistants.


The Whys and Wherefores

Most of you who might come into direct contact with non-physical entities will do so through some sort of a medium or channel. Always remember that the level of awareness of the medium will color the experience. Some are quite gifted - and some are not. There is nothing special at all about being able to do this sort of work. Where the medium is in his or her life experience will be expressed in some way in every entity or communication that comes through him or her. Anything else does not make much sense. Also, in the case of a real materialization medium fakes are rare. Fakery at this level is very difficult to pull off.

Always remember this process of connecting to the non-physical is not special at all. We Moderns think of it as special and we attribute specialness to those able to do it only because we have no knowledge of it as a process we ourselves are perfectly capable of doing. The person doing the medium work or channeling does not have to be ‘higher’ at all. Anyone can do this kind of thing if they just know how, and a very large part of this is simply knowing it is possible at all.

But you are on entirely different ground if you meet a non-physical entity in the physical, in a dream, or in an out-of-body experience. In those cases you must be aware of what you are doing and remember the rules above. What happens is your responsibility. Hopefully you will already have made contact with some of your own helpers and they can get in front of you. Just be unyielding and make the entity prove itself. A truly friendly entity will have no problem with that. Someone who is used to bullying physicals around will not be happy at all and you will sense it. Walk away.

The connection I have said I would like to see you make to Nature does not involve a connection to any specific entity. For example, you will probably not connect with any entity at all when you connect to a tree, except for the tree - and trees are usually quite harmless. You might become aware of Nature around you in more direct, non-verbal terms. Information can come into you in your connection to Nature. This is usually done in the form of an instantaneous transfer of a gestalt of feelings and knowledge.

It is usually very difficult for physical beings to take in all of this non-verbal information at once, since we are used to listening to our awake mental voice speaking one word at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed by this new experience or feel the information passed to you will be lost because you could not think it through quickly enough. It is all inside of you, and other parts of your consciousness will be working on it and will bring it up into your physical awareness when you are ready for it.

But you might connect to a non-physical entity - and I want you to be ready if you do.

Since most Moderns have no experience in this at all, there is no way to tell ahead of time what might happen. Also, there is the chance some of you might use psychotropic drugs of some sort to open your consciousness. I personally have no experience with these. My concern is the person choosing this approach might not be ready for what might happen and the setting might not be carefully controlled energetically. There might not even be any controls or assistants at all. In these cases there is no telling what might happen. No group truly experienced and responsible with these drugs would ever allow this kind of situation to happen. But a Modern person is so potentially unaware they might wander into something they have no power or control over and find themselves in serious trouble.

I don’t wish to alarm anyone about expanding his or her consciousness into Nature. But I would like to seriously recommend you stay at a modest level of expanded consciousness until you have more control over yourself and what can happen. It is naive to think there are no bad guys in the non-physical. There are bad guys here in the physical and we learn how to avoid them. But there are also bad guys in the non-physical and we need to learn how to identify them and avoid them - or how to deal with them.

Use your connection to Nature to learn about your personal assistants. Learn how to connect to those beings. Learn how to hear them speak directly to you. Learn how to ask them to help you. They will keep you out of trouble if you know how to contact them and how to use their power.

It is very important not to bind your will or your trust to any entity you are not 100% sure of. Make them prove themselves to you. Your life is your responsibility and you have power over it that cannot be taken from you. Don’t entrust your well-being to anyone who doesn’t meet the standards of the checklist above.


Written by On The Beach

13 July 2014

Iba, Zambales, Philippines

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3 thoughts on “The Antidote – Essay Four: How to Protect Yourself”

  1. Have a very busy schedule here the next couple of days so I’ll get back to the Forums later this week. But I did take the time this morning to read this new essay by OtB. Very well done and a good idea(protection) On the Beach.

    One thing immediately stuck out to me though, in your second #4 above:

    re: “The only way to salvation is through your own hard work. There is no other way.”

    Do you OtB think that we humans need salvation…granted by anyone or anything? Isn’t the whole idea of us needing salvation or redemption part of the web of lies spun by false religions?

    OTOH maybe we do need salvation from those who are telling us we need salvation.

  2. Thank you all for this essay. I realize that the warning needs to come before risks are taken (“Keep hands and arms inside the ride at all times!”) but I really hope that in later essays you elaborate some on:

    Use your connection to Nature to learn about your personal assistants. Learn how to connect to those beings.

    [ Impatient Squirrel Noises ]

    Again, thank all of you for all the work involved in bringing this to us.

  3. Thank you once again Disenchanted. What you said above in your comment is exactly correct. The entire concept of Salvationism in all its connotations is false and against our very nature in this universe. We do need protection from the entities who have created the false concept of a universe in which Salvation is a desired event. I could go on and on about it, Salvationism, in all its manifestations, and how wrong it is and what a distortion, what a negative influence it is on the individual but chose not to in this essay series. Besides, each person must discover this issue on their own as a start to push the lies away. The very unfortunate thing is there is no reason to have to go through the process of pushing the lies away. They are all a false constructs meant to enslave in their promises of Salvation. They turn the exploration of life in this universe from a no-step process into a 2 step process, a possibly very difficult if not impossible 2 step process.

    I am so sorry Zenscreamer, I promise the next essay will start into how to do this thing. But Zens, you already know how to do this, for you it isn’t the how, but another much smaller thing that needs a push.



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